Shadow held in a gasp of surprise as the lights in the room suddenly went out. "Sonic?" He called out and fear pooled in his stomach as the other didn't answer back. Shadow reached out his hand and felt Sonic underneath his exploring finger tips. However, the cobalt hedgehog was as cold as ice under his hands and Shadow quickly pulled back. What had happened?

He slowly got out of his seat and froze. He couldn't just leave Sonic here! Shadow shook his head and positioned himself at the foot of Sonic's bed. Something briefly glided down his back and, this time, Shadow let out a yelp of fright. "Sonic?" He called out in the darkness. No answer. "Sonic! This isn't funny! Please stop!"

Shadow couldn't believe the word 'please' had escaped his mouth, but he couldn't help it. He freaking out. The way Sonic had acted before the lights had went out and the news of a serial killer coming after him… he couldn't handle this. Shadow gripped the metal lining of Sonic's bed; if this was some kind of joke on Sonic's part… he would give that joke playing bastard to the psycho killer after him.

A hand grabbed his tail and Shadow jumped forward trying to dislodge it. However, the grip from the hand was too strong and Shadow stayed where he was. A equally strong arm wrapped around his neck and freezing cold breath hit the side of his face. "Oh, Shadow~ How good does it feel to finally have you in my arms~" A deep chuckled and Shadow shivered.

Something that resembled the feel of smoke twirled around their legs. "L-let me go you murderer!" Shadow exclaimed and started to struggle in the other's embrace.

Another chuckle, "I would stop struggling or…" The hand on his tail traveled upward and poked at his entrance. Shadows' eyes widened and he stopped his struggles. "Or I might just finish what I started with your friend here."

Shadow started to tremble; why did this have to happen now of all times?! And why didn't the guards outside come and see what was happening in here? Mentioning that… why had they let this person in here in the first place? Was he part of the police or something?

The mysterious figure behind him poked his entrance again, "Please calm down, my dear Shadow, now is not the time to claim you. So you have nothing to fear from me right now~" To prove his point, the figure poked one more time and bit down on his neck.

Shadow yelped in pain as sharp fangs bit into his neck and felt blood rapidly start to run down his neck. Why the hell did the other need to bite down on his neck? What did this accomplish? And what did he mean by 'now was not the right time?' His small time with the serial killer after his love had raised so many questions that Shadow's head was dizzy with confusion.

Then… he was gone. No fading out. No poof. No… anything. He was there one second and gone the next. Shadow would have thought he was never there in the first place if he still didn't feel blood running down his neck and a small aching feeling there. Shadow shivered and reached one of his hands up to cover the bleeding wound on his neck.

The lights slowly flickered back on and Shadow looked over to see how Sonic was doing. The cobalt hedgehog, from the looks of it, had either passed out in fright or shock from the sudden visit of Shadow's serial killer. The ebony hedgehog flinched; his serial killer? That murderer wasn't his anything. That thought shouldn't have even crossed his mind!

He shook his head and grabbed extra bandages on Sonic's bedside table. Shadow walked over to the bathroom and quietly closed the door, not wanting to wake the slumbering Sonic. He moved to the mirror and touched the bite mark, not caring that he was further staining his already red glove in the process.

In any other circumstance, Shadow would have called the wound a love bite but… this felt different somehow. Every time he touched it… shivers would run down his spine and… a foreign and new feeling would seep into his stomach. Did that bastard do something to him or… was this all himself?

Without warning, Shadow punched the wall, leaving a decent sized hole in the wall. No! That bastard must have done something to him! There was no other logical reasoning for it! He couldn't be feeling anything other than rage for that murderer! And yet… No! He couldn't afford to be thinking like that! What would happen to Tails if he did that?! Or Sonic?! He had to keep his head!

Shadow quickly wound the bandages around his neck, ignoring the feelings pooling in his stomach at every touch, and exited the bathroom. "Hey, Shads!" Shadow turned his head and found… an overjoyed Sonic. "When did you get here?"

Shadow blinked, "What?"

Sonic rolled his eyes, "I said, when did you get here?"

Shadow blinked again, "I've been here for a while, Sonic… Don't you remember telling me, 'he's here' and passing out?"

