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This can't be happening Becky thinks looking down at the sixth positive pregnancy test in her hand. Something had to be wrong with them all. In a last ditch attempt to make this go away she grabs the phone and dials the 800 customer service number on the back of the box. As it rings she lets her mind wander to how she had gotten into this mess in the first place.

"This can't happen." Tim Riggins said pulling away from their kiss. "Becky I'm sorry I just can't do this." And with that he was getting up and heading back to the trailer he rented in her back yard. She just wanted to die. How stupid could she have been? Thinking that a guy like Tim Riggins would be interested in a girl like her. So she did what any normal teenage girl would do she went to drown her sorrows in junk food and not being able to resist when she saw it cheap beer. Of course the guy behind the counter choose that night to take his job seriously and wanted to card her; refusing to sell her the beer she desperately needed to help mend her broken heart. Or throw herself at Tim again. You know whichever came first.

"It's all mine." She heard a male voice behind her declare. As none other than Luke Cafferty handed over his fake ID.

"Thanks" she says taking the beer from him and starting to walk away.

"No problem." Luke says smiling at her. "I'm Luke by the way."

"I know who you are." She says with a smirk.

"You wanna go to the car wash with me?" he asks looking in the direction of his truck. "It really could use a wash."

All she can do is smile and head in the same direction as him. Tim may not want her, but Luke does.

Luke is handsome and seems sweet and he wants to be here with her. He wants to be in this truck, in the dark car wash, running his hands up and down her back as his mouth greedily kisses her.

Luke wants to love her. He wants to lay her down in the back of his truck under the starry Dillion sky. He wants her lips on his, he wants her hands (shaking or not) unzipping his pants. He wants to be cradled between the warmth of her things and to moan her name as he all too quickly reaches his release.

He doesn't want her mom or some old high school girlfriend. He wants her and for now that eases the pain and rejection she feels from everyone, not just Tim. He wants to lie here and hold her. Not work a double shift. He wants to keep kissing her and caressing her skin. Not move to Seattle and be with his new family.

She wants to hold onto this feeling. This unbelievable feeling of being wanted. She doesn't want anything to taint it. So she makes herself a promise that she will never spend another night, day, or minuet with Luke Cafferty after tonight. He'll never get the chance to walk away because she's going to do it first.

"EPT customer service how can I help you?" asks the operator on the phone shaking her out of her thoughts.

"Yes I was just wondering if sometimes your tests are defective. Like they can be wrong, right?" She asks trying hard not to cry. The operator answers with a clipped yes but advises her to take another and hangs up. Becky looks down at the six EPTs on the counter and starts to sob. She's pregnant and has no idea what to do.

Days pass and every time she thinks she has the courage to tell Luke she chickens out. He makes several attempts to talk to her. She can't understand why she shuts him down every time. Finally one day after school she bites the bullet and walks up to him as he departs from his football buddies.

"I need to talk you." She states pulling him off to the side.

"Good I've really been wanting to talk to you too." He says

"I'm pregnant and its yours." She blurts out "I'm going to get rid of it but its $300 and I don't have all the money. I can come up with half of it. If you can come up with the other half that's all I need from you. You don't have to be involved at all. Just let me know when you have the money." She says walking away and leaving a stunned Luke behind her.

AN. I really like Luke and Becky together and feel like so much more could have been done with this story line. I do have every intention of updating, but I'm warning that it may be awhile between chapters. I really want to take this story from where it started in season four into season and explore the parts of the story we didn't see. Her talk with Luke's mom and feelings on Principal Taylor's involvement with her decision and the repercussions. Personally I think this we'll been a really good story.