"He's studying here," a girl thought as she surveyed the school. There was graffiti everywhere and broken windows. This was a place not suited for a girl like her. Then, tending for the plants, the principal stood. She gulped and walked to him. No one was around in the school at this time already. She tapped his shoulder and smiled as he turned.

"I'm the oncoming transfer student."

The night passed by quickly and she combed her long black hair as she strutted around the house in only in a towel. She looked at her uniform that was sprawled against the bed and sighed. It isn't as cute as I thought it would be, she thought. She started dressing. She took her black stockings and slid it down her slender legs. Once done she fixed her uniform's skirt and stared at the mirror. Perfect, she smiled and took her bag, going to school for the first time.

"Suge-!" Furuichi peeked at the shoulder of the male student admiring a magazine disguised as a history book. There he blushed as he felt blood trail down his nose. He smiled creepily as he stared at a particular part of the brunette's swimsuit body. The picture of that brunette was circling around the horny males of this school and now he was also introduced to the growing fad.

"Her boobs are huge!" the male said, unaware of the white haired man peeking over his shoulder. "Ai-chan is so hot!"

The man was drooling but Furuichi couldn't blame him. This Ai person was definitely infinitely attractive. A smile tugs at his lips as he returns to his friend, Oga, who noticed the creepy face that was painted on Furuichi. He grimaced.

"You're getting creepier man." He stated. Furuichi snapped out of it as he defended himself.

"You should have seen Ai-chan!" He yelled. Oga just gave him a confused look.

"Ai-chan? Who the hell is that?"

"I don't know that well now since I just saw her in a magazine but rest assured! I'm going to be her number one fan!"

"Disgusting!" a yell from below echoed as Baby Beel cooed.


"What are you so happy about?" Oga asked as Beel pointed to the window, where he saw a girl trying to fend off a group of guys. She grimaced and tried looking for something in her bag.

"Ohoho Ai-chan is cuter in person," the other males sang as they flung themselves at the girl. The girl paled and grabbed something from her bag.

"Who the fuck is Ai-chan?!"She took the pepper spray out and sprayed the guy straight at the eyes. The others followed. She knocked them out to finish the job, "Disgusting."

"I don't have time for this," she told herself, "I have to find him."

"A new transfer student?" Oga said as he held Baby Beel, "She seems pretty weak."

"Where?" Furuichi questioned as he leaned over the window. "That's Ai-chan!"

I could only imagine it now, he thought love struck, she'll be disgusted with all these delinquents and there I'll be the only-

"Furuichi-kun!" he blushed as he stared, shock at the girl who just called him. The only girl (right now) in Ishiyama was waving at him and smiling. "Oga-kun!"

"Eh? Do you know her?" Oga asked surprised.

"Don't you remember me?" she continued as she stopped in front of the two. "It's me Beniko, you know from middle school!"

"Beniko?" and then they remembered. The image of a fat curly haired middle school girl popped into their head. Honestly she was anything but sexy.

"A-are you joking?" Furuichi asked as he paled.

"Waah, you changed!" Oga said.

"And you have a baby on your back!" Beniko smiled as she held her hands up, gesturing to the baby that she wants to hold him.

"Changed?! Oga she's a whole different person!" Furuichi yelled as Beel cooed to go and cradle himself in Beniko's arms.

"You're such a sweetie~!" She laughed as she made funny faces at the Baby.

"She didn't change that much," Oga lulled his head to the side, "Anyway how'd you get to be so good in taking care of babies?"

"I'm not," she replied, "Children plus babies hate me."

"That's not the point!" Furuichi yelled, "What happened Beniko-san?! How'd you change so much?!"

"Well, after graduation I wanted to watch this long stream anime that I abandoned years ago," she started as she played with Beel, "I completely forgot to eat healthily because I watched it for 2 months straight!"

Is there even an anime that long? Furuichi thought shocked.

"As for my hair, I got a lot of coupons for a salon and it was about to expire!" she said. She hasn't changed personality-wise, Furuichi thought as he smiled, I still have a chance!

"Would you like a tour around Ishiyama?" Furuichi winked.

"So did you nail a blind girl? Is she deaf and mute too?" Beniko ignored the man as she holds up Beel. Furuichi anime cried.

"You're dead if you speak more," Oga glared at her as Beniko laughed, "I picked the kid up!"

"Oh really?" Beniko smiled, "When did you get a heart?"

That was then she felt the threatening glower sent to her by the brunet. "You've got some nerve saying that to me."

Beniko merely laughed then remembered why she was here. "Oh I'm actually looking for someone here."

The two men raised a brow. "I didn't see his face but he was strong! He beat up a lot of guys in a flash and there were a couple of people following him. I don't know but he had an aura and the guy suddenly called to his subordinates, 'Idiots! He's part of Ishiyama's Tohoushinki!' or something like that."

The two men paled at the failed attempt of the girl to replicate a man's voice. Beniko then fumbled around for something. She then pulled out a picture.

"Here's one of the guys he beat up!" she sang. The two men examined the poor guy that had his perfectly white shirt implanted with a footprint. "Listen you guys I really need to find this guy since he practically saved me."

"Oh so you're playing the Cinderella card?" Furuichi asked.

"But instead the girl's going to be the one looking for him!"

"I have one question for you Beniko, first," Oga started, "Would you be this baby's mother?"

Beniko paled, "I hate children and they feel the same about me! It was only because he liked me that I wanted to hold him!"

"Then tough luck!" Oga grinned evilly, "I won't help you look for your Cinderella!"

"You're unbelievable!" Beniko yelled, "You know I'm weak as hell! This school will eat me alive!"

"Why'd you transfer here?!"

"Cause I heard that a group of girls were here that protected girls! I need protection!" Beniko anime cried, "I don't see anyone of them!"

"Then be this kid's parent! He likes you!"




"May I ask who will be my master's parent?"


"I may know why Baby Beel likes Beniko so much," Furuichi said while watching the Beniko as she picks up a baby shoe that fell from a random innocent toddler.

"What?" Oga replied uninterested.

A baby's screams echoed throughout the streets.

"What did you do to my baby?!" The terrified mom asked

"I didn't do anything!"


Hi~! Me again~! This story has actually been circling my mind for a bit, hahaha. I even mind written an ending! Now to get it into decent writing...

Anyway I haven't decided on who Beniko ends up with but this story is definitely OgaxAoi :)