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I don't own DBZ or any characters (copyrights of Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Toei, and anyone else involved) or the names Fujitsu and Windows (for this case). I DO OWN Fujitsu's and Windows' characters, Ioni, Zyxoiar, other lower characters, and the whole concept of the story and the legends for that matter.

Like stories with heart bounding action and chaotic adventures? Enjoy reading a fanfiction that has just the right amount of romance? Interested in tales in which anything can and will happen? How about second chances? If "yes" is an answer to any of the questions, you'll like this.

A/N: I know I haven't been clear, but you MUST read this page. Why? These legends aren't real (in this dimension). If you try to look them up online, you won't find them. They are in non-existence. This page was made so you, the reader, can understand some of what's going on.
Also, to follow the already set name patterns, all of my characters are puns from other things. Look and see for yourself.


Before time, it was decided who would be The Chosen of the universe. The Chosen are governing messengers of each force: good and evil. The Benefactors try to protect the essence of life; what is pure and innocence in the heart. The Precursors attempt to take away life have been great enemies groups of The Chosen have been mentioned since early civilizations.

Keeper of Sincerity
Defender of Good
Guardian of Life

Bringer of Deception
Herald of Evil
Harbinger of Death

From each group, the Guardian of Life and Harbinger of Death are fated to be the most terrible of all. Fighting on pure instinct, oblivious to their surroundings, the combatants' only purpose is to eliminate competition for power – be it good or evil.

Once in battle, the Guardian knows to kill the Harbinger as quick and painlessly as possible. In contrast, the Harbinger attempts to murder the Guardian with a slow and agonizing death.

However, these two opposing forces may live together unknowingly in peace – that is, until one from the pair is pushed beyond his or her limits.

This is a dedication to the constant heart-wrenching struggle between Life and Death.

Hope's Promise, another mystifying legend, helplessly tangles itself in the web weaved by the Guardian and the Harbinger. A small token of how life can change with a common, yet overpowering, emotion.

These different legends will bring two people together, having them share the same fate.