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Mt. Justice

It was a dark and stormy night in Happy Harbor. Just kidding! It was actually a bright and sunny afternoon. Everyone was in Mt. Justice. Even Roy was there. Curtesy of a certain boy wonder's puppy dog eyes. Yup, if someone saw Robin's puppy dog eyes, their will would crumble in a matter of seconds.

They were all currently training in hand to hand combat. Right now it was Wally vs Robin. And frankly Wally wasn't doing so well. "Ugh!" said Wally as he was knocked to the ground. Robin was currently cackling at his best friends failure.

"Why do I always lose to you," said Wally, "are you cheating, cause if you are then this doesn't count." Robin cackled,"No, Kf I didn't cheat, it's called having skill, which is something you lack."

"I have skill!" Kid flash shouted trying to hide his embarrasment. "You keep telling yourself that Baywatch." Artemis said as she walked into the room. Wally looked indignantly at her.

"Shut it arrow breath." Robin looked at him weirdly. "Really Wally, arrow breath, is that the best you could come up with?" Wally, knowing he would probably never win an argument withe him just said,"Shut it shortie."

Robin looked at him indignantly,"I'm not Short! I'm compacted awesomeness!" Wally snorted,"Keep telling yourself that Boy Blunder." Robin being the very mature person he was stuck his tongue out at him.

Roy, who had been watching them the whole time just shook his head at his little brother's antics.

Wally, who decided to let the argument slide said,"I'm hungry!" Robin snorted,"Dude ,your always hungry." "You know I have a high metabolism!" Robin, who was already heading towards the kitchen just waved a hand at Wally and said,"Yeah, sure, whatever you say Wally."

Wally just stuck his tongue out at him and super speeded after his so called best friend.

Meanwhile In the kitchen Conner was currently glaring at The Man of Steel as said man was talking with Black Canary, Red Tornado, and Batman. Superman, Black Canary and Batman were arguing while Red tornado was observing.

"The boy needs you!" Black canary shouted at Superman. They we're arguing about his lack of hospitality to his clone. "Agreed," replied Batman," he may be a clone but he is still a person. The boy needs his father to be there for him."

"No," the kryptonian jerk face said,"he doesn't need me he needs you and Canary. And I'm not his Father!" he said while leaving.

Black Canary sighed and walked over to Conner. "Don't worry, he'll come around eventually." Conner looked at her sadly. "I doubt it, he doesn't even want to be around me." and with that he walked away.

While that argument had taken place the three brothers had been at the doorway. They were pretty mad.

"I can't believe Superman!" said Wally. Robin nodded in agreement,"he's being a jerk to Conner. He is so NOT whelmed."

Roy who was seething at Superman. I mean how could be such a jerk. It wasn't Conner's fault that he was his clone. Suddenly he had an idea. A total awesome idea that would get superman to pay for rejecting Conner. A plan that if played right could turn out fantastically. A plan that might get them arrested.

"You guys thinking what I'm thinking?" said Roy.

Slowly the three boys looked at each other and grinned evily. And thus started the plan to get revenge on superman.

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