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The team gave the profile and then the lead detective outlined the undercover operation at the club. "Okay everyone but Reid and Donaldson will be wired up to receive and send audio. The two of them will be able to send only. So you get in trouble we can still hear you. Also Detective Phelps and I will be shadowing the two of you from a distance." The meeting broke up and Hotch made his way over to Detective Stephan.

"Detective," Hotch caught up to the man as he was returning to his office. "I need to ask this seeing that my team with be working with yours in the club and I am concerned for their safety." The unit chief paused trying to find a way to diplomatically broach the subject. "Detective Phelps …"

Stephan nodded and motioned Hotch to join him in his office. He closed the door behind them. "I know. You want to ask why someone as homophobic as Phelps is on a case like this. Honestly, I didn't want him on this assignment. He actually volunteered and I was about to reject him when the Chief stepped in. He said it might be a good opportunity for Phelps to adjust his attitude. In my opinion, he's only gotten worse the longer this has gone on but I've got to put up with him until the case is over. I'm giving him a lot of leeway because his mother just died a couple of months ago. He's been irritable and angry since then."

Hotch nodded and left the detective's office. Something wasn't sitting right with him so he went back in the conference room to talk to Garcia. "Hey bossman, I've only been able to get a hold of one youth centre so far. They only had a handwritten sign in sheet on file so they faxed it to me. I'm running the names now; there are over a hundred volunteers and vendors so it may take a while."

"That's great Garcia, do you think you can look something else up for me?"

"Sure! Do you doubt my awesome multi-tasking abilities? What do you need?"

"Can you discreetly run a background check on Detective Phelps? I'm not too happy about sending Reid in there with him as backup."

"Oh, I know! Is he some sort of nasty grumpy pants or what?" She started typing away like mad. She pulled up the man's record for Hotch to see. "Well there's not much here, he's had a few reprimands for his attitude and excessive force, no surprise there. Lives alone, not married, only child, his parents are divorced, his mom died a couple months ago."

"Does he have any ties to any anti-gay groups or organisations?"

"Not that I can find, unless the Beer and Bullets Bowling Team he's on has some sort of hate crime agenda." Seeing nothing else untoward Hotch sighed and let Garcia get back to her research. Hopefully everything went well tonight and they could put this assignment behind them quickly.

They spent the day trying to run down leads with the victims of the previous assaults. No one was able to identify their attacker beyond tall with dark hair and that he spoke to them the entire time. A few of them mentioned that the voice was slightly familiar. The parents of a few of the kids refused to let them talk to them. Later that evening the team and the detectives on the case gathered in the conference room to go over last minute details and coordinate their positions. The two youngest went to the men's room to change while Garcia tested the audio on everyone's wires.

A few moments later, Donaldson and Reid joined the rest of the team in the conference room. Prentiss grinned, "Damn, I feel like I'm violating the law just looking at the two of you." The detective had gone all emo and dressed in black skinny pants, a flowing white dress shirt and black vest. He had on black eyeliner, lipstick and nail polish and sort of reminded her of one of the members of the band Panic! at the Disco. Reid on the other hand, had gone full flame. He had on a tight pink t-shirt that hugged his body and had the word "Boys" emblazoned across it along with designer jeans that hung indecently low on his hips and a rainbow belt. His hair was teased with glitter gel and he also had a bit of eyeliner on as well. Neither of them looked a day past fifteen.

Reid heard a shutter click and his eyes grew wide as he saw Garcia slip away, phone in hand. He groaned, "That better not be going on the internet somewhere." Hotch's mouth twitched a second later as he felt his phone vibrate. He had to suppress a smirk as he realised the upside to having Garcia know about their relationship.

"Okay, the bouncer at the entrance has been told to let the two of you pass. You are still going to show your IDs and he is going to take more than a moment to examine them just in case our suspect is watching." Detective Stephan paused. "Most of the team will go in first to take up positions. After Phelps and I go in, Donaldson and Reid will follow then the last pair of agents will bring up the rear." They broke into groups and headed towards the SUVs. At the club everyone took up positions and they waited.

