A/N: and here is the fourth chapter. After this chapter there will be a epilogue.

This final part Roy is in charge of. This is how his three part plan went.

1. Humiliate him at work.

2. Humiliate him at home

And the final part that is being prepared now.

3. Humiliate him while he is a hero.

Roy did careful planing, you know, to make sure that he, Wally, and Dick didn't get arrested. Though... Even if they did it would've been totally worth it. After all the saying is Revenge is a dish best served cold. They also say the same thing about ice cream, but yeah you get the idea.

He of course didn't have to ask permission to go anywhere like Wally and Dick had cause he was just that awesome. Then again that might have something to do with the fact that he doesn't live will Ollie any mare, but whatever.

Any way he got planning. Now I'm not going to tell you what exactly he did yet, but I will tell you that he got Chesire to help with this. Yeah, not the smartest idea to go crushing on an assassin but hey, you like who you like. He was a legal adult, he could do what he wants. Except, you know, kill someone, but that's a different story.

Well he got Cheshire to pull some strings. Turns out Lex owed her a favor and wasn't allowed to go back on it so he was in the prank to. Let's just say he lent us some kryptonite. (surprisingly Lex didn't mind, probably because it would humiliate superman.)

Oh yeah this was so going to be good!

Llllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiii iiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee eeeee!

Superman was having the worst week ever! First someone changes his story and replaced it. Then someone redecorated his office. And After that someone pranked him at home! He still had some feathers and glitter on him. He was STILL blue and couldn't get the glue off his skin. It was as tough as batman! (and he knew that from experience.)

What was next?

Was he going to go to the bathroom only to discover that he was glued to it? Was he going to wake up only to see some freaky clown? Hair removal in his shampoo? He hated to think of the possibilities.

"HELP!" he heard an old lady lady cry.

He flew as fast as he can to the old lady. When he saw her he was confused. She was just standing there looking perfectly fine. "Um.." he said,"Are you okay?" She looked at him,"no" and sprayed something in his eyes.

"Ahhhhh, it BURNS!" it really did burn. "What did you spray at me?"

Meanwhile in the bushes

The boys were laughing very hard. "I can't believe that you paid an old lady to pepper spray him" said Wally. "It was really easy. It has bits of kryptonite on the pepper spay." they watched as the old lady whacked her cane at superman repeatedly. One of the hits did not go in a good place if you catch my drift.

"I can see the headlines now," said robin while smirking," superman gets beat up by old lady. This is so sweet!" "he so deserved this."

And back to superman

"ow, ow, ow, Will You PLEASE stop hitting me." Superman was Getting annoyed by this old lady. He wanted to hit her so badly but alas she was just an old lady.

"You except the poor boy" she kept on saying.

Superman was very close to punching her... WAIT! Backup. Did she say what He thought she said.

He looked up to the sky and yelled,"FINE, WHO EVER DID THIS WINS. I'LL ACCEPT SUPERBOY!" people looked at him liked he lost his mind, he didn't care. If talking to superboy is what it was going to take for this torture to end then he was going to do it.

Back in the bushes

The boys were doing a happy dance. "Finally! We did it!" Wally cheered. "it's about time" said robin.

The old lady walked to them "You make sure he accepts the poor boy." she was about to turn around but then remembered something."That will be one bottle of bat glue."

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