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Back in the real world, two very famous YouTube channels have been inactive for days. A worried Marzia paces the little kitchen floor. She knows well that Felix wouldn't go anywhere without telling her, which is why she's so scared for his safety.

His computer works fine again. Marzia plops down in Felix's cushiony computer chair, resting her hand on the keyboard, sliding her dainty fingers across the tops of the keys. Felix's most recent song dedicated to her plays in her head; it's been on repeat for days. She gets a slight guilty pang for not crying, before she remembers that she'd been sobbing at this desk all morning.

It's been three days since he disappeared. YouTube is going mental. She dares not scroll through the confused and hateful comments littering his channel. She noticed, the day before, while taking a stroll through the feed, that someone named Toby was missing too. She didn't think twice about it.

Marzia, exhausted from being unable to sleep and eyes almost swollen shut from crying, closes the YouTube tab. She opens her email, momentarily hoping for some news on the state of her missing boyfriend. Instead, some story about a computer virus. She clicks on it, hastily resting her head in her other hand.


Putting a new meaning to the word 'deadly', this virus needs only some form of contact with a user- a comment on a forum, a Like on a page. Anything to connect the two computers somehow. Anyone getting this computer virus will notice random shortages of power. If you suspect your machine may have caught this virus, then do not come into contact with your computer for a few days. Everyone who has reported having this virus has not been heard from again."

Marzia raised an eyebrow. Could a computer virus have that much power? She knew Felix couldn't stay away from his computer for long, even if he wanted to. She reached for her cell phone, almost calling a doctor, before she realizes, amusedly, that she should probably call tech support.

"Well of course I should carry the tinder, I've played this game so much more than you."

Pewdie was still being irritable. Although Toby didn't blame him, he was getting sick of his attitude. He tried his hardest to convince himself that this was a special situation and that Pewdie wasn't being himself.

"All right, okay, you carry it." Toby put up his hands in surrender. "I want the lantern. You'll scream and drop it."

Pewdie reluctantly agreed. After spending days in the Minecraft side of the world, and getting increasingly tired and cranky, they decided that the only way they'd get out was if they moved. So here they were, traversing Brennenburg Castle each with an iron sword in their hand. Harley followed behind them, the old Minecraft AI making the poor creature bump into tables and walls as it zigzagged.

This was a special case. Nobody knew it yet, but that virus- the one that sends players to their supposed deaths- actually looks at how many hours you've played each game on your computer, and throws you into the one you've played the most. It creates a server for each person, a separate little bubble in space that replicates the 3D (or 2D) world of your favorite game. For someone who plays Minecraft, this can be a blessing. For someone who plays Amnesia, this can be diabolical. What the virus hadn't thought of, though- What if two people enter at the exact same time? This is what happened to Tobuscus and Pewdiepie, and as they were tossed into the same server, this unholy Minecraft/Amnesia hybrid was born. You aren't supposed to be able to leave- but who knows?