Levy gots SEW angry!

She jumped off Gajeel and run away. Y HE B SEW MEAN?! :(

Ohmagawd I can't believe he did that! She cried.

Levy skipped happily down the streets of Fiore being all happy and whatever.

She goes to the bookstore since Levy likes books.

The bluenette walks into the store and gasps because Gajeel was there!

"Oh my gosh, like what are you doing here?" she yelled really loud.

Gajeel doesn't like libraries! That's sew silly. Soooooooo, like why is he there?

Levy blushed when she remembered the last time she saw Gajeel...that was sew evil!

"I can't stay away from you, I want you NOW, Levy!" Gajeel said in a very sexy voice.

"Ohmygawd, you're like so so hot, but we can't touch! It is like forbidden!"

Levy started crying, but blushed when Gajeel walked up to her.

"Why is he sew hot?!"

Levy blushed when she found out she said that outloud! Embarrassing, much?!

Gajeel looked deep into her eyes. It was sew sexy.

"You're like my girlfriend and I like love you and we are like meant for each other."

"Ohmygawd, that is like sew deep!" Levy squealed. She started blushing.

It started raining and the water soaked Levy's white shirt.

"Kyaa!" It made Levy's shirt like see through! OMG!

Levy blushed when Gajeel was staring at her chest.

...But she like it! Mwhahahaha!

Gajeel was being all chivalrous and shit, so he took off his tunic and put it on Levy. Levy blushed.

"That is like so romantic!" she cheered.

"Okay, let's just like get this whole bet over with, Kay?"

"Kay Kay!" Gajeel chirped happily.

Just when someone was about to touch someone else, Natsu came up and threw a fireball at Gajeel's head.

"HAHAHAHAHA, I hit you but you can't touch me!" Natsu laughed evilly.

"Like oh my god! I can't touch LEVY! But I can touch YOU!"

"Eww, that is like sew gay!" Natsu complained. He like threw another fireball at Gajeel.

"Uhhmm Uhmm Uhmm, how can like Natsu throw a fireball in the rain?" Levy asked, all confused and stuff.

Natsu began to cry.


Natsu ran away, crying to Lucy.

Levy and Gajeel looked at each other and it was so deep since Levy had Hazel eyes and Gajeel had red eyes and they were so different and it was like ying and yang and it was like seeew romantic!

Levy and Gajeel skipped down the street under the sunset and it was all cute and fluffy and sexy and stuff.






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