Shar opened her eyes and groaned. It was too early for the morning to be here already. A smell reached her nose. Someone was baking in the kitchen which meant food. Deciding food was enough of an incentive, Shar sat up. She tilted her head; something was different about her room. A grin spread across her face.

She swung her legs off of the bed and walked up to the multiple decorations that were in it. Of course she knew who put them up. After all, all of them were green. She shoved the creepy side to Edward being in her room while she slept to the back of her mind.

Walking out of the room, Edward was indeed cooking, just like old times. Shar smiled and pranced up to him. He was definitely concentrating on the egg in the frying pan. That's when an idea hatched in her mind.

"What came first, the chicken or the egg?" A sly smirk grew on her face as Edward glanced at her. She wouldn't only accept one answer.

Edward huffed, "Obviously the chicken."

"And why is that?"

"Evolution would make it so the chicken came first. Eggs didn't exist for one cell organisms. Therefore, the chicken came first."

"I'm so proud of you," Shar nodded in approval and grabbed a strawberry that was on a plate. "If you said anything else I'd kick you out."

"A fan of evolution?"

"Of course," Shar bowed slightly as she tried to be obnoxious, "It's only logical. If there was a major for evolution – and just evolution – I would have majored in it. But there's just archaeology, and I didn't want to do that. Besides, evolution is in Pokemon."

Edward narrowed his eyes, "Aren't you a little too old for Pokemon?"

Shar gasped as if she was offended, "Once can never be too old for pokemon! I don't care how old I get! I'll play the game until I die! That's why Riolu has the name he does!"

"Whatever," Edward rolled his eyes, "I'll let it slide since it's your birthday."

"Oh, thank you kind sir!" Shar smirked as she popped another strawberry into her mouth. "What are you going to do when my parents get here? Stay and possibly get murdered? Hide and possibly get murdered? Wear a disguise and possibly get murdered? Or do something else and possibly get murdered?"

"Is there something where I won't get killed?"

Shar placed both of her hand on the counter as she looked at Edward seriously, "We live in Gotham, Eddie! There's always a chance that you'll get murdered…By my dad!"

Edward watched her as she said Eddie. There was something about that name that rang a familiar bell, but he couldn't really place a finger on it. He shook it off; maybe someone just called him that before as a playoff of his name.

A bark sounded from behind Shar. Glancing over she saw Riolu wagging his tail at the door. Shar grinned; someone was already at her apartment. Looking down at herself she realized she was still in her pajamas. This of which wiped the smile off of her face.

"Edward, do you think you can answer it while I get ready?" Shar wandered off to her room without waiting for an answer.

Edward opened his mouth to yell at her, but her bedroom door was shut. Growling to himself he huffed, debating whether or not he should answer. A knock sounded, followed by another. Rolling his eyes, Edward walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. There were two people, a man and a woman. Great, it must be her parents.

Edward gulped, would they actually kill him? No, he shouldn't be scared of these people! They obviously have a lower intelligence than him. He could simply outwit them and get away quickly. Yes, that's what he would do.

Straightening his tie, Edward wore a pleasant smile as he opened the door. The two older people gawked for a second at the person who stood in front of them. The male was the first to recover. His hand gripped Edward's collar as he threw him against a wall.

"Where is my daughter?" He growled.

Edward's hands shot up, "Getting dressed in her bedroom. Davis, is it? Pardon me if I'm wrong, it's just after I lost my memory not everything's come back."

"It's Mister Channing to the likes of you," Davis's grip tightened on Edward who was simply smirking at the elderly man.

"Really? Why should I stoop down below your level? I am Edward Nygma, otherwise known as the Riddler."

"That's exactly why I should rip your head off right now."

"Dad!" Shar opened the door to her room. "Don't do that!" She marched over to him and forced his hands off of Edward. "He's staying with me for right now. He's not the super villain that kidnapped me. Though, his ego is still intact." Shar grabbed Edward and pulled him behind her. "Why don't you just come on in? I can explain everything."

Shar backed up, which forced Edward to back up. Her father gave a death glare at Edward while the mother walked in, avoiding Edward's gaze. They placed down some wrapped packages and luggage on the kitchen counter and on the floor next to it. They sat on the couch and looked at Shar expectantly.

"Déjà vu," She muttered as she's been in this situation before. "Alright, uh…"

Shar paced back and forth as she bit her thumb. How as she supposed to tell her parents what happened? She's been trying to tell them for over a year now, and she hasn't been able to. Maybe she could get Bruce to…No! She couldn't ask Bruce to do that, he's already done so much for her.

