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"Wait up, Shads!" A bright blue blur raced down the crowded hallways of Mobian High. An ebony hedgehog's ear twitched when the higher pitched male hedgehog's yell reached his sensitive hearing. His ruby eyes flicked left and right in an attempt to find a way to get away from the blue blur. He noticed a herd of students converging into the entrance of the library and he pushed his way into the group. Shadow sighed in relief when the doors closed behind him and the cobalt hedgehog dashed past the library.

"That hedgehog doesn't know when to quit," Shadow unhappily grumbled out. The daily routine of hiding from the other hedgehog started about a month ago when Sonic confessed his love for Shadow. The ebony hedgehog, being straight, had profoundly told the blue hero no, but Sonic, being who he was, wouldn't take that for an answer. Now the two of them played a game of cat and mouse inside the school grounds. Only one thing kept the ebony hedgehog one step ahead of the other and that was that he was one year older than Sonic. This meant that it was almost impossible to be in the same classes together and they both slept in different dorms. Shadow let out one last sigh at his troubles and, after checking to make sure the coast was clear, got up from his hiding place behind the librarian's desk. He straightened and dusted off his clothes and walked out the library to his first class of the day.

The hallways were almost empty by now since the bell was about to ring and Sonic's shouts for him were still heard. However, Shadow wasn't too worried about him since they seemed to be getting softer and softer the longer he walked. He sure is an idiot; he doesn't even have a clue as to what my first class is. The ebony hedgehog smirked at his luck and was finally at his desired classroom. The room was quite big and only five other Mobians were setting up inside. His first class was Mobian Anatomy and was one of those few classes that you only took for a certain type of degree. Shadow's adoptive father, Professor Gerald, studied the genetic makeup of Mobians and the ebony hedgehog had always wanted to walk in his footsteps.

That class period had started like any other; the teacher told them the layout of the day, they cleaned their instruments and got ready to dissect a part of the Mobian body. Today was the infamous heart and the different valves that connected with the blood stream. The rest of Shadow's classmates were already putting on their scrubs from their lockers, while the ebony hedgehog himself was still drying off his scalpels and looking for any overlooked grime. Finally satisfied with the metal instruments, Shadow got up from his seat and headed for his own locker. They were stationed on the same wall as the entrance and were slightly taller than him. He opened the locker door and saw a flash of something white, black and red before whatever it was landed on top of him. Shadow stiffened up and pushed the object off of him. It landed on the floor with a sickening thud and the ebony hedgehog froze once he got a good look at it. Blank, dead aqua colored eyes stared at him and Shadow's blood ran cold. Lying dead on the floor was his best friend, Rouge the Bat.

Shadow stifled a yell of agony as he saw that her stomach had been cut into a shape of a heart and where her real heart was supposed to be was a large gaping hole. The ebony hedgehog's mind turned white and he just heard the sounds of fearful shouts beside him. Someone started yelling at him and then dragged Shadow out of the classroom. The ebony hedgehog didn't remember much after that just that he somehow ended up outside in the school yard and paramedics were checking him over. It could have been minutes, hours or even seconds when he was finally drawn out of the numb feeling inside his mind and body.

He didn't know when Sonic had gotten there, but whenever it was, Shadow didn't care. The cobalt hedgehog held him in a comforting embrace, slowly rocking him back and forth. Shadow stayed there, shivering, and his ruby eyes were wide with shock. Sonic whispered something into his ear and it twitched when his hot breath reached it. However, the ebony hedgehog didn't hear a single thing the other had said. The blue hero noticed this and tightened his grip on Shadow before saying it again, but this time more urgently. Again, Shadow didn't respond in any way. Sonic sighed and pulled the ebony hedgehog off his chest. This time the two male hedgehogs were face to face and the cobalt hedgehog yelled into Shadow's face. Ruby eyes blinked and they cleared slightly. Shadow looked up and locked eyes with Sonic. "Wha?"

Sonic sighed, "I know this is hard, Shadow, but the police need your help." The cobalt hedgehog looked away and his ears drooped in sadness. "I'm really sorry about Rouge, Shads."

