Furuichi was depressed. VERY DEPRESSED. Beniko had left Oga and him to hang out with other people, people he thought she found more interesting. She didn't need Oga's protection anymore, no, she had other bodyguards but what hurts him the most is the fact that every female he knows has denied him.

The queen, Hilda and now Beniko.

Why was his soul so unfortunate?

Aoi had been back for weeks now and Beniko was happy with that. She smiled as she watches in the corner, everything that happens. She was guessing that Aoi had heard of her, the ruthless class president that had allured most of Ishiyama high's population.

"You'll pay Aoi," Beniko merely whispered as she watched her admirers.

Her red eyes were glowing.

"Time to make my move."

"Onee-san!" Nene yelled as she worriedly eyed Aoi. Said person broke out of her trance and stared at her lunch. What happened? Aoi grabbed her chest, her heart was pounding. What was happening? Or rather what will be happening?

"Are you day dreaming about Oga, again?!" Nene accused as Aoi blushed. She shook her head clearly as an unconscious smile spreads through her face.

"I-I- NO!" Aoi denied as she gathered herself. "I was just thinking that I wasn't hungry."

Nene raised an eyebrow as Aoi ran out.

What's wrong with me today? She frowned and ruffled her hair. She sighed and turned.

"I should…" She stopped when she realized she hit a chest. Is it? She thought and looked up. Her jaw drops as her face reddens. "It is!"

"Kunieda?" Oga bobbed his head as Aoi stepped back, her face rivaling a tomato.

"Sorry!" Aoi yelled as she closed her eyes.

"Yo Oga!" Oga and Aoi turned and their jaws dropped at what they saw.




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