Getting the Girl for Sure!

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Riley has been working from home since she wasn't suppose to be at any of the shows until a certain date. She looked over everything trying to get a grip on the fact that she was going to be in a romantic relationship with Randy on screen. This was something that she wanted more than anything, but she just didn't think that it was going to be on television like it was. She wanted to be with him since she first saw him, now they were going to be together on the show that was going to be a little weird for them. He had just gotten a divorce from her sister and she just didn't want to go there with her sister seeing that her sister would always say I had him first and things like that. She leaned back on the couch and put her script down rubbing her temples.

Randy on the other hand just made it to the state she was in and he had taken about two weeks off just to get his head in the game for the whole Kane storyline, but he wanted to go to Riley's and make sure that everything is okay with her. He mostly just wanted to get her to be his off the show since she had admitted that she had feelings for him. He would have never thought about her liking him like that, but now it was time for him to show her just how much he liked her from the moment he first saw her. He looked around and saw her house and smiled as he pulled up. He wanted to surprise her and make sure to reassure her that things were going to be just fine.

He got out of the car and walked to her front door taking a deep breath and knocked on her door. Riley heard the door and got up off of her couch and walked to the door. He waited for her to open the door and looked up when he heard it was being unlocked and started to open slowly. She looked out seeing him standing there smiling at her.

"Randy? What are you doing here?" she asked

"Well first I came to see you and secondly I came to see and talk to you." He said


"Because I know how things have been since the whole you telling everyone how you felt about me and then you have been going through a lot dealing with your sister and how she has been acting since the whole us telling everyone about the divorce. Riley I know that things didn't fall into place the way you wanted them to, but now we have the chance to work our relationship and become friends again for the storyline and maybe something more afterwards." He said

"Something more?" she asked

"Yeah. I was hoping that we could work on me and you getting together?"

"Randy why in the world would you want to be with me?"

"Because believe it or not, but you're the one that always seemed to get me when it came to my temper and everything. You never judge when it came to my in ring abilities unlike your father and sister they always were trying to make me like them and that isn't my style and you know it. Riley you and I were meant to be together no matter what anyone thinks. Hell I didn't think that you liked me like that until you said something, but now that I know I am going to do anything that I can to get you and keep you with me." He said

"Randy I don't know if this is such a good idea."

"Riley don't give me that crap. You have been wanting this for as long as you can remember and now that its right here in front of you, your acting like you don't want it. What are you afraid of?"

"Randy its not that simple. I cant just go off and hurt my sister like that. Yes she has said and done a lot of things that hurt me, but I am nothing like her."

"And that is one of the reasons that I am so attracted to you Riley. Your nothing like your family and that makes you more different from anyone that I have ever known. When you left and went after your singing career I was so proud of you because you were doing what you wanted to do with your life. You weren't letting anyone stand in your way and when you came back you stood up for what you believed in and that is what makes you different. And that is what makes you wonderful for me."

"How can you know the right things to say at a time like this?"

"that is because I am good like that." He said with a smile "Now is it okay if I come in?"

She smiled and nodded "Please come in."

He smiled and walked into the house looking around and he already saw so many things that made her different than Paige. He knew that this was someone that he could spend the rest of his life with. Hell she should have been the one he was with to begin with because she would have made things so much better for him. He walked over to the couch and sat down. Riley shut the door before walking over to the couch and sitting down next to him. They talked for what seemed to be like days, but really was hours. Riley never knew how much they had in common and she was more than a little surprised at how long they could actually talk without fighting. Riley hadn't noticed what time it was, but Randy had been paying attention and knew that it was getting to late, but he just didn't want to leave because of how much they had been talking about anything and everything.

"Wow. I hadn't noticed it was so late." She said

"yeah. I think its time for me to hit the road." He said getting up

"Where are you staying at?"

"I have to get a hotel room, but after that I have no idea."

"Well you can always stay in my guest room." She said

"Are you sure? I mean I wouldn't want to be a bother to you." He said

"Randy get real. You wouldn't be a bother to me, I would actually like the company. So please stay here." She said

"Alright. You win I'll stay here." He said holding up his hands.

"Good. Now go get your bags and I will go get your room set up."

He nodded walking out to his car and grabbing his bags while Riley made sure that the room was ready for him. He walked back into the house as Riley walked down and made sure the front door was locked and set the alarm. Randy watched her every moment and smiled when she turned around and led him up to his room. He followed her without question.

"this is the guest room, hope you enjoy it." She said

"Im sure its going to be a lot better than most of the hotel rooms that I stay in." he replied

"Okay, if you need anything just let me know."

"Will do."

"Good night Randy."

"Good night Riley."

She smiled as she walked back to her room shutting the door. Randy watched her until the door was closed and smiled. He walked into his room and shut the door getting ready for bed and thinking about everything they talked about. Little did he know Riley was doing the same thing he was doing, but they knew that it was going to take more time for them to actually get together. Only time would tell what would happen for them in the future. And time is all they have.