A couple hours into the operation Garcia cut into the feed. "Hey guys, I know it's late but I was able to get a hold of another centre's coordinator and she was nice enough to go to their office after hours and send me list of their volunteers. Only one name that fits all our criteria cross references with the list I got this afternoon. Billy Camden was arrested for assault on a gay man a year ago. He served six months in prison before being released on parole. His last known address was with his mother. She died two months ago and the house has already been sold."

"That must have been the stressor. Garcia can you send a current picture to everyone's phone?"

"I'm doing that now. Let me see if I can find any old addresses or acquaintances that might help us out finding him. Wait … his mom just died … that's it!" The unit chief heard her typing furiously and suddenly she gasped. "Oh my God! Hotch, the man is detective Phelps half brother. Their mother divorced their father before he was born and that's why they don't have the same name! I can't believe I didn't catch that!"

"Shit!" Everyone heard Morgan curse over the feed. "I just lost Reid and I think his wire's cut out cause I'm not hearing anything from him. Anyone else got something?" From his position on the floor Morgan watched in amazement as Hotch jumped to his feet and raced across the club. He didn't think he had ever seen the man move that fast in his life. Reid's last known position was near the restrooms where a dark alcove made a perfect spot for their UnSub to strike.

They heard Stephan over the line, "Phelps! Where the hell are you? Do you have him?" The rest of the team began moving towards the floor trying to find their missing team mate. A few of the club customers screamed as the agents and police drew their weapons.

Hotch searched the dark corridor leading to the bathrooms. Not seeing Reid, he opened the door just as a muffled shout issued from one of the stalls. Wrenching the door open he ducked as the UnSub tried to punch him as he was holding Reid up against the wall. The younger profiler was flailing wildly, trying to break the man's grip on his throat. Sensing Hotch was the more imminent threat; Camden shoved the young agent towards the tile wall in the back of the stall and attacked the unit chief head on. Morgan arrived on the scene just as the older man delivered a blow to the man's head that knocked him to the ground. "Morgan, cuff him! I have to see if Reid's okay."

Aaron knelt down by the young man who was still crumpled in between the toilet and the wall clutching his head. "Spencer, are you okay?"

The young doctor groaned, "Yeah, I just hit my head when he shoved me against the wall." Reid let the older man help him up from the floor. "Detective Phelps was right behind me when I came in and I knew something was up the moment he abandoned me in here."

Camden was sitting dully on the ground listening to Morgan read him his rights. After he finished the man spoke up, "Where's my brother? He said there wouldn't be any cops around. Where is he?"

The rest of the team and the other detectives had arrived by now and Reid stood in front of the man who had attacked him. "Did Detective Phelps help you do this?"

"No, he just kept the cops away. He hates me but he's still my brother. He said 'just don't get caught.' He's going to be so pissed off at me."

Morgan shook his head, "That is the least of your worries." He hauled the man off the floor and prodded him towards two uniforms. They escorted him out and the entire group followed them onto the now cleared dance floor.

There was a disturbance at the other end of the club. The team and the two detectives walked over to find Detective Phelps on the floor. Several of the club's patrons were sitting on him holding him down and the man was struggling and screaming at them vehemently, "Get these fucking homos off me! One of you fucking faggots groped me! I'm going arrest every single one of you for sexual harassment! And I'm going fucking arrest whoever threw that fucking fairy drink at me!"

Detective Stephan asked, "What is going on here?"

One of the customers spoke up, "Well, we saw him running away when the screaming started so we thought he might be the bad guy. We didn't want him to get away again. This was the only way we could restrain him cause he knocked down Jimmy over there." One of the bouncers was leaning against the wall with an ice pack to his head. The man rolled his eyes dramatically, "And no one 'threw' a drink at him, he knocked over a tray of Shirley Temples during the scuffle."