Sonic gave him a confused look, "Are you feeling okay, Shadow? I've been passed out the whole time. The last time I was up was to eat a plate of chili dogs." He pointed at the dirty plate on his bedside table. "Not the best chili dogs I've ever had, but what can you expect from hospital food?"

Sonic didn't remember what happened? Or, most likely, was what happened with Sonic a figment of his imagination? He wasn't in his right mind at that time and Sonic was acting very weird. Shadow sat back down in the seat he was sitting in before. "How are you feeling?"

Sonic brightly smiled at him, "I'm feeling great! The doctors said I could leave as soon as I woke up again!" Shadow cocked his head in confusion as Sonic kneeled down on the bed and leaned towards him. A blush formed on Sonic's peach muzzle and a sly smile had formed as well. "I didn't know you cared that much about me, Shadow."

The ebony hedgehog averted his eyes from Sonics'. "Of course I do, hedgehog. You were there for me when I needed it; I'm here to return the favor."

For a split second… did Sonic look… disappointed? Sonic's smile seemed to falter for a second and the cobalt hedgehog leaned back on his bed and away from Shadow. "Oh, well, that makes sense."

Shadow sighed as he felt guilt wash over him. He had been thinking about this for a while, but he might as well try… for Sonic. "So… I've been thinking, Sonic." The cobalt hedgehogs' ears flicked towards him, the only sign that the other was listening to him. "I've been thinking… that it wouldn't be… such a bad idea to go on a date just once…"

All Shadow saw was a flash of blue before falling out of his chair and having something soft and warm land on top of him. "Oh my god, Shadow! Are you really asking me out on a date?!" Came the overly happy voice of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Shadow blushed, "Yeah… I wanted to give you a chance…" Shadow wasn't sure, but he was mostly confident in saying that he heard a high pitched squeal come from Sonic on top of him.

Sonic rolled off of him and they both sat up on the ground. Sonic turned and looked Shadow in the eye. "So, where are we going and when is it?"

Shadow rubbed his chin in thought, "I wanted to do it when you were ready since you are still in the hospital. On the where part… anywhere you have in mind? I've… never really done this with a guy before; I'm not really sure what to do."

Sonic smiled and got up from the ground and held out a hand for Shadow to take. The ebony hedgehog took it and Sonic pulled him up from the ground. "We can find something together since I'm not quite sure where to go either." They exited the room and waved to the guards as they passed.

Shadow rolled his eyes as Sonic kept the tight grip on their hands and started to skip down the hallway. He knew that Sonic would be happy that he had finally agreed to go on a date with him, but maybe the other was a little over doing it.

The bite on his neck flared up and Shadow quickly used his free hand to massage the pain away. Okay, something was seriously wrong with this bite; he just hoped that Sonic didn't see it… However, it seemed that luck wasn't on his side that day. When Shadow had moved to cover up his bite, Sonic had felt the sudden movement through their connected hands.

Sonic looked at the hedgehog beside him and reached his own free hand over to look at what Shadow was covering up. "What's wrong with your neck, Shadow?" The ebony hedgehog tried to push Sonic's exploring hand, but it had found a weak point on his bandage and had managed to pull it off.

Sonics' emerald eyes widened at the sight of the bright purple mark on Shadow's neck. "Shadow… how did you get this?" Sonic asked and rubbed the mark.

Shadow, ignoring the sudden pain of Sonic touching his bite mark, flicked the hand away from him. "It's nothing, really."

Sonic had stopped his skipping and his muzzle had turned a pale color. Shadow noticed the sudden change in the cobalt hedgehog and prayed that Sonic didn't know what the mark on his neck really was. However, with the way Sonic kept glancing at his neck every so often, Shadow had a sinking feeling that Sonic knew exactly what it was.

Great, they hadn't even started their first date together and Sonic probably already thought he was cheating on him.

Sorry for not updating guys but I kinda sorta slightly dislodged my neck… Now I get to wear a sexy neck brace!

Shadow: It sure is sexy with how bulky and big it is.

Sonic: I just want to smother you with it.

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Shadow: You can't even get out of bed, how do you expect to catch us?

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