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Luke just stood there watching Becky's retreating form. He'd heard her correctly hadn't he? She did say she was pregnant with his child? She said she was getting rid of it. Luke didn't like the thought of having a child so young but the thought of not having one wasn't sitting well with him either. That wasn't his decision though; was it? Becky's pregnant he thought again. Becky is pregnant and it's all my fault. With that thought Luke turned and threw up.

Days past after Becky's announcement before he could get a chance to get her alone and discuss the situation with her. He had cornered her after school and begged her to take a ride with him to talk about what was going on. The drive out to his family's farm was silent. There was even more silence as they sat in the truck in the middle of the old pastures. The silence was interrupted by the sound of one of the truck's doors opening and Becky hoping out. Luke watched her for a moment. Then he got out as he watched her struggle to hop up on the hood.

"Here let me help." He said stepping up to her and easily lifting her off the ground.

"Thanks." She said smiling weakly at him. Again the silence stretched on. Luke couldn't even think where to begin this conversation.

"You really want to do this?" he asked her, looking out over the field.

"I'm sixteen years old and in a year I'll be a single mother just like my mom. I just can't do that Luke. I'm sorry." Becky responded with tears in her eyes.

"I know it's your choice, but I don't want you think you have to do this because it's the only easy option. If you wanted to have it and keep it I'd be there. I know we don't know each other that well but I would, I would be there for you and the baby." Luke said looking her in the eyes.

"Can you take me home now?" She asks looking away.

"Sure." He replies and the silence starts again.

Silence has become a big part of Luke's life. Silence from Becky, she hasn't spoken to him for over a week now. He has no clue if she has gone and taken care of it or not. He doesn't even know how much time they have for that. He doesn't try talking to her again. Every time she sees him in the hall she walks the other way.

He's silent at practice. He does what he's told and hopes for the best. He hopes that they at least win one game. He doesn't really have much in common with most of his teammates so there isn't much need for talk in locker room. Tink knows something is up with him but he doesn't ask. Luke is thankful for his silence. Becky asked him not to tell anyone and he's already done enough to her. The least he can do is keep his mouth shut. He also makes sure to keep silent about how much his hip hurts. Some days just walking is a chore.

He's silent at home. He can't talk to his parents about football, or school. They hate the subject since Principle Taylor had him relocated to East Dillon. He can't tell them about his hip. Cafferty men are not weak. He certainly can't tell them about Becky. It would break his mother's heart. So he keeps silent, but sometimes the silence is so loud it keeps him awake. It keeps him awake like it is tonight. Not being able to lie in his bed any longer, he gets up and heads into the kitchen.

He stands there just looking around. He looks at the refrigerator covered in art work, report cards, and pictures of him from over the years. He stares long and hard at the picture of him in his Panther's uniform. He can't help but wish his mom would get over it. He's come to terms with the fact that he's not a Panther anymore. In fact he doesn't mind being a Lion that much. They get better every game. It's not until his dad clears his throat that he even realizes anyone has come into the room.

"Oh hey dad." I was just getting a drink of water Luke says.

"Son are you okay?" His father asks getting his own glass of water.

"Yeah, of course, why wouldn't I be?" Luke responds.

"You just seem like something has been bothering you. If something is bothering you it's bothering me. If something is wrong you can tell me." His dad states.

And just like that the silence breaks. He can no longer keep it in anymore. He can't stand here and not tell his dad about this.

"I got a girl pregnant." He says "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I disappointed you." With that he and his dad stand in a whole new kind of silence.