"What?! NO! WHY?!"

The computer emits a clicking noise and the screen goes black. Pewdiepie slaps his hand to his forehead, groaning audibly. "What is with my computer today?" he asks the wall, waiting pointlessly for an answer. He sighs and tries to turn his computer on again. When it doesn't respond a wave of panic stings him and he presses the button again, desperate. He glares into the pitch black of the screen, and for the first time the blank darkness scares him a little. It's as if he staring into a black hole. And a black hole it was.

Pewdie leaps up out of his chair and backs against the wall behind him as the computer starts screeching out hellish sounds, and lithe black tentacles creep out from the monitor. Pewdie squints his eyes. He knows they're there, but they seem… empty. Two dimensional, almost. The darkness advances on the gamer and he braces himself as the tentacles grab a hold of his arms. He screams as it pulls him in.

In the Americas, a young man is out on the sidewalk aside the busy streets of New York. He holds his phone in front of his face as he chats idly to nobody in particular, occasionally sliding on his heels. The plastic wheels against hot cement make a soft grinding sound. Toby runs a hand through his brown curled hair as he looks to the side, trying to remember what he was going to say. A clicking sound catches his attention and he turns back to his phone, which has since mysteriously turned itself off.

"…What? What!" Toby exclaims, flailing his free arm to emphasize his frustration. He throws his phone to the ground by reflex when a symphony of awful noises coming from its little speakers stings his ears. "What.. the hell was that?" he whispers to himself. He looks around frantically to see if anyone else is seeing this. He's alone on the sidewalk with a possessed phone. By the time he looks to his feet, a black tentacle has his foot in a death grip. He screams in genuine fear for the first time in a long time as it yanks his ankle, faceplanting him on the hard cement. His nails grind the cement as he's dragged into what he was convinced was hell.

These two stars fall seemingly infinitely, screaming in harmony for a few seconds before they realize they aren't alone. The two men look at each other in shock, each recognizing the other in a split second. Toby reaches for the Swede's arm, and Pewdie, starstruck, reaches out to him eagerly. Before their hands can touch, the tentacles, invisible against the black hole they're falling in, wrap around Toby's waist and pull him under. Before Pewdie has time to respond they have him too. They both have their eyes closed tight, not noticing the light they're being dragged towards. Tears begin to form in Pewdie's eyes. His thoughts wander to Marzia and his eyes snap open. He struggles against his captor's grip in desperation. I have to get out of here, he repeats in his head. Toby is simply waiting. This is the end, he thinks. Why fight it.

And suddenly they've stopped. The blood rushes to their heads as they are hung upside down over the stone floor beneath them. After a second they are released, and they fall to the floor with a thud. Toby groans loudly. Pewdie looks up, his face stained with tears.

The two look at each other for a second before making an attempt to stand. Pewdie stumbles, making a frightened noise, and Toby catches him by the arms. Pewdie looks up at his fellow gamer in disbelief, and Toby grins at him pitifully. Pewdie manages to get on his feet and looks down at the ground, not knowing what to say.

"So you're Pewdiepie."

Pewdie looks up, nodding shyly. Toby grins again and extends a hand. "I'm Toby."

"I know," Pewdie replies, taking his hand and shaking it slowly.

"I didn't know this was what you meant when you said you had a co-op game we could do."

Pewdie forced a laugh. "This isn't what I had in mind at all. In fact…" Upon looking around, he realized just where he was. All too familiar. "…isn't Amnesia a single-player game?"

Toby looked at the walls and his grin immediately vanished. "Oh my sweet lord! What are we doing in a horror game? That is not good. No. That is not… That is NOT good!" Toby shouted, spinning in place. He stopped and looked at Pewdie, horror etched into his usually calm face. "How did we get here? What just even happened?!"

"The fuck should I know?!" Pewdie replied in a fake defensive voice. "All I know is that we're screwed. Really, really screwed."

It was silent for a few seconds. The two looked in opposite directions, their minds racing. "Did you see that… that article the other day?" Pewdie looked at Toby. "About the virus?"

"Yeah," Toby replied. "I did. Something about computers and other stuff turning off and not back on again…" Realization lit up his face. "Do you think our stuff caught it and this is what it does?"

Pewdie looked away. "I don't know. Maybe. That's ridiculous, though, how would that even work?"

"All I know is that we won't get anywhere standing here," Toby said. He turned toward the big wooden door in the corner of the room. "Shall we get going?"

Pewdie nodded. "Whatever. Might as well." He snatched up the lantern on a tall oak dresser and pulled each drawer open. He found a Laudunum and stuck it in his jeans pocket. "Laudubunadmunum," he mumbled to himself, grinning a little. Maybe this will be fun, he thought.

Toby swung the door open and, before Pewdie could say anything, ran out into the hallway ahead. "You didn't happen to find any tinder in there, did you? It's dark in here."

"No, but we have the lantern." Pewdie flicked a little switch on the side of the lantern and flame burst from inside it, lighting their path. On the opposite side was a little gauge that showed the amount of oil left in it. Handy.

Toby strode ahead of Pewdie, defiance in the way he walked. Pewds sulked behind him, scared out of his mind. "I've seen some scary shit in custom stories, we'd better be careful."

"Yeah, ye- Oh! A door!" Toby shouted happily, hopping over to it. He whipped the door open, and whatever he saw made him very confused.

"What did you find?" Pewdie called.

"Dude, you might want to look at this.."