"So about a year ago," Shar ran a hand through her hair as she thought. "The League of Shadows…" She glanced at her parents, "A group of terrorists, were spreading Scarecrow's fear toxin through the entire city. They took Batman and Robin and they couldn't escape. I was working with Azrael and we received a portion of the cure, but we needed more. Edward came in at this point and got the cure for us. The League of Shadows was going to kill him for something that happened a while back."

"What happened awhile back?" Edward questioned.

"You used their Lazaras Pit," Shar waved him off. "Anyways…Um…T-Tr…" Shar bit her lip hard enough to make it bleed. "Th-There was another person there and he was um…" She shook her head as she tried to say that name, the name of her brother. "Trance was there."

"Trance…?" Her mother whispered. "He's alive?"

"No, I mean yes!" Shar gripped her hair tightly. "I don't know. He might be. He's not the same. He needs to stay dead!"

"How can you say that about your brother, Shar?" Her mother questioned. "It'd be a miracle if he was still alive!"

"No!" Shar yelled. "It's not a miracle! He tried to kill Edward! He put him in a coma! He was going to kill everyone in Gotham just because of what the League of Shadows was telling him! He tried to kill me! It's not the same Trance that would protect me! It's not the same Trance from when I was little!"

Her parents were quiet as Shar's shoulders heaved up and down for her burst of rage. She turned around from them and leaned on the kitchen counter. After a few moments of chilling off she spoke again.

"So…For right now Edward is staying with me. He's still the Riddler, but he's solving crimes and we're both helping the Batman."

"You're still Crimson X?"

"No, I'm Emerald X," She shook her head. "That way our colors match." She turned around, "Though, should Edward go back to his super villain ways I won't turn. I'll still be fighting for justice and making sure what happened to Trance won't happen to anyone else.

"Look," Shar sat down on a chair next to the couch, "Let's just forget about it, okay? I really don't want to think about it more than I have to."

"You just want to open the presents, don't you?" Her mother asked.

Shar looked to the side, "Maybe."

"In that case, hold on," Edward walked to his bedroom.

Shar tilted her head. Did he have time to get a present, even though she just told him? That would have meant that he went out last night. Then, that would mean he was out after they were investigating as Emerald X and Riddler. That or he went out early in the morning.

Edward came out with a smaller box and handed to her. A slight smirk was on his face. He must be certain that she would have liked it. Shar blinked as she looked at it. Examining by the size…No, one can't assume what's in a box based on its size.

"Thanks, Edward," She blinked, "But where did you get the money for this…?"

Edward rolled his eyes, "I did have a wallet at the hospital."

"Oh," Shar paused, "Thank you."

She carefully undid the green wrapping paper. Inside it was a rectangular box. Shar tilted her head ever so slightly. Opening it up her mouth was wide opened. She gently lifted a necklace and examined it. In the circle of the pendant portion was an emerald surrounded by diamonds.

"Edward…" she started, but was lost for words. "Thank you."

"Let me put it on," Edward grabbed the two ends and clasped it around her neck. "There you go."

"Thank you," Shar blushed slightly.

After a few moments of Shar's father glaring daggers at Edward, Edward simply smirking, and Shar's mother planning a wedding, Shar's father grabbed a gift and handed it to her. He puffed a breath before sitting down.

"Thank you," Shar murmured before opening it.

Inside it was a tablet looking thing. It obviously wasn't. Shar examined it. She wasn't quite sure what it was. Before she could ask her father spoke.

"It's a device that will hack into the security around you. You just need to use the knobs in order to tune into the frequency they use. It won't leave a trace in most programs. Even if it does they won't be able to track you down."

"Oh," Shar grinned. "Sweet! I should try hacking into…" She paused, "Batman's security."

Suddenly the phone rang. Shar glanced over at the phone and picked it up. After a hello, her face grew dim. She turned around from the others so they wouldn't be able to see her. Shar took out a pen and piece of paper from Edward's desk and began to scribble away.

"Alright, I'll see you later then. Bye," Shar hung up and took a deep breath.

"Is everything alright, Shar?" Her father questioned.

"It's nothing," Shar smiled. "Just one of my friends is in a tight spot right now and he needs some help. Should we go out to dinner tonight? Say Maroni's?"

"That was the place—" Shar's mother stopped talking at the look Shar gave her. "Sounds good, sweety!"