Actions speak louder than words...

...or five times people tried to work out and speculated upon Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff's relationship and the one time they found out the truth.

I really hope you enjoy this chapter. Thanks to everyone who has been reading this little story of mine. I only started it to try and get through the huge writer's block I was having for my other stories. This chapter was only going to be half this length, but then I thought, it would be great to see the rest of the team's reactions.

Thank you all once again! :)

Clint and Natasha

Natasha and Clint both remembered their mission in Budapest differently.

She remembered it as a supposedly simple mission, which went horribly wrong. She remembered it as the place where Clint was knocked out early on in the fight, leaving her to try and defend their position without getting them both killed and she also remembered it as the place where Clint, in a concussed state, had suddenly proposed to her.

Clint on the other hand did not really remember much of the mission in Budapest, having been knocked out for most of the mission. But what he did remember was that seeing Natasha's face, framed by her distinctive blood red hair, as he came back around, had given him that final push to propose to her, something he had been trying to do for months.

'I think we should get married' he whispered


'I think we should get married' he reiterated, though this time a bit louder, whilst reaching up to grab Natasha's outstretched helping hand and pulling himself to his feet.

'How hard did they hit you?' was Natasha's response as both assassins silently checked each other over for injuries.

'Tash, I'm being serious, I want you to be my wife' Clint stated looking at Natasha. The fierce Russian, who by the looks of it, had managed to take out all the drug lord's men, was now covered in a mixture of dirt and blood. In Clint's mind she had never looked so beautiful – or sexy, as she stood in front of him, with her hands on her hips, trying to work out if he was being serious, or just playing with her

'But why?'

'Because I love you, silly' Clint replies walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her tightly and pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

'Clint, we still haven't completed the mission' Natasha said, trying to half heartedly push her partner away, with little success.

'So will you marry me Tash?' Clint asked 'I have a ring and everything... it's just back at headquarters-'

Clint was shut up by the fact that Natasha had uncharacteristically launched herself at him, her lips crashing against his and had pulled him into deep passionate kiss.

'Is that a yes then?'

'Perhaps' Natasha replied coyly, a big smile appearing on her face

'So the mission' Clint said, straightening himself out and trying to get back into the zone

'Apparently they knew we were coming, so the guy we are after is not actually here'

'Do you know where he is?'

'Vienna' Natasha replied with great certainty

'And you know this because?'

Natasha gave her partner-now-fiancé a look which clearly said are you questioning me? 'It turns out that when a mysterious red haired woman has managed to kill the rest if your team and she's standing in front of you holding a knife, you tell her everything she wants to know' she commented dryly

'So how quickly can S.H.I.E.L.D get us the Vienna?' Clint asked

'Clint, they scrambled our communications as soon as we entered the factory. I tried to call for back up when you were first knocked out, but I could not get through'

'So we're on our own?'


'Well I guess it makes everything a little more interesting'

After that the rest of the mission was a bit of a blur to both of them. Somehow, after stealing a car and an old road map off some poor unsuspecting gentleman who fell for Natasha's charms, they ended up getting married in a tiny village church, in the dead of night, after they had stopped to pick up supplies for the long journey. The village was near the Austro-Hungarian border and the light coming from the tiny ancient church had intrigued both of them. Curious, they had approached the church, to find the lone priest finishing the vespers mass and in the spur of the moment, they were alone, standing outside in the rain and the candlelit church looked so inviting, Natasha had asked the priest, in fluent Hungarian, to marry them.

When Clint had asked her about it later, as they climbed back into the car, now armed with various presents from the priest, the new Mrs Barton had turned to her husband and had simply stated 'There was no point waiting'

Two days later, they were in an abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of the Austria Capital, waiting to be picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D, having finally taken out the drug lord and fixing their communication devices, both vowing to never let anyone know what really happened in Budapest. It was their little secret.

Steve, Bruce, Thor and Tony all looked from the pancakes Pepper had made them for breakfast at the odd thumping noise which was coming from up stairs. A couple a seconds later, their questions were answered and Tony's mind was removed from the gutter, by the sight of Agent Clint Barton dragging a large, obviously heavy suitcase, down the stairs.

'Clint, I told you to be careful with it' came the voice belonging to an irate Russian, shouting down the stairs.

'You realise Tash we're only going away for a couple of days, not a month' Clint replied, completely oblivious to the fact that the rest of the Avengers, plus Pepper, were listening in on the exchange with great interest. 'I mean, what on earth have you got in here?' he asked 'it weighs a ton!'

'Well I like to be prepared for every eventuality' his partner replied as she sauntered down the stairs.

'Tash, we're going away on holiday, not on a mission'

'Barton, do I have to remind you about what happened the last time we went on something as innocent as a holiday. Does diffusing a bomb in Sharm el Sheikh, ring any bells?'

Clint's response was cut off by the interjection belonging to one of his curious teammates.

'You're going on holiday?' Tony asked incredulously, having previously been under the impression that all the two assassins was work

'Yes' Natasha replied

'Not for a mission?'


'You're actually going to have a break'

'Yes Stark, I believe that is the definition of a holiday' Natasha replied sarcastically, in no mood to deal with an annoying Tony Stark. 'Clint and I have a couple of days off work, so we thought we would go away for a bit, get out of the city'

'But you're master assassins, you just don't go on holiday because you have a couple of days off, you head down to the training room to practise, why go away now?'

Clint looked at Natasha.

Natasha looked at Clint.

Clint raised an eyebrow

Natasha pursed her lips tightly

Clint tilted his head slightly to one side

Natasha scrunched up her nose

Clint shrugged

Natasha brushed a piece of hair away from her face

Clint shrugged again

After a seconds pause, Natasha nodded slowly.

Clint smiled, before reaching out to take Natasha's hand in his and giving it a squeeze. He then, to the amazement of everyone who had been watching the silent conversation, bent down and pressed a kiss to Natasha's cheek.

'Because, Stark, it's our wedding anniversary' Clint explained calmly.

The was a moments silence, before there was an eruption of noise filling the kitchen.

'Congratulations, you two!' Pepper exclaimed, running around from behind the counter to wrap the two assassins in a big hug.

'Yes, many blessings on your marriage, fellow warriors' Thor stated standing up. Thankfully, however, much to Clint and Natasha's relief, he refrained from giving them one of his bone crushing bear hugs.

'So how long have you two been married?' Bruce asked

'Three years' Natasha replied, with a wistful smile.

'Does anyone else know?' Steve asked the couple, thinking that S.H.I.E.L.D might have some rule against relationships between agents.

'No, just you'

'Surely Fury knows, the guy seems to have eyes and ears everywhere

'If he does, he has not made it known to us' Clint answered. 'I think as long as our relationship never affects our work, then he won't bring it up'

'Ha! I knew it!'

All eyes turned to the one member of the team, who had, up until this sudden exclamation, been silent.

'I knew you two were together!'

'No Stark, you thought we were sleeping together' Natasha replied with a glare

'Same difference' the billionaire said, his customary smirk plastered onto his face.

'We must go; we've got a plane to catch' Clint said, holding onto his wife's hand tightly and preventing her from attacking Tony Stark.

'Where are you going?' Steve asked, curious to know where assassins went on holiday

Clint and Natasha just looked at each other with a smile.