CHapter 6

NCIS HQ 1600 hrs.

Danny had gone down to Abby's lab so Gibbs could compile all the evidence. Thats at least what Danny thought. Gibbs didn't want to tell Danny that he was his uncle.

Gibbs was in the corner beside the elevator trying to get the stress off of him. Dinozzo finally got up to talk to him.

"Ok boss whats up" Dinozzo asked.

"Well how do I put this..Do you remember my sister." Gibbs asked.

"Sister, boss you don't have a sister." Dinnozo said.

Gibb pulled his wallet out and showed a picture of his wedding. beside his wife was a woman with orange hair.

"Her name is Maddie Fenton." Gibbs said.

"So?" dinnozzo asked.

"Danny's real last name is Fenton." Gibbs informed.

"Ok last name's are same." Dinnozzo puzzled together.

"Last time I went to see Maddie she had a 4-year-old named jasmine and a 2 year ol named Danny."Gibbs said.

"So...your nepthew is a Halfa.''

Gibbs nodded his head.

"Well why didn't you tell Danny ." dinnozzo asked.

"WHY...why...would you tell an almost stranger that is half ghost that your his uncle.

"ummmmm'dinnozo hummed.

Gibbs slapped the back of dinnozzo's head.

"Ok no...and are you going to do this to me when I'm getting married in like 15 years.''


Meanwhile down stairs...

"So your running the prints right now?" Danny asked.

"Yep any minute we will have at least one match." Abby answered.

"So why are you running samples of my blood?" Danny asked.

"ugghhh..."Abby hummed.

"You want to learn about ghost and I'm a half ghost. Is that it." Danny asked.

"Ummmm...sorry." Abby answered."Also I'm trying to find any engravings on the bullet."

Abbey put her eyes in a magnifying system.

Danny wasn't as uneasy as he was when he came in. He was sort of enjoying this invesigation. Still he wanted the culpret caught. But the gadgets Abby was using were cool to him.

"Yeh there it is." Abby said.

"Theres what." Danny asked.

"I got a making on here. Danny write this down."Abbby said.

Danny grabbed a sheet of paper.

"Gem,521,Winscoinsin."Abbey said.

"Got it, wait I know where the Gem winscoinsin gun factor is." Danny said.

''Where is it then." Abbey asked pulling her head away from the machine.

"In my hometown." Danny answered.

Ok that's that. I know short chapter but we are piecing together the evidence. Please comment. Oh any wrestling fans that read this on 10/3/12 watch wwe Main Event on the ion channel tonight.