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"ok Ms. Rank two if you really want to help then lets have a challenge?"kei said

" DON'T CALL ME THAT NAME!..wait the sec..did you just challenge me?" hikari said with a little bit sunned in her voice

"Well that's something rare" Ryuu commented

"Kei YOU IDIOT!... what are you planning to my hikari-chan!" akira exclaimed

"Let him akira I can take any challenge anytime especially if its from Takishima…so whats the challenge?..." Hikari said


"Are you sure you want to do it 2?...maybe you can't handle it" Kei said

"Hmm...it is rare for Kei giving challenges to you hikari-chan…supposedly you are the one giving them..this maybe one tough challenge hikari" Jun commented

"You BAKA!...don't you make my hikari stress too much!" Akira exclaimed

"Hmmph! Don't worry Takishima I'm not backing out to any challenges you gave me" Hikari said

"Ok if you say so" Kei said with a smirk

"So what's you're challenge?" Hikari asked

"Hmm..before that let me make you first a deal" Kei said

"A DEAL!... what the –KEI what are you planning to do!" Akira exclaimed

"What kind of deal?" Hikari asked

"Well you said you want to help in the preparations for this prom right." Kei said

"Yes?" Hikari said

"Well I'd let you do that If only you win in my challenge"Kei said

"And what if I don't?"Hikari asked

"Well then Ms Rank2 you'll get the side of my deal" Kei said

"And what is that?" Hikari asked

"Be. My. Date. For. The. Prom"Kei said

And with that last statement Kei said..Everyone in the greenhouse look at him..because they know Kei's feelings for hikari..

"WHAAAAAT!" Hikari exclaimed

"That's the side of my deal Ms .Rank 2..if you lose you'll be my date..so you still up for my challenge?" Kei asked

"I don't know what takishima is thinking right now…saying that his side of deal is being his date on the prom…how in the world could he say that!...maybe he is really provoking me ..like he will try to stop me so that I really can't help him in the preparations…Is he really testing me on how far will I go?"Hikari thought

"Hmm I wonder if you will still continue this challenge Hikari " Kei thought

"Uggh! why are you doing this takishima..and what the heck is this feeling?..like it's telling me youre telling me something that I don't understand!"Hikari thought

While hikari is still thinking hard on what she will do..The other SA members are also in deep thought after what Kei said…

"I hope kei-kun's feeling one day will reach hikari-chan" Jun thought

"Hmm Kei is so sly!...but still I pity him because hikari is so blind to his feelings..even if he annoys me…there's still a part of me wanting him to win this challenge"Akira thought

It was silent for a moment..just then kei just stood up then walk towards the door..

"Hey! Where are you going Takishima?"Hikari asked

"Hmm..the silence you're giving me..I'm guessing you're not gonna do it right?" Kei said

"Uhhhh.." hikari stuttered

Everyone looked at hikari….

"So hikari what's your decision?" Ryuu asked

"Are you gonna do it hikari-chan?" Megumi wrote on her board

"Of course!..I will, because I don't back down to any challenge" Hikari said

"She really wants to di it..even if the consequence is being my date if she lose…hehehehe you never fail to surprise me hikari" Kei thought

"I don't know what made me do this…but I just hope I made the right decision"Hikari thought "So takishima give me your challenge!" Hikari said

What will be takishima's challenge?...will hikari win it?..

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