Story: Can't Touch This

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It was quite the normal, hectic day in Magnolia's leading Guild.

Alcohol was joyfully passed around, fists connected with faces, and a sheet of the building's rubble would occasionally rain down, due to the nonstop fighting held within the Guild.

And amidst this chaos, two lovers shared a table, talking quietly to each other.

Through the eyes of a stranger, the pair seemed rather ridiculous. However, this couple was nothing short of famous in the Guild of Fairy Tail.

A young, white-haired barmaid leaned across the counter, her chin resting against her palm. She let out a pleasant sigh.

"My, my. I thought those two would never realize their feelings for each other. Love can seriously change people, ne?"

A black haired cat finished his drink, and set down his glass. His amber eyes never left the couple as he responded:

"Yeah. Gajeel seems a lot more at peace with Levy around. There's less destruction with those two together."

The couple bent their heads closer together; blue wavy locks met with a spiky black mane.

Unknown to the Exceed and Barmaid, Gajeel was whispering every word they said into Levy's ear.

A Fire Dragon-Slayer and an Ice-Make Mage -now done with their quarrels- joined the Barmaid and Exceed.

"Oi, what are you guys talking about?" Natsu asked, hopping onto a barstool. His rival followed suit, sitting down as well. Mirajane smiled fondly at the two younger Mages.

"We're talking about Gajeel and Levy. Isn't it nice that they're finally together?"

"Tch. Gajeel's gotten weaker now," Natsu complained loudly.

Gray smirked, glancing back at the couple.

"Yeah, he's totally whipped."

Gajeel, who was still whispering what they were saying, froze.

Standing up, he turned to glare at the two.

"Hell no! I'm not whipped. Let me prove it to you right now! Fight me, Salamander!"

Natsu grinned brightly, the aura around him already ablaze with fire.

"YOSH! It's been a while!"

"I'm all fired up!"


Gajeel was just about to attack, when a sharp tug at his shirt made him glance over his shoulder.

The petite Levy McGarden stood behind him, her hands on her wide hips and her cheeks puffed out.

"Gajeel! You said that we're going to spend time together! Are you seriously going to just leave?"

Behind him, Gray and Natsu simultaneously made the sound of a whiplash.

Gajeel glared at the two, and then stared helplessly into the deep, heartbroken hazel eyes that stared right back. She slowly went up onto her tip toes, and tilted her head upwards.

"Please," she breathed, wrapping her tiny fingers around his tunic.

"Yeah, Levy's definitely the one in charge of their relationship," Lucy Heartfilia muttered smugly to no one in particular.

Jet and Droy, Levy's teammates, heard this and cheered.

"Yay, Levy! That's our girl!"

Realizing that they had caught the attention of the entire Guild, Gajeel snapped out of his trance.

"Fuck no! I am NOT whipped!"

Levy felt a little bit of sympathy for her man; he was quite prideful of his tough reputation, and now he was in a situation where that reputation was being torn to shreds.

"I don't think Gajeel's whipped," Cana slurred, momentarily lowering the barrel of alcohol from her lips.

Levy breathed a sigh of relief, as Gajeel's hunched shoulders lowered an inch.

Oh, Cana, thank you...

"In fact, I think that Levy is entirely dependant on him!" Cana finished.

"You intoxicated no-gooder! You better sleep with one eye open..." Levy thought to herself darkly.

Instead, Levy opted for an outraged face. When she opened her mouth, her voice was squeaky and shrill.

"What?! NO I'm not! I'm independent!"

"Well, Gajeel never let you wear a bathing suit to that pool party we had a couple of weeks ago...And you didn't say a word," Lucy mused aloud.

"Lu-chan!" Levy gave her best friend a hurt look. "Whose side are you on? And I didn't wear a bathing suit so he would actually stop sulking and come to the party. And why didn't you want me to wear a bathing suit, anyways?!" she demanded, turning to face her boyfriend.

Gajeel laughed, and condescendingly patted her head.

"Because you're mine, Shrimp. I don't want any other guy seeing what's mine."

"See!" Cana declares triumphantly. "Levy's the one that's whipped!"

"I still think that it's Gajeel," someone called out in the Guild.

"Who said that?!" Gajeel snapped, glaring at the many faces.

"Alright, mina (everyone)!" Mirajane called, drawing everyone's attention to her. "It's clear that we are all curious about who holds the pants in this relationship."

Gajeel tugged on the hem of Levy's dress, making her squeak.

"It's obvious that it's me!" he called out to no one in particular.

"So," she continued on, steadily ignoring Gajeel. "I propose that we make a challenge!"

THAT certainly caught everyone's attention. Guildmates excitedly murmured to one another, as Levy and Gajeel exchanged blank faces.

"What's the challenge, Mira-nee?" Lisanna asked, looking intrigued.

"They will be deprived of physicality in their relationship. No hugging, handholding-"

"-Ha! I hate that corny shit anyways!" Gajeel laughed.

"No kissing and no...Horizontal tangos," Mirajane finished with a smirk. "No touching...AT ALL! The first one to cave in proves that they're the submissive in this relationship."

"No...Sex?" Gajeel echoed, blanching.

Levy too could not seem to wrap her mind around that. She lived for the days and nights where Gajeel would kiss her, play with her hair, run his rough fingers down her soft, bare skin...

Abruptly, she shook her head.

"That's submissive thinking, Levy!" she scolded herself.

Noticing Gajeel's star-struck face, she smirked, that innocent face back.

"How about we make this a little more...interesting?" Levy asked softly. However, everyone seemed to hear her. Gajeel's ears perked up and he nodded for her to continue.

"If I win this have to dress in Lucy's Bunny outfit for one whole day and her sexy Cat outfit the next. Also, you'll have to walk through the Guild and the streets of Magnolia looking like that."

Levy crossed her arms over her chest, a triumphant look on her face.

"Take THAT, you condescending jerk!"

Her nakama were howling with laughter at the image of Gajeel in stilettos and a sultry cosplay outfit. Some, like Natsu and Gray, looked like they were moments away from throwing up.

Gajeel narrowed his eyes, as Levy beamed with utter confidence.

"Okay...but if I win, you'll have to spend a whole week at my place. Seven days," he grinned wolfishly, making her shudder, "and seven nights."

Their nakama's laughter instantly turned into wolf whistles and catcalls. Lucy's face was as bright as Erza's red hair. The strongest female in Fairy Tail, for the matter, looked as if she was about to have a seizure.

Gajeel's crimson eyes glinted deviously as he leaned down, his lips brushing against Levy's ear, so no one else would hear what he had to say except her. What he said next had her blushing from head to toe.

"And if you think Bunny girl's cosplay clothes are bad, you have another thing coming to ya if I win, Shorty. Gihihi."

Stepping back hastily, Levy stuck her arm out.

"T-to a fair and honest challenge," she all but managed to say.

Gajeel grasped her tiny hand in his large one, giving it a firm squeeze.

"Who says I'm going to play fair, Levy?" He grinned a razor sharp smile at her.

Oh boy...

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