SLENDERMAN In the darkness I lye awake

Telling myself That he is fake

If I sleep Will I ever Wake?

How much Can I take?

Him from my mind I did ban

I must watch out For the Slenderman

When I awake, Will I still be here?

Or will He Find me And fufill my greatest fear?

The story of Slendy has been told Grandfather to Grandchildren

When Slendy comes to find you The hiding of the children

All the children hide From their coming fates

But Slendy knows were they hide The strike of fear they uneasily await

The face-less face He wears opon his head

If you've seen the Slenderman, He'll see you are dead.

Yes, Slendy goes for the children Women and children first

He will never stop feeding On the race that is cursed

When you see him, You will be fearful and numb

Because no one is brave When the Slenderman comes.

Yes I Relize I am a horable speller. No need to point it out, Mkay?