April 12th

Peter nervously fiddled with the shoulder strap of his bag. Fresh out of boot camp and headed into the field. He had just been dropped off with a group of other new privates, and now he just needed to find where he slept every night.

In the middle of the desert, tons of little tents were set up, housing two or three men. This was a moving encampment, moving closer and closer to enemy territory. He had been assigned to a tent by the superior, 114.

He arrived outside his new home for the next few months, swallowing hard and entering. Two men glanced up at him. Captain Steve Rogers and Technician Tony Stark. He had drawn the short straw against the other privates and had to room with their superiors.

Well, Captain Rogers was one of his superiors, but Stark took care of their weapons, so yeah, same difference. He could make your gun recoil in your face if you made him mad.

He jumped to attention as the larger of the two men stood, obviously Captain Rogers. "Greetings Captain." He chirped nervously. Rogers grinned.

"At ease soldier." Peter relaxed a bit. He sounded nice enough. "How old are you?" Rogers asked nicely.

"Sixteen." Peter answered instantly. Tony frowned from where he was lounging on his cot. How he managed to get a cot when everyone else had to deal with sleeping bags, Peter would never know.

Well, actually, that was a lie. Everyone knew that Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Industries had managed to avoid being drafted into the war for nearly ten years, but had just recently been forced into service. He couldn't buy his way out of serving, but he could buy himself a more comfortable cot instead of a sleeping bag on the floor.

"God, they really pulling them in that young now?" Stark raised one disinterested eyebrow, before turning back to his phone. Rogers was also frowning, but at Stark, not at him. Peter released a breath.

"Tony. Sometimes it is necessary for-"

"Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah. Service your country. Blah blah blah, protect the world. I still don't understand why I couldn't just build a robot to stand in my place here." Stark grumbled, and Peter stifled a giggle. This was obviously a long standing argument. Captain Rogers opened his mouth, but apparently decided against arguing back this time. He turned back to Peter.

"You can call me Steve. That's Tony. Welcome to the war." Steve shook his hand and Peter grinned.

"I'm Peter Parker. I was drafted about a month ago. I'm a little upset because it interrupted college, but," Peter shrugged, "At least the pay will help me with tuition." Tony perked up, sitting up.

"Wait, I thought you said you were sixteen?" Steve questioned and Peter blushed, shuffling slightly. Steve gestured for him to sit on the second sleeping bag, taking the one across from him for himself.

"Uh, I am, but I finished high school at fifteen. I'm going to Florida Institute of Technology for degrees in physics, robotics, and genetics." He answered sheepishly. Tony's grin brightened.

"Robotics? Oh, I think we're going to get along fine." He rubbed his hands together eagerly.

"You go to college already? And for three degrees at once?" Steve whistled, "Your parents must be proud." Peter shrugged, grin faltering a bit.

"They passed away when I was young. I did live with my Aunt and Uncle, but they passed away when I was fourteen. I got emancipated at fifteen so I could go to college." Peter explained. Steve shifted.

"Oh sorry…my parents passed away when I was younger too, but I had my friend Bucky take care of me." He explained. Tony shrugged from next to them.

"My Dad was a jackass. I was more happy when he died than sad." Steve frowned.

"Tony! That is a horrible thing to say!" he reprimanded. Tony rolled his eyes.

"So? It's the truth." He said petulantly, crossing his arms over his chest. Steve stood, agitated.

"That doesn't matter! You don't just say something like that!" Tony stood, narrowing his eyes and stepping close to him.

"Why not? The truth hurts Golden Boy, deal with it. You didn't know my Dad, so what's it matter to you?" Tony sneered right in Steve's face. Peter swallowed hard, stepping backwards some. He wondered if he would have to stop a fist fight.

"That's speaking ill of the dead Tony. It's just not right. Besides, you should respect your parents, even if you don't like them." Steve crossed his arms, obviously annoyed.

"I respect people who respect me Rogers." Tony held his arms out, smug grin now in place.

"People won't, don't respect you because you don't respect them!" Steve snapped.

"Talking about anyone in particular Cap?" Tony questioned, smirk still in place.

Well, this was certainly not what Peter was expecting when he got stuck in this tent. He didn't know if their bickering was worse than what he had feared would happen, him a stuttering mess in front of America's Hero, Captain Steve Rogers, and his own personal technological hero, Tony Stark. This was going to be an interesting service tour. That was most definitely a guarantee.

A/N: Please do not ask me what war they are fighting, because I can honestly say I have no idea. It is modern time, I know that. Not sure if Tony has the Iron Man suit or Arc Reactor yet, haven't decided. Haha. It's a prompt fill from tumblr. I like where this is going though. R & R.