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2552 – The Covenant war comes to an close with Humanity and the leaders of the Covenant Separatist faction signing a peace treaty. While remnants of the old Covenant order slowly but surly reject the lies told to them by the Prophets and begin to accept humanity was in fact the directly related to the Forerunners.

2553 (January)- The Human race begins to rebuild their home world of Earth while the Covenant Separatist, lead by the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, leave the Sol system to rebuild the civilizations. As well as to hunt down the remaining Covenant loyalist forces that are believed to have gone into hiding after the loss of High Charity and the Battle of earth.

2553(September)- Almost one year after the end of hostilities, a massive fleet of Covenant warships appears over Earth once again, sparking fears of a possible resumption of hostilities. But these fears are put to rest when it is learned that the fleet is commanded by none other than the Arbiter, himself. What is even more surprising is that the large fleet in orbit is in fact, a gift from the Separatist to the Human race. Lord Hood, the supreme leader of the United Nation Space Command, (U.N.S.C.) accepts the fleet and almost immediately, Human scientist and engineers crawl over the vessels in an attempt to reverse engineer the technology on board the vessels.

2559- With plans to rebuild the outer colonies to begin soon, a civilian government is formed and soon set up on Earth for the first time since the beginning of the war. Within months a new constitution is drawn up and the new Terran Union government is installed with it's first president, Alexander Walsh.

2561- The Colonial act of 2561 is drawn up. An act that would see a number of the outer colonies the ability to govern themselves as they seem fit. The move is widely celebrated among the populous and it sees a number of colonies that had survived the the war being granted semi independence. All the while still being members of the Terran Union government.

2565- The first U.N.S.C vessel to be built since the end of the war is commissioned. The frigate"USNC EXCALIBUR" is the first vessel to be constructed using both Human and Covenant technology. But despite being designated as a "warship", the vessel is primarily used as a test bed for a number of weapons and systems to be used on future ship classes.

2567- The U.N.S.C. , along with the newly formed Sangheili Protectorate, begin joint patrols to hunt down small packs Covenant loyalist. Who have begun to attack vessels involved in the reconstruction of the outer colonies.

2570 (March)- The entire Terran Union is thrown into mourning, as Lord Terrence Hood passes away. A massive state funeral is held in the Capitol city of Geneva, while his body is laid to rest in his native Briton.

2570(November)- With 85% of the humanity's colonies rebuilt, astronomers discover that the Andromeda galaxy is a lot closer to the milky way than previously thought. But what really catches the attention of the T.U.G. , is the discovery of several planets on the very edge of that galaxy.

2573- Operation "Homestead" is launched. A task force consisting of 3 of the new "Endurance-class" colony ships with a combined number of 120,000 colonist and escorted by several U.N.S.C. warships, depart Harvest on a mission to colonize the newly discovered star system in the Andromeda galaxy. A trip that takes 2 months to complete. The first planet to be settled, as well as the star system is renamed "Worth" While Terra forming activities begin on 2 more planets, named Mesa and Bounty.

2575- The "Jacob Keys-class" destroyer enters service with the U.N.S.C. At nearly 650 meters in length and armed with a combination of both Human and Covenant based weaponry, they are the largest and most powerful class of destroyer to be utilized by Humanity. 155 are planed to be built in an attempt to rebuild the UNSC fleet.

2578- The YSS-1000-B "Katana" strike fighter enters service, replacing the aging GA-TL 1"Longsword" interceptor as the U.N.S.C.'s primary space superiority fighter.

2582 (March)- Remnants of the old Covenant launches an attack against Harvest, but the meager fleet is quickly eliminated by the joint U.N.S.C./Sangheili fleet that had been in orbit at the time. But not before several ships, including one super carrier escape. With fears that the remaining vessels may try to attack the Worth system, a task force consisting of 8 frigates, 4 of the new Jacob Keys-class destroyers, and 2 Marathon-class heavy cruisers, is sent to defend the system.

2582(October)- Several months after the arrival of the task force, the destroyer Agamemnon picks up a faint signal at the edge of the system. Believing that it may be an Covenant vessel, a squadron Katana fighters along with a wing of Longswords armed with "Shiva-class" nuclear missiles are sent in to investigate. But instead of a covenant fleet, the fighters and bombers find a strange vessel adrift at the edge of the system. But what is more shocking is that when contact is established with the vessel, it is revealed that the alien vessel has a human crew and that they hail from a planet called Naboo. The vessel in fact had suffered a major systems failure and if the Agamemnon had not picked up their distress signal, the ship and its crew would have met their doom in the vast emptiness of space.

The discovery of humans outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, as we as the discovery of a new civilization called the Galactic Republic, sends shock waves throughout both Humanity and the Sangheili. As well as it raises questions just if the Forerunners had seeded other planets other than Earth with humans.

Things were about to change and not only would it affect the Milky Way and it's inhabitants, but it would also affect a galaxy that was not so far away.