"You Stupid little furry!"

Isaac knew this day would come. He always remembered what he was, even if he hated the fact. He might have said it accidentally, then changed the subject , but it was obvious that his so-called-friends remembered what he said. They hated him, but could not tell him. They knew he was soft, but it had to be done. And to make matters worse, they announced it to the whole school.

"No…no you guys are wrong. Just think about it." Isaac was desperate to find a way out of this mess, even if he made a bigger fool of himself. "This can't be happening", he mumbled. He took one last look at his old friends, and off he ran. He ran right past the gym, his old Drama teacher, and right to the fence. Lucky for him, it was after school, or else he would regret having to hop the fence and being chased by supervisors. He hopped on his bike, and before he knew it, he was in a field far away from the school. He loved the peace and quiet, but that was soon shattered.

He saw an old watch on the ground. It had odd writing on it, and had as note next to it. The note said,'If you find this watch, beware of its powers'. This both surprised and frightened Isaac, but he knew what it meant somehow. As he put on the watch, that surprisingly fit perfectly, everything was a blur, and passed out.