"She's not dead."

The blue hero turned back to the male in his arms. "What are you talking about? Rouge is dead, Shadow."

"Rouge is not dead! Stop lying you piece of filth!" Rouge couldn't be dead. She just couldn't. She was going to walk out of that building any minute now and say it was all an act to get him to admit he cared for her. Then afterwards she would drag him on her latest shopping trip and all would be forgotten. "She's not dead! She's not dead!" Shadow started to punch Sonic in the chest, but no power was put behind them because, deep down, the ebony hedgehog knew that the blue hero wasn't lying.

Sonic grabbed the arms pounding on his chest. "Stop this, Shadow. Stop lying to yourself, it will only make it worse." His emerald eyes softened, "She's dead."

Shadow's body slumped in defeat, "I know…" The cobalt hedgehog let his arms go and Shadow reburied his face into Sonic's chest. "Rouge is dead." The first of his tears dripped down his face. Sonic started to rock the other again and the ebony hedgehog finally let himself sob into the peach fur. "I'm sorry if I hurt you, Sonic," Shadow mumbled out and continued with his sobbing.

The cobalt hedgehog's eyes widened and his rocking momentarily paused. Did Shadow just… apologize? The paramedic said he was only in shock but… I don't think Shadow will ever get over this trauma… He might never be the same again…

*Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover*

Both of them had stayed in that position outside the school while the police and paramedics checked out the crime scene. The police, after consulting the paramedics, asked both of the hedgehogs to come with them to the police station. It seemed that the ebony hedgehog, who had discovered the body, needed some kind of lifeline; as the paramedics had put it.

So far, both of the Mobians were fully cooperating with them, but none of them knew what would happen once they started asking questions. The police knew that what they were going to do was cruel, but they had to get answers and quick so they could catch the murderer. Currently they were inside the head of police's office. Both males were given steaming cups of hot chocolate; the ebony hedgehog hadn't even touched his, while the cobalt was taking small sips of his and every once in while glanced over to make sure his companion was alright.

The head of police was a male human with walnut colored hair. His blue eyes lighted up his face and he was about six feet tall. He cleared his throat before asking his first question. "Rouge the Bat was your best friend, correct?" Shadow nodded, "When did you last see her before her death?"

"Nine o'clock last night when we split up at the entrance of the school. She was heading for her dorm room."

"Was she, in any way, acting weird?"

Shadow shook his head, "Not that I could see."

The door burst open and a purple ferret strode into the room. He handed the police chief a couple pieces of paper stapled together. "Here is the analysis of Rouge the Bat by the forensic scientist and coroner."

The police chief took the papers and eyed them. "Thank you, you may leave." The purple ferret bowed and exited the office. The human male looked over the different papers and sighed once he was finished. He placed the analysis on his wooden desk and Sonic leaned forward in his chair. "That poor girl…"

Shadow stiffened and Sonic decided he should be the one to ask. "What does it say? What happened to Rouge?"

The chief sighed again and rubbed his temples. "She… she was fully conscious the entire time. She felt her stomach being cut and… and was awake when that monster dug out her chest and ripped her heart out."

The ebony hedgehog's hands turned into fists and renewed tears sprang to his eyes. Sonic looked at his friend, worry was clearly written on his face. "Was there anything else?"

"She wasn't raped, that was her only silver lining, but everything else was still awful." The chef looked directly at the ebony hedgehog. "Shadow… Rouge was not targeted because of something she did."

"What do you mean by that?" Shadow choked out.

The male human reached back into the stack of papers and pulled out something plastic. It was a red and white letter placed inside an evidence bag. "We found this in your locker with Rouges heart and body. Her heart was placed on top of this letter… and it's addressed to you."

The chief handed the letter to him and Shadow shakily reached out for it. He gripped the letter tightly in his hands, not ready to look at the letter the murderer had left him. Why did the murderer leave me a letter? Why not go after him? Why was Rouge involved? Shadow closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He reopened them and finally glanced at the letter. However, it wasn't a letter… it was a note with six words written in Rouge's blood.

Will you take my heart, Shadow?

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