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Chapter 12
Everyone was happy

It was a weird feeling, knowing that only Cinna, Portia and I remained as Capitolites. We were the only ones who never had to go through the trauma of the Hunger Games. I walked over to Haymitch, lying on the floor and knelt down near him.

"Haymitch? Haymitch! Get up, you're embarrassing yourself on the floor- stand up and I'll take you to a spare room"

Haymitch let out a drunkard groan and as he lifted his head up, he scratched his greasy hair.
"Anyy.. morree... winnee?" he asked as he unsteadily rose to his feet. I rolled my eyes and took him upstairs to the box room.
"There's a nice bed here for you Haymitch. It's only small but the other room is for anyone else who wants to stay and the girls are in the other room." I stated as I left the room. I am so disgusted by Haymitch. For example, once, I went to his house in my second year of being an escort and he threw up on the floor! I shivered at the thought.

When I was back downstairs, I saw Portia, Cinna and Peeta talking at the table (seems like Annie was bored). Annie was with Katniss trying to wake Finnick up and Beetee was still talking to Wiress. It seemed like everyone was happy so I switched the TV on and watched some late night crime drama.

*Annie's POV*

So yeah... I was on the floor trying to wake up a drunk Fin. Katniss was helping me. I couldn't stand seeing him so drunk- it embarrassed me; that conversation I was having with Portia, too, was very boring. She was being friendly but.. I'm just not interested in fashion!

*Katniss' POV*

When I saw Annie next to Finnick, I decided she needed help. I got up from the sofa, where I was joking around with Cinna and Peeta. I was thinking of when I personally met Finnick and when he offered me that sugarcube. He was a different person to now- he reminded me of Haymitch. Where was Haymitch anyway?

*Peeta's POV*

When Katniss left to help Annie, Cinna said to me if I wanted a chat with my old stylist- Portia. He said she looked lonely so we went over to talk to her. Portia's great you know! She's such a good friend to me and not just a stylist. She's kind of like family. Her and Cinna are what you can truly call best friends! All they do is talk and I was surprised that it wasn't only about fashion. They both have really good tastes. Portia told me the whole story of Cinna burning her house down as they were investigating fire. It all started with a small, harmless candle flame... I then told Cinna that I hope Effie doesn't buy candles and if she does, she has to keep them away from him.

*Portia POV*

The Prep Team was now gone so I was left to talk to Annie. She's a really friendly person but we're nothing alike. When she saw Finnick on the floor she said that she must tell him to get up and be such an embarrassment to her and she giggled. I waited for her but then Cinna and Peeta came over for a chat. It was so nice to talk to both of them again. I told Peeta loads of mine and Cinna's 'incidents' with Cinna's 'experimenting' with fire. It was really pleasing to talk to both of them again

*Cinna's POV*

I saw Portia was alone when Annie went over to Finnick for some reason. I'd have left him there! I wondered where Effie got to but I assumed she was upstairs. Peeta and I had a marvellous conversation with Portia even if she told some embarrassing stories of me... But I guess that's what friends are for!

See? Most of them were already happy. I was too, crime drama is the perfect movie genre! Of course, no REAL Capitolite lady would have the nerve to watch such things! But I'm certainly NOT like any other Capitolite lady.. Am I?

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