Title: Any Other Name

Summary: "Rose, dear, your name's in lights; but it's our name too." A series of freeverses.

Characters: Rose and Hugo Weasley.

Notes: This is a somehow-accepted view of Hugo, but I'd like to think that he and Rose have quite a close relationship despite her "rebellion". And that he'd go with her to stardom. Sorry for the late update, but enjoy!

Hugo -

Hugh, Hughie -

you're my baby brother,

and yeah,


I love you to pieces,

but come on!

Live a little, little brother; this world ain't

gonna wait for you, Hugh,

and neither will I.

Don't you understand I'm going places?

I'm getting out of London,

getting out of England,

and don't you understand that there's so much more?

Paris, New York, Milan,

I could do it!


We used to be


do you remember?

Hogwarts changed that, baby brother,

because it

|opened my eyes|

and there's a whole wide world out there,


and it's so bright!

They're more colours than


and maybe our family don't see that,

but I do,

and I want to reach it.

I think I could.


You're some kind of twisted Cinderella,

but don't you understand,

you don't need anyone to save you!

You can be your own prince!

Break out of your own tower!

You can do it.

I know you, Hugh,

more than anyone else,

and you're hiding, baby brother,

just like Daddy taught you.

But break out of your shell, and there's a whole world

just out there,

because, I don't know if you realise,

but your shell isn't transparent,

so how could you know?


You need to grow out of your books,


'cause they aren't going to save you.

What did mum say once?

"Books. And cleverness!

There are more important things."

Pay attention, Hugh,

'cause this is your most important lesson yet...

There's more to life

than learning,

and yes,

maybe you like your books and your cleverness,

and yes,

maybe once, I did too,

but there's so much more out there,

and I'm going to find it.


Come with me?