April 4th

"Tony! Peter!"

The two men in question immediately jumped to their feet, dropping the semi-shield, semi-knife combination thing they had been building. Tony grabbed weapons, tossing one to Peter and they headed towards the exit of tent, prepared to fight.

This, of course, caused Steve to barrel into them when he threw himself into the tent, knocking all three of them to ground with the super soldier's weight. Tony groaned, and Peter chuckled, more relieved than angry. At least there weren't any fights to be had right now. And Steve's news was even better than that.

"We won!" Steve bounced back to his feet, looking like the trip to the ground didn't even affect him.

"What?!" Tony blurted, sitting up, eyes wide. "It's over? We won? The war is done?" he rapid fired. Steve's grin brightened considerably, nodding to all the questions. Peter laughed happily, helping Tony to his feet.

"So we can go home now?"

At Tony's last question, Steve's smile dimmed considerably, but he nodded none the less. Tony hooted, doing a little victory dance.

And now Peter understood why Steve looked considerably heartbroken instead of excited about the end of the war. Because he understood.

Tony can go home now. Steve lived in a tiny one room apartment in Brooklyn, but the landlady said she wouldn't keep it for him if he couldn't get the payments to her. Which he couldn't. Peter goes to Florida Institute of Technology and lives in their dorms, but with this draft, his dorm room was opened back up and competition for open dorms was unbelievable. He wouldn't have a dorm to go back to and didn't have the money for an off campus apartment.

Tony gets to go home, while Steve and Peter have to find a home to go to. Peter swallowed hard, and, as if sensing his inner turmoil, Steve stepped closer, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. Tony spun around to face them again, excitement still stopping him from realizing the others' problems.

"Yeah Tony. We ship out in two weeks." Steve informed him. Tony's brow furrowed and he snorted.

"Bull shit." He whipped out a cell phone, probably the only one able to get service in the middle of a desert, miles away from the nearest cell phone tower, and made a call. "Happy? Get the plane to my coordinates! I'll text them to you now!"

"Yeah, Happy has worked for me for years. And there's also Pepper and Jarvis. I built Jarvis, he's my AI, artificial intelligence." Tony had kept an ongoing commentary and explanation on anything and everything ever seen he loaded himself and Steve and Peter into his private jet that he had pick them up. Steve, while thinking it was very unfair to the other soldiers, had little choice but to follow after Peter and Tony dragged him on board.

"You built your own AI?" Peter asked brightly. He had yet to get over his initial depression and was still worrying about where he could room before going back to college, but no need to let Tony know that.

Tony immediately threw himself into explaining how exactly he had built his AI.

"Peter, do you know when Tony has my flight to Brooklyn scheduled?" Steve questioned when they landed on Tony's private landing pad in Miami.

"I'm not sure. I still need to figure out how I'm get back to F.I.T." he shrugged, "I'm sure he'll let us know." They waited for Tony as he called for a car, probably to bring them to a different airplane so Steve and Peter could head to the places they had to be.

"Hey bud…I'm gonna miss you." Steve suddenly blurted out. Peter chuckled slightly, scratching the back of his neck.

"Yeah…I'm gonna miss you too." He agreed, "But, I mean, we'll still talk, and we can visit each other." Peter assured him. Steve laughed, face heating up a bit.

"Yeah, yeah, of course, uhm-" Steve awkwardly held open his arms. Peter blushed almost as much Steve did, but wrapped his arms around the other man's center. They held the hug for a few awkward seconds.

"Hey! Are we having a hug without me?" Tony appeared and threw his arms around both of them, almost knocking all three of them to the ground. Steve planted his feet, stopping them from careening to the floor. They untangled themselves.

"Okay, so you guys ready to head out?" Tony questioned, eyes bright. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he waited for the text that the car was there.

"Well, I guess I'll head back out to Florida, see if they still have my dorm room open…" Peter kicked the ground, nodding at Steve and Tony. Steve nodded, glancing distantly out towards the North.

"Yeah, I'll go to Brooklyn, see if my apartment is still open. Landlady probably got tired of waiting with no pay…but I'll figure it out." Steve stated.

Tony glanced up from his phone, brow furrowed.

"What the hell are you two talking about? Jesus, you two are coming back to my mansion with me. God." Tony rolled his eyes, spinning on his heel, "Now come on you big idiots. Come meet Jarvis."

Peter and Steve glanced at each other, before scurrying after Tony with big grins on their faces.

R & R. Note: Before anyone even comments on it, yes I was planning on this being this short. It's from an interesting prompt, so I spit out a few extra chapters, but I didn't want to get into a big, long fic.