The lead detective sighed, "Well let him up, we'll take it from here." The men jumped off of the older man quickly and scurried behind the FBI agents using them as a shield. "Donaldson, read the detective his rights."

"What? Are you serious? You need to arrest these deviants for assaulting a police officer!" The man sputtered. At that moment Reid spied one of the troughs of glitter hanging above the man. He looked down to see the customer who had spoken looking at him and the man followed his gaze upward. Reid grinned and the man nodded. Donaldson had just finished cuffing the older detective and stepped away when the club patron pushed the button to drop the glitter. Since the blowers weren't on, the entire contents of the bucket came down on the man instead of scattering into the club. The sticky drinks covering him only caused the glitter to cling like a second skin. Phelps went nuts and started screaming obscenities.

Everyone struggled to stifle their laughter but a couple of people in the back were heard giggling uncontrollably. Detective Stephan just shook his head, "For God's sake Phelps! It'll wash off. Donaldson, take him away before I lose my patience." The younger detective and another officer dragged the man out the door. The lead detective turned to the BAU members. "Thanks for all your help. I never would have thought he would obstruct an investigation like that. In all my years working with him, no matter how insufferable he's been it still seems so unlikely."

Emily piped up, "Well family makes you do strange things." They walked out of the club and made their way back to the station.

The group was surprised and amused when Hotch sat in the back with Reid and fussed over him. "Are you sure you're okay? That is a pretty nasty bump on your head and it looks like you're going to have some bruising around your neck where he grabbed you."

They heard the younger profiler whine, "Aaron, I'm fine! The swelling is already going down; it's nothing that an icepack and a couple of ibuprofen can't handle."

Prentiss chimed in from the seat behind them. "Can somebody get these two away from me? The amount of saccharine PDA going on is making me nauseous." Everyone burst out laughing as they heard Reid grumble about 'people minding their own business.'

At the station they began breaking down the case files and putting them away. Detective Donaldson was telling them that Billy Camden had confessed to the murder and all of the assaults. "Apparently he went to live with Phelps after his mother died. He started working at the youth centres as a volunteer counsellor to stalk his victims and find out where they hung out. That's why the kids remembered his voice, each one of them had a session with him before it happened."

Rossi added, "Being in that homophobic environment caused him to snap. Because he couldn't face his own homosexuality he took it out on kids who were just discovering their own sexual identity." The crew discussed the various details and helped clarify for the detective some of the more psychological aspects of the case before they wrapped everything up.

They finished packing the photos and files away and their unit chief spoke up, "Okay everybody, good work. Now let's all go home and get some rest." The group made their way out but Hotch and Reid hung back for a moment. "Are you tired?" The older man asked him quietly has they lingered by the door.

"No, I think I'm still wired from earlier. Did you have something in mind?" Spencer smiled wickedly, knowing exactly what was in store.

The senior profiler leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Well last night was date night and it was your turn to choose what we did. I think I need to make it up to you. We were interrupted before it could get anywhere."

Reid licked his lips, "I want to pick up from where we left off."

Aaron frowned at him, "Spencer, are you sure? How he attacked you …"

The younger man sighed. Sometimes his lover was a little too protective, but he understood. Because of their history together Aaron had developed an unconscious need to shield him from things that might trigger bad memories. Things that would want to cause him to escape. It usually didn't bleed into both aspects of their lives but this case had unfortunately joined the two. He grinned at the older man in reassurance, "I'm fine. I trust you. I want to do it because it's you." Hotch nodded and they joined the others waiting for them at the SUVs.

Reid tried not to look too eager about going home with Hotch but Rossi couldn't pass up one parting shot, "That glitter must get everywhere, he gonna help you get it all off?" The young genius just stuck his tongue out at the older man who rolled his eyes in response. Seeing that he couldn't get a rise out of the young man he turned to their unit chief, "Make sure he puts that thing to good use."

Morgan studiously ignored the exchange but Rossi and the girls broke out laughing when Hotch turned pink and sputtered, "Dave! Dammit, just go home." The team cheerfully waved bye to each other as they parted for the night.