"Oh gosh Eli! AH!" Clare screamed as she came.

Eli bent up and smirked down at her, wiping Clare's cum off his lips.

"How do you feel, babe?" he asked, rubbing her thigh.

"Amazing." Clare sighed, her breath evening out.

"I'm glad, now we should probably get back to that homework." Eli said, reaching down to pick his book up off the floor.

"Actually," Clare stopped him, "I was thinking I could um, retaliate?"

"You want to uh…. give me ah… blow job?" Eli asked cautiously.

Clare couldn't say anything and ended up just nodding. Eli looked into her eyes to try and see if there were any bad reasons for her to want to do this, but he found only love and determination. He nodded and undid his pants.

Clare watched him pull down his skinny jeans and green boxers. She had never seen him as bare and vulnerable as she he was right now, standing in front of her in all his glory. She wasn't sure what a penis looked like, but his was nicer than what she had imagined.

"You alright?" he asked, concerned he had scared her off.

"Yeah, I um-"

"You don't need to worry Clare I expected a reaction way worse than that." Eli chuckled nervously.

Clare laughed along for a while, but the stopped and looked at him. "So, how do I do this?"

"Um well, you just ah… first come over here." Eli waved her over to him.

Clare approached and was pulled closer by Eli. He handed her her panties and helped her slip them back on. He kissed her sweetly with all the love he had for her.

"You're beautiful Clare, always remember that." He told her. "Now, um get on your knees." Clare looked at him with shock. "Clare it's the only way, unless you're really flexible." Clare nodded and sunk down to her knees, coming face to face with Eli's manhood. "Alright, wrap your hand around it." Eli watched her.

"Which hand?" Clare asked.

"Doesn't matter." Eli said and Clare wrapped her right hand around him firmly.

Eli's head tilted back as he held in a groan.

"Just like that." He sighed. "Okay, move up and down it."

Clare nodded and took a deep breath before moving how Eli had instructed her.

"Good, good." Eli moaned. "A little harder."

"Won't that hurt?" Clare asked, concerned.

"No it'll feel great." Eli grinned.

"Okay." Clare shrugged and pumped her fist faster. "This good?"

"That's amazing." Eli cooed, his head bent as far back as it could. "Now, do you want to put it in your mouth or not maybe some other time?"

"Um, no I'll do it now." Clare looked at him.

"Okay well, just put it on in there." Eli laughed.

Clare gave a weak smile and carefully wrapped her lips around the head.

"More Clare." Eli stepped closer.

Clare nodded and opened her jaw up more, bringing more of Eli in.

"Now give some nice sucks." Eli groaned.

Clare mimicked sucking of a straw and it sent Eli into a frenzy. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed himself into her mouth more.

"You're doing great Clare, just like that." He moaned, helping her get a rhythm down. "Suck a little harder. Yeah, just like that." Eli smiled, feeling his release coming. "Clare, quick. Do you want me to cum in your mouth or not?"

Clare didn't respond she just sucked harder on him and moved faster. Eli couldn't care at the moment though, he loved her wet mouth gulping him down and sucking on him. Clare's tongue played with him and that's what sent him over the edge. He grabbed her hair and came in her mouth. He was so far down her throat though that it all slid down and she barley tasted it. She took him out of her mouth and coughed a little. Eli bent down and rubbed her back lightly.

"You alright?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, just wasn't expecting that." She laughed lightly.

"I wanted to warn you, but I got so caught up in the feeling. You were really great."


"Yep, and you're only going to get better, which is great for me." Eli smirked.

"Whatever." Clare rolled her eyes and moved back onto the bed.