Actions speak louder than words...

...or five times people tried to work out and speculated upon Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff's relationship and the one time they found out the truth.

I know this type of story has been done a million times before but I wanted to have a go. I hope you enjoy it!

Dr Bruce Banner

It is when he is subconsciously checking over his new team mates for any signs of injury, as they all sat around a large table, piled up with food at the Shawarma restaurant Tony had dragged them to, that he first noticed the interactions between the two master assassins sitting opposite him. To be quite fair, he had not really been introduced to Agent Barton properly, having been in his hulk form during the battle and away from the helicarrier when the archer was removed from Loki's mind control, so did not know him that well. They had only exchanged a quick hello as Tony ushered them into the restaurant which seemed to be relatively unscathed after the battle.

Now he had noticed the interactions between Agents Romanoff and Barton, he couldn't stop, everyone else was tucking to their food with gusto, but they were just sitting there staring at each other, like they were having some form of silent conversation. He could already see the differences between the Russian Agent who had caught up with him in India and the woman picking at her food in front of him. It wasn't that she was now covered in various cuts and looking battle weary, her complete demeanor had changed. It no longer looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders and there was a spark in her once dull green eyes, something the Doctor assumed to be attributed to the fact that she now had her partner back by her side.

When the archer had been under the Norse God's mind control, Agent Romanoff had not really spoken much about her compromised partner, but Bruce could tell from the way that they interacted, that they were more than just work partners. He was a doctor and living and working in foreign countries, where he did not speak the language, meant that he had become quite good a reading people's body language and the interactions between the hinted that there was something deeper.

The way the red head had patted the seat she sat on so Barton could rest his leg on it and produced a book, seemingly out of nowhere for the archer to read. The way that their gaze on each other and lingered just slightly longer than normal when their hands had touched as she passed him the salt and instead of batting his hand away, as she would've undoubtedly done if it had been another member of the team, as he reached over to pinch some of her food, she just pushed her plate closer to him.

As if noticing the doctor's gaze upon her, Natasha looked up at Bruce and gave him one of her trademark glares before turning her attention back to her partner and giving his leg a comforting squeeze. The doctor, in return, just gave her a sheepish smile, before returning his attention to his food and trying to stop the sleepy captain America falling into his. He knew that whilst he was the first to notice the special relationship between the Black Widow and Hawkeye, he wouldn't be the last.