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"What the hell are you doing here?!"

He shouted before I had chance to even turn around.

At first I just stared at him. I mean, sure he had a reason to be upset, but I could still feel the tears dry on my face. It's pretty much obvious that I had recently been crying!

"Excuse me?"

I asked my voice colder that I had intended it to be.

"I mean to say"

He begun, in the same cold voice

"What is your reasoning for being in this house after avoiding me for so long?"

The words stung at first, he did have a point. But then I thought of what Teresa said that even though I had trained myself to become more truthful and open, the silence would always be the easiest to turn to when I faced a difficult situation. Then I felt the anger flood my body again, as fast a lightning.

"Avoiding you?"

I asked, my voice rising. I could feel Mallory grip my hand tighter.

"How is it avoiding when you won't let me talk?"

I asked again, feeling my face turn red. At first, his expression was unreadable. But then I saw a spark. But not an angry spark, one that screamed regret.

"I didn't stop you; you're the one that chose the silence!"

he shot back, and these words did sting. More than I think he wanted them too, because I could feel the tears roll down my cheeks. I wiped them fiercely away.

"Yes, because that's what's easiest for me in a difficult situation, Owen! Or had you forgotten the whole reason I had went into the silence in the first place was because of my rape?!"

I had screeched back, clenching my teeth to try and stop the flow of tears fall from my eyes. He lingered on my words before speaking again, and when he did the words came out softer.

"That's why you talk, Annabel. That's why you talk and I listen! It's not just coincidence, it's what you need."

My throat choked at these words; it's just like we're back in his studio again, me letting out everything that had ever happened to me in those months and far before that. Like a weight had dropped once again, but from small things building up into fire, and that's when I cracked. As if my sobbing into Teresa before wasn't enough, here come round two of my waterworks! I glance at Owen, who I notice had a warmer expression on his face and his profile wasn't as tense.

"What's wrong, Annabel?" His words were sincere, like he'd beg for me to tell him right there and then if I didn't.

"It's nothing bad!" I wailed back, frantically wiping my tears with the back on my hand again.

"But then we stopped talking and the silence grew bigger, as well as the space between us. And it's all I've dwelled on these past couple weeks. This silence is so overpowering!"

Then I felt him embracing me, one of those ones that mean everything as soon as they're given, but you only get them from people who mean it, not people who just do it. And before I realised what the hell was going on, he had started stroking my hair like Teresa was and calming me down with 'shh'. When I had sobbed everything into his shirt, he kissed my head and pulled away from me. Looking at him I see those big, beautiful green eyes of his, and then knew I can do this. Just like I knew I could tell him about Will Cash.

"Owen..." I began, getting his attention before saying it.

"Owen, I'm pregnant!"

Well this isn't exactly how I planned to tell him, I thought as I looked down at my shoes, giving him time to process the words.

"Well that explains a hell of a lot!"he laughed as his arms flew up into the air. I laughed with him, feeling the utter grace of pure relief fill my body. He brought me in close to his chest again, kissing the top of my head. I smiled.

"Are you happy?" I asked, as I moved my head to meet his eyes. His expression seemed to answer it for me.

"I'm very happy, Annabel." He reassured me. Maybe he knew that some of the reasoning for not telling him was that I had been scared of his reaction. Owen Armstrong, known for aggressive behaviour and anger problems, Dad. It's not something many people would have thought. But yet again, no-one expected me to end up with him.

"Are you sure? I mean, you're Owen, do you really want a baby?" I asked him, I maybe should have left that question until we got home. I had almost forgotten Mallory and Teresa were still listening into this conversation.

"I am Owen, Annabel. Well spotted" He joked as more of my locks were stoked.

"You know what I mean" I responded. I really did want to know the answer. He heaved a sigh and shifted his position of me so that we were eye to eye.

"Yes, I really am. I mean, it's definitely something that I would never have thought about myself before. And it's probably something my family wouldn't think." He stopped, glancing over at Teresa and Mallory. I looked too, and saw they were laughing. I smiled. "But now it's a different story. Now I know I'll be with you, and now I know that when you told you were pregnant, I felt happiness and joy flood my body, rather than other feelings. And that's a good sign!" He concluded. We stared at each other for a moment, and then our heads slowly met one another's. And the next thing I know, we're kissing. In Teresa's kitchen, in front of her and Mallory. About my pregnancy, and how he wants a baby with me, even if it's something unexpected of Owen. I'm sure I can hear Mallory "aw" behind us, which is probably something well suited for this situation.

Once we pull away, I know him- and no doubt Mallory and Teresa- will want to know the details of my pregnancy. I hop back onto the stool, suddenly having a weird craving for a tin of beans. I look round at the people staring back at me, their expressions waiting for me to say something. But what I do say probably seems random to them, all but Teresa.

"Do you have beans?" I ask Teresa, she nods whilst laughing slightly at me."The weird cravings are starting all ready. Better be ready to nip out and buy crazy food for her, Owen." She winks at him before turning away to her cupboards and grabbing the tin. I turn and grin at him, noticing that was face-palming. I brought him closer to me, and kissed him again. He puts a hand on my lower abdomen, smiling. I'm not far enough along to have a bump yet, but Owen had just found out. This moment is special indeed.

"How far along?" he asks me.

"By my calculations, about five weeks." I reply, which is round about true. I had started feeling weird about two weeks before I went to my doctor, and that was five weeks ago.

I heard a tin land on the Island next to me, and I look over to notice the beans. They're ready, with a folk inside. I lick my lips and take them into my hands, getting weird looks form Owen. I just laugh before digging in.

"I craved pickle juice a lot when I was pregnant with Owen" Teresa was saying, he laughed at this.

"And yet I can't stand pickles" He informed us. As I was eating the beans, my mind was mentally planning the next nine months of my pregnancy. Things are only going to get weirder. My moods swings will become bi-polar. One minute I'll be fine, and the next I'll end up crying over something pathetic. I wonder how Owen will cope, having to console me over something stupid for the best part of the rest of my pregnancy. But I suppose it's something that happens naturally, and we'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

When I had finished my beans, me and Owen said bye to Mallory and Teresa and headed to the car. I hadn't realised how much of the day had past, but when we got inside the Land Cruiser, the digital clock flashed 6:28pm. Wow, I thought. I've spent a long time crying. We both decided to take a visit to my parent's house tomorrow with the news of the baby. But for now, we set off to World of Waffles four our tea-which would do wonders for my cravings. I licked my lips at the thought.