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Chapter 1
The party (Effie's POV)

It wasn't as if anyone got hurt that night, even if anyone did, half of us were too drunk to care, saying half, I mean Haymitch... and Finnick. I never knew he could drink so much. I woke up in the morning to see a hungover Finnick still sitting at the bar with Haymitch, still ordering yet another pint. I have to admit, I drank my fair share of alcohol last night, but I didn't drink too much. Katniss barely drank, she drank a pint but after the second one, she threw up, but she DID drink the cocktails, and a lot of them, again, she didn't get too drunk. And then there was Venia's boyfriend, Carlton Pierce, a very strange character, I thought, dark hair and very tall. He was abnormally thin. Thinner than any other Capitol resident I knew. In an eerie way, he suited Venia. I didn't mention, however that he liked to drink and drank way more than his fair share of alcohol, he was almost as bad as Haymitch! Yet, I feel as if Haymitch has more of a reason not to stay sober, his experiences in the games often project into the room, almost like a real nightmare.

Carlton, however, drank for the sake of it, he enjoyed it, using a Capitol method, he was never full, he just drank some of the wine from the Capitol that makes you throw up and started drinking to his heart's content. He left early though, I think Venia was a bit embarrassed so they caught an early train to the Capitol, a place I wouldn't want to come back to. Unfortunately they left before the real fun started. It all kicked off with an almost innocent game of 'The Greatest Story Ever Told'. I almost ended up in tears when Cinna read it out. Each of us had to write a short sentence relating to the one before, making a very odd story. Haymitch's undecipherable writing made it even funnier as Cinna tried too hard not to offend an already drunk Haymitch. In the early hours of the morning, I managed to find the story somehow and I began to read it...

It all began when Portia was at the mall with Octavia Seeing as Venia was being a bit of a bitch that day, she dragged poor Octavia around the many stores, also taking her to a tattoo studio while having yet ANOTHER tattoo. But Octavia had other plans, she went into a clothes shop and said to one of the assistants if a particular pair of green panties matched her eyes. She was too stupid to know that her eyes were actually a pale shade of blue. Haymitch was managing a fruit and nut store and it was co-incidental that when Flavius was there staring deeply into a pile of nuts, Haymitch asked him if he needed help because Flavius replied, "No Sir, I'm just looking at your nuts." Then he turned around and saw Haymitch there, and Flavius ran off, crying. Octavia saw Flavius crying in the female toilets and gave him a pat on the back, sticking a note on his back saying, "Kick My Arse!" So I dId WhaT It sAiD and Got InTo Trubl WITH dah Cops FOr SeXUal HarRasSMent so I MEt up Wif FIN and Drank BeER. aND tHEY aLL sAW mY aBS wHEN i tOOK mY sHIRT oFF iN fRONT oF tHESE hOT GIRLS! While Annie watched helplessly while running up and down the escalators wearing only her BRA and pants. AS A DARE! BUT KATNISS STARTED SNIFFING PEOPLE RANDOMLY WHILE FIN PUT HIS SHIRT BACK ON AND HAYMITCH TOOK HIS OFF AND EVERYONE SCREAMED AT THE SIGHT OF HIM!

I laughed at the now crumpled piece of paper which Haymitch must have crumpled up.
"What are you doing?" asked Cinna, looking over my shoulder. I quickly hid the paper and replied with a casual,
"Nothing." But he's too smart for my tricks now, he knows me better than anyone else and why wouldn't he? He is my husband after all. He pulled out the piece of paper from underneath the bin I hid it in and started reading it, impersonating everybody in the room, including me in a Capitol accent! So I gave him a small slap on his cheek, knowing he wouldn't get offended.

After everyone woke up, Cinna suggested yet ANOTHER game of Truth or Dare...

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