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Shadow of a Moon Ray



Kid finished snipping the last of the weeds, assuring the garden was symmetrical before turning to me with a sweaty, flushed face. His eyes grew wide with what looked like joy and concern. My legs protested but I couldn't help but slip into a run as he stared at me with that utterly perfect smile. At last I reached him and jumped into his open arms, grateful for the warm safety that greeted me after my journey. Kid took a few steps back, bracing himself with the force of the impact. I couldn't help but hear Soul thud down over the fence and saunter over to us.

"Whose this?" Soul spoke in a gruff voice, staring at the stranger.

I smiled at Kid as we released each other and turned toward Soul. "This is Kid, my best friend. Kid, this is Soul."

Soul face distorted into something I couldn't quite read as he shifted to the other foot. He cleared his throat, suddenly and incredibly awkward. "Oh."

"What are you doing here Maka? Shouldn't you be at home resting?" Kid's voice was filled with concern. He placed a hand on my shoulder and ushered me over to the wooden deck to sit. With every movement it felt as though my joints were creaking. I sat, feeling the small splinters poke into my legs. Kid seemed to be oblivious of it.

I shook my head however, pushing away his concerns. "I need more medicine, so Soul accompanied me here." I motioned to Soul.

Kid gave an unquestionably false laugh. "Wow, gone for a moment and you've already got a boyfriend." His voice cracked and he shoved his hands into his pockets.

I blinked at him for a moment before my words started to pour out. "Oh no, no, no you got me all wrong you see…" There's not much I could say that would be the truth. "Anyways there's no way I would ever date him I mean you know he's- oh never mind forget I said anything hahaha."

Kid cocked an eyebrow. My face felt a little hot as I calmed down. Soul cleared his throat uncomfortably and stared at me with a strange expression. I looked up again, ready to change the subject. "So how is everyone?"

Kid glanced at his watch. "Frustrating, as always." His forehead crinkled, thinking of it. I let out a small giggle, knowing he was referring to Blair's refusal to be symmetrical. "In fact you should see everyone, they really miss you." My heart sunk. Did he not want me around? Almost like he read my thoughts he added. "I've got somewhere to be, I'll find you after I'm done okay?" This perked my up but only slightly. I nodded. Motioning for Soul to follow, Kid escorted me to the front. We said our goodbyes as he turned left and Soul and I turned right towards Tsubaki's home. It was a short walk, her house only being two houses down, and soon I found myself knocking at her door. The two of us stood there, staring at the intricate designs of the deep brown door. Soul remained quiet as it was answered. However, the one who answered it was not who I thought would answer it.

"Maka?!" My face suddenly got forced down into a large, fleshy chest. I reached back and pushed away from her usual aggressive hugs and chuckled to myself at how typical this was.

"Hey Blair, what are you doing here?" I asked, forgetting to introduce my escort.

"I should be asking you that. We girls were having a sleepover but that's not the real question is it?" She leaned in, her head tilting away from Soul. "Who's the hottie and are y-"

"No we're not dating and never will be."

"So I can…"

"Have at him." I sighed, remembering numerous other times she's asked me if she can hit on my guy friends. She squealed and pulled us both into the house. I stumbled in, taking only a moment to admire the elegant designs and style Tsubaki had for her house. The walls stood tall, its white paint clinging perfectly to the wood. In the edges was a dark brown trimming. There was a small hallway area before the living room. Strewn and toppled over each other looked like several sleeping bags.

"I'm Blair. Who are you?" Blair asked, strutting a little closer to him.

"Soul." He grunted uncomfortably scooting back. His arm pressed against mine, making Goosebumps run up my spine due to the intense freezing temperature of his skin.

She grinned, and sauntered away. "Cute." Slowly I followed her with Soul behind me like a duckling following his mother. "Guys! Guess who just showed up out of the blue?" There were a few tired coos. I walked into the open living room, the bright sun glaring into my face, making me squint. Suddenly three bodies slammed into mine making me fall to the floor.

"I'm so glad you're okay." Spoke the gentle voice of Tsubaki. Patty gave a short giggle.

"Maka what are you doing here?" I heard the older twin speak.

I smiled at all of them, embracing the warm feeling I felt, being surrounded to those I was most familiar with. "I need some more medicine from Stein. Besides, I miss you guys." I smiled. Blare beamed, wrapped an arm around my sweaty neck and laughed for about five minutes. I chuckled several times, finding myself staring at the floor.

"So, who exactly are you?" I heard Tsubaki's sweet voice. I looked up at her. He eyes were fixed intensely but non-dangerously on Soul.

"I'm Maka's frie-"

I jumped up, letting Blair's arm droop down to her lap. "No wait he my…" I took a moment to think. I couldn't say friend. None of my friends were told the location of my new home when I left because people weren't supposed to visit me. Stein thought it still possible I was contagious. "My…uh…uh." My face heated up as I tried to think. My vision started to turn red and I tilted my head, trying to focus on Soul but wondering what was happening. "Uhhh…" I felt my knees give way and cold arms catch me. I heard my name called over and over but my head drooped and my vision went black.

My vision was blurred as my tired eyes snapped open. My eyelids stayed wide for only a moment before reverting to only half open. I felt tempted to close them and go back to sleep but resisted the urge. I recognized the ceiling of where I lay enough to convince me to do so. I was in Stein's office. I took in a deep breath, trying to find the will power to lift myself up into sitting position.

"Sit up." I heard the lazy dull voice of my doctor. I sighed. He would always make me do that before he would really talk to me. Something about the blood rushing somewhere. I lifted myself into a sitting position with great effort.

"Doctor Stein…"

"Hold on, I need to ask you some questions." He gazed into the papers on his clip board. I sighed. He's certainly not very happy with me.

"You came to town because you need some more medicine, correct?" I nodded and in turn he scribbled something down on the papers. "And you came with a pale boy named Soul?" Once again I nodded. What did Soul have to do with anything? "Does Soul have any unusual symptoms, maybe like a frail weakness or fatigue sometimes?"

"Doctor… why does that matter?" I inquired. He glared at me. "I'm not sure… maybe? But I don't think so."

Once again he scribbled down something down onto his papers. The pen he used made a high scratching sound. "Maka, I'm almost certain." My eyes rose. Did something happen so Soul? "I think your friend Soul has the exact same disease you do." My lungs them self, took in a sharp intake. I couldn't believe it…

"How is that possible? Soul is… he's…"

Can the dead be infected?

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