Title: Any Other Name

Summary: "Rose, dear, your name's in lights; but it's our name too." A series of freeverses.

Characters: Rose and Ron Weasley.

Notes: This is a companion piece to my other freeverse collection, 'Victorious', but of course, it can be read on it's own. I'm starting a collection like this for all the eldest Next Gen children - Victoire, Rose, James etc. etc. This particular collection is all about Rose. It's a very different look at her, I'm sure you'll agree, but we'll roll with it. Enjoy!

Daddy, Daddy -

you laugh and joke and you play pretend,

but I'm not laughing.

((not yet))

You think you're such a good actor

now you've been on stage.

But Daddy dearest,

you're not.

(to me, anyway)

The curtains closed,

and you kept on pretending,

taking applause for lines that were

never yours.


And the thing is,

they don't see it.

They see Ron Weasley;

great father. great husband. great friend. great auror.

They don't see Ron Weasley -

jealous. hiding.

lying. angry.

Maybe you can play pretend,

as all the greats have done,

and maybe your lies can outlive Dumbledore's,

but Daddy,

Daddy, darling,

I inherited my greatest trait from you.


Rose Weasley -

no one's more graceful than her.

She's a dancer, did you know?

Well, she's not,

but she could be, and isn't that the point?

Rose Weasley -

no one's more beautiful than her.

She's an actress, did you know?

Well, she's not,

but she will be, and surely that matters more?

Rose Weasley -

no one's more charming than her.

She's a singer, did you know?

Well, she's not,

but she might be, she has the talent;

she can s/h/i/n/e.


Ron Weasley -

he's clumsy, isn't he?

Ron Weasley -

he's ugly, didn't you know?

Ron Weasley -

he's cruel, isn't he?

Don't you see, don't you see,

with your opera glasses and champagne glasses,

that it's all an act?


well, he's just smarter than all of you;

he likes to see your surprised faces when -

when he dances,

when he acts,

when he sings.


We could pull off one hell of a performance, Dad -

break a leg.

This is our time,

the curtains are opening,

do you know your lines?

Our greatest play is coming up,

{{our greatest lie}}

and we don't care.