Chapter Three


Everything was so different now. A few weeks ago, not only had I lost two of my children, but I had also lost the crown. I gave it up to my only daughter, Solange, who was originally suppose to be the Queen of Vampires once she was changed. But she didn't want it at the time. Now all I do is protect my family, which I always did do, but all my concentration is on them now. Including Lucy. She lost not only her best friend, but she lost Nicholas. I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks now. Hunter, Quin's girlfriend, has, fortunately been updating us with Lucy since she doesn't really come over to the house anymore. Apparently Lucy and Kieran are trying to come up with a plan to get Solange and Nicholas back.

I sigh as Liam joins me out the backyard. He puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Love," he begins. "I -" but he was interrupted when we both heard sobbing, and smelt a sweet scent of blood. A familiar kind. Oh it can't be.

Liam and I sped to the door, to find the boys, Hunter, Isabeau, and Christabel already standing there with shocked looks. What are they looking -

"Lucy," Christabel choked, walking backwards a little. She stumbled down, holding her hand up to her mouth. Tears fell down her cheek.

I walked up to the front with Liam by my side. I gasped. My daughter was holding Lucy, sobbing. Lucy was covered in blood and she was soaked. Her hair hung back.

Solange looked up to me, blood down her top and on her lips. "Mum," she whispered.

I shook my head in disbelief as water filled my eyes. I didn't know if I was angry, sad, or in pure disappointment. Lucy was gone...because of my daughter. My daughter.

I didn't realize Christabel had crawled to Lucy, sobbing.

"Lucy." she cried as she touched her cousin. She snatched her away from Solange's arms and held her tightly as more tears flooded down her cheeks. "I am so sorry." she stammered as more tears fell. She stroked her face, softly, as she cried.

Solange looked at Lucy as more tears fell. She sniffed. "Lucy." she was just about to touch her again, but Christabel shot her a look. "Don't. You. Dare. Touch. Her." she warned, fangs appearing, more tears showing. My sons sped in front of Lucy and Christabel. "Get out of here Sol-" just before Logan could continue, a figure appeared.

"What's with the family reunion?"I heard a familiar voice. Nicholas.

We all looked at him, smirking.

Solange whimpered.

Nicholas narrowed his eyes. "Finally had enough, sis?" he asked, chuckling. But it wasn't my son's laugh.


"Finally had enough, sis?" Nicholas asked, chuckling.

My eyes met his as he smirked. But then he looked at the body I was holding. His eyes widened as he sped to me, pushing through his brothers like they weren't even there.

His eyes moved up and down Lucy. He shook his head, slowly. "No," he said, anger heard in his voice.

I glared at him. "Yes," I replied. More tears from my cheeks. "This was what you wanted right, Nicholas? To have your girlfriend drained of her..." my lips trembled. "Blood."

He looked at me, anger in his eyes. "I never wanted this."

He turned around and snarled at his sister who was standing up. He punched her. We all watched as they began a battle that I knew Nicholas was sure to win. Solange is stronger, but Nicholas...he was enraged. And when a vampire is enraged, its best you keep out of their way. I didn't get up to stop it. Hunter and Isabeau were by my side, comforting me.

Nicholas had Solange pinned to a tree with a sharp piece of wood in his hand.

Solange still had water in her eyes. "Go ahead," she said, tears slipping down her face. "Kill me." she begged.

He had his hand back, ready.

Helena shook her head as she looked away. "No, Nicholas." she whispered.

Nicholas shook his head, slowly. "No." he said. He dropped the piece of wood on the ground, and moved away from her.

He looked at everyone, and then at Lucy. His eyes had water in them. A tear slipped down his cheek as he sped to me. Within moments, Lucy was gone. Out of my arms. Nicholas had disappeared with Lucy. I didn't have the energy to follow them. I sniffed, wiped away my tears, got up, and walked up to Connors room, where I continued to mourn my now dead cousin.

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