Endings are hard to write. You never know exactly how to end it. But when you do end it, there will be questions that are left unanswered, that you just hope the readers won't nitpick at them. Though, the hardest thing about ending a story is that nothing really ever ends. The characters have left a legacy that leaves a ripple through the rest of time.

Shar Channing was one of these characters that left a ripple. She helped the Dark Knight save Gotham from tearing itself apart with fear. Then, the one thing she had in life was taken away from her. The person she loved fell into a coma, one that he may never wake up from. Now, that's where the unanswered questions begin.

People are probably wondering what happened to Trance, Shar's brother. Or they may be questioning if Azrael or Talia al Ghul survived. Hell, they may be wondering if she'll keep her position at being Warden of Arkham Asylum with her anxiety at dangerously high peaks.

Maybe it's better to just abandon this entire story and let the readers fill in the blanks for themselves. But that's not how stories are supposed to be, especially if the writer has a very specific plot line in mind. Crimson X was just the beginning of the end of madness. Not for Shar, nor for Gotham, but for Edward Nygma. His OCD has held him back from accomplishing so many great things. Though, now, he may never be able to accomplish anything ever again. This has put Shar in a dangerously low point in her life.

Shar Channing has had anxiety and depression for years. Just recently she stopped taking her medication, something that every doctor would most likely advice not to. Her mind and world is slowly crumbling around her. It's even getting to the point where she's becoming suicidal again. Her guilt just eats her away. Shar is always questioning whether or not she could have prevented Edward from falling into a coma.

With her guilt consuming her, she dyed her hair back to its natural color and hung up her Crimson X persona. It didn't seem right for her to be this vigilante if she couldn't even protect a person so close to her. The girl has even stopped communicating with her friends, Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Jean-Michael and Barbra Gordon. Though, they will force contact every once in a while just to see how she's doing.

As far as her job at the asylum, she rarely comes out of her office. Rumors have been circulating her by the various inmates who can distinguish a banana from an apple. All of these rumors have eventually reached her by one of the guards, in particular Arthur Jones. However, Shar Channing could care less as she weakly strokes the top of her dog's head with a blank look on her face. What was the point in it anyways? Everything a person does is pointless, isn't it?

While madness may have ended from Edward Nygma at the time, it was only beginning for Shar Channing. She started to question whether or not she would become a patient in Arkham Asylum, a place she used to have so much pride of. Now, that pride has turned to disgust at the possibility of her becoming one of the patients that will choke on his drool, courtesy of a tranquilizer.