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It was just another normal day at Pearl Piari.

But then again, everyday isn't exactly normal if you say a talking penguin, mermaids and a sea prince that goes there every day, is normal.

Lucia was shifting some clothes into her new wardrobe, after her old one got too full because of all the shopping Hanon did with her.

Because of so many clothes, Kaito agreed to help her out.

At the moment, the two were shifting Lucia's old wardrobe out of her room. Her new wardrobe was already in her room, now they just had to get this one down to the spare room. But, as they were moving it, Kaito noticed something pink fall out of it, he made a mental note to pick it up later seeing as Lucia hadn't noticed it.

As they hauled the wardrobe downstairs into the spare room, Nicola called Lucia over to help her with a few things. Lucia agreed and told Kaito to go back and just start moving her clothes into her wardrobe until she came back.

Kaito made his way up back to Lucia's rooms, rubbing his arms.

Boy, wardrobes are heavy! He thought. Then he remembered that something had fallen out of Lucia's wardrobe. He rushed back to her room and quickly placed her new bigger wardrobe into the place where her last one was and searched on the ground for that thing.

What if it's something important to Lucia? Kaito wondered. But he didn't have to worry much. He had found that thing.

And boy, it definitely is important to Lucia.

It was her panties. A pink one with small strawberries on it.

But, for some reason, he couldn't help but notice how flowery it smelt. It seemed like it was clean.

It took Kaito's brain a few minutes to register what he had in his hands and what he was doing. As he realized this, he got an instant nose blood and thought that he might just faint due to the blood loss. But, he still didn't let go of the panties. That pervert.

Then he heard some footsteps coming nearer and nearer. But, Kaito being his stupidly dense self, couldn't think of anywhere to hide so just stayed put and suffer the slaps he's going to endure form Lucia.

Lucia came in and Kaito's ears were met by a scream. He turned around and his eyes met a red faced Lucia obviously mad.


"Sorry Lucia, but this fell so I was gonna put it back but…" Kaito began apologizing but was cut off by Lucia.

"Why are you still holding them? And why are you holding them tightly? And why do you have a nosebleed you perv?!" Lucia began bombarding him with questions.


Lucia snatched her panties away from him as he smirked. He quickly grabbed a tissue on her table and started to clean the blood off his face.

"But, I guess I now know what my favorite fruit is. Strawberry."

Lucia turned around with an even more red face than before.

"Shut up!" She shouted as she raised a hand.

Kaito stood up and knew how he could get out of this without being slapped. Lucia's slaps were pretty hard.

He walked over to her and held her hand in a gentle but firm grip and flipped her skirt which she was wearing and for one second revealed her virgin white panties she was currently wearing.

Lucia's face was by now way past the recognition of a normal blushing human face or even a tomato for that matter.

"Later." Kaito winked and left the room leaving Lucia in quite a daze.

Once Lucia heard the door shut from downstairs she screamed.


That sneaky pervert.

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