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Rain. Endless amounts of rain.

It poured out of the sky and hit the hot black asphalt leaving a musty smell hanging in the air. The dark clouds moved fast. The wind whipped around ripping branches from trees, felling mailboxes, and roaring out like a raged animal. The streets of this small suburban neighborhood soon began to flood. The tell-tale signs of a hurricane ravished the tiny, sleepy town of La Place, LA. On this particular T-shaped street tucked away in the outskirts of the town, there were six houses. Once you enter the street you see a large beautiful house. Two green trees with large fan-like leaves were on either sides of this house. One tall Cypress tree stood proudly in front; draped with gray stringy Spanish moss. There was a large wooden red staircase leading up to a painted porch, which had two rocking chairs and a small wooden table. Two mostly glass doors rimmed thickly with purple painted wood looked out onto the small front yard. A u-shaped driveway curved around a cluster of bushes, most likely home to a couple of corn-snakes. A faded light shone out of the widows and lightning shook the ground.

A woman with shoulder length silky black hair and beautifully tanned skin walked in front of the door. A toddler, who looked much like the woman, padded beside her holding the woman's hand. The woman paused to look out onto the almost flooded streets. The flowers that she took so much care to plant would be ruined. She pouted. This particular woman looked to be mid 30s to late 20s. The toddler tugged on the hem of her nightgown. She looked at the toddler and smiled warmly before walking into the kitchen. She let go of the toddler's hand to light a few candles. The few candles she lit gave off enough light to see clearly. She leaned on the tile island and sighed. Suddenly she felt a strong arm around her waist. She gasped.

"Will! Don't scare me like that!" She said. The man smiled and kissed her forehead.

"What? Did I scare you? You're so jumpy sometimes, Diana!" he teased. The man, Will, had lightly tanned skin (slightly blemished), and a wide frame. He had a light build and a round face. Stubble decorated his cleft chin and cheeks. His kind brown eyes looked at the woman warmly. The woman kissed him on the cheek.

"Mommy! Daddy! Wook! Ders a person!" The toddler yelled in a young voice from the door.

"What?" Diana said in a concerned voice while walking briskly to the door. "There's a hurricane warning! No one should be outside!" She stood in front of the door.

A woman in a sleeveless long white dress was running down the middle of the street. A golden headdress with intricate design sat upon her head. Her dress had a golden intricate bodice, a train of white cloth trailed from her head dress. She clutched something bundled with white cloth to her chest as she ran.

"What the hell?" Will said seeing the woman run through the rain. She stumbled and fell. Diana Threw open the door and ran out to her. She almost slipped on the steps but made it to her drenched. She knelt by the woman who was trying to get up.

"Hey are you okay?" She asked worried out of her mind.

The woman sat up. She was very beautiful and young. Maybe she was a movie star or something.

The woman still clutching the bundled thing looked at her.

And then she realized something. It was pouring down raining, and this woman wasn't even wet.

The woman took Diana's hand.

"Promise me! Promise me you'll take care of her!" Diana watched in horror as the beautiful woman in front of her aged at an astounding rate. Wrinkles started to form and her hair color faded "She's the last of us! I can feel myself growing weaker and weaker. You must care for her. Please….I'm….Begging you…please."

The woman's hand became bony and fragile. Her body was withering away. She tried to get more words out but her voice had died in her throat. Her skin hung off of her and slowly it turned to dust. The skin disappeared and Diana watched as she saw the muscles rotting then also turning to dust. She found herself holding bones. But they too, crumbled and she was left staring at the beautiful dress and jewelry.

Diana screamed. She isn't in some scary movie! She had just witnessed someone dying! She was scared, Why did this happen to her?! The bundled thing lay within two inches of her. She took deep breaths and picked it up. She was hysterical! What was this woman trying so desperately to save? She slowly unwrapped the bundle. Her fingers were twitching and shaking. She removed the last layer and gasped.

She found herself holding a baby girl. A golden chain hung around her neck, the pendant attached to it was in the shape of two wings attached to a piece of metal with engravings on it. She was sleeping.

What was so dangerous that this woman would run, in the rain, during a hurricane with a BABY?! Diana started to cry. Just then Will came running over with an umbrella and a rain coat on.

"Hey you okay? What's the matter?" He asked concerned.

"Hey …Will…You know how you said we should make another baby?" Diana asked in a shaky voice.

"Yeah but that's off topic! Come on stand up! We have to- Oh my God." He saw the baby in her arms. "Come on. We have to call the police-" He was suddenly interrupted by Diana.

"Will, I just saw a woman die. The last thing she said was her asking me to take care of her child. I am NOT going to abandon this baby girl." She said forcefully. Diana was now soaked.

Will looked like he was going to protest but he sighed.

"Alright fine. But how are we going to explain how she got here? What about the lady? I don't see her anywhere-" He rambled on.

"We were asked by a friend to take care of her while she went abroad." She said in a deep voice. She gathered the clothes and jewelry and walked back up the stairs. "Don't tell anyone what we saw here today. If the thing that made her run comes to us then we'll tell the same story. This never happened." She said in an off state as she walked into the house.

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