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Abhirika home…9:30 pm….

After a good rest of two hours, Tarika got fresh and changed her clothes, she was wearing a black sari, which she usually not wears but the weather was so awesome that she was bound to wear sari. She prepared dinner and every thing was ready and now she was waiting for Abhijeet.

NIGHT 10 PM…..

The night was all dark under the cover of black clouds, and there were heavy showers,abhi came out of the quallis and went to the pan shop to meet his khabri collecting information and giving him his reward Abhijeet went back inside the quallis and was about to drive, when he got the call and after that call he turned the quallis and drove in the outskirts highway of the city .After a drive of half an hour he reached a barren and dark place. There he met a girl, when he started the conversation his face started giving expressions of amazement and his face grew paler, he argued with the woman and then both of them drove back to the city and then he stopped quallis in front of a disco the name was ' PARTY NIGHT PUB'. There that girl pointed her finger upstairs and Abhijeet went upstairs, after 15 minutes he came back to the ground floor , his face was even looking more worried, he searched for that girl but he did not find her, in frustration he sat near the bar and drank almost five drinks of vodka. Now he was not in his senses, he reached quallis in same dizzy condition and drove to his home, still there was heavy rain. He was driving really rush as he was drunk and the surface was so slippery but at last he reached home was now 11pm and almost above.

He rang the door bell and tarika opened the door yawning but her sleepy eyes were widened twice as she saw Abhijeet and she was startled .He was all wet in the rain and any one could tell he was drunk.

Tarika: Abhijeet yeh tumhe kya….

She was about to complete her sentence but Abhijeet was loosing his balance , so she helped him to get inside the bedroom and gave him some water to drink. After that she was going to get a towel for him but he stopped her by holding her hand.

Tarika: abhijeet ekk minute mujhe…

Abhi: ( standing from the bed) nhn tarika abhi kahin mat jao please.

Tarika: Abhijeet hua kya?

Abhijeet pulled her into a tight hug burrowing his head in her neck, covering his face with her hair.

Abhi: abhi kuch mat pocho tarika bas tum mere saath raho, I love you tarika..

Tarika: I love you too Abhijeet , tum theek toh ho na..

Abhi: hmmmmm…..

He fell on the bed with tarika entwined to him and he was soon sleeping. Tarika swiftly pulled herself from his hug and removed his shoes and wet shirt, she dried his hair and covered him with the blanket when abhi opened his eyes again with same frustrated expression and he held her hand tight..

Abhi: tum kaha jar hi ho?

Tarika: mein kahin nhn ja rhi main yahi hun Abhijeet

Abhi: dekho tarika tum mujhe kabhi chorr kar mat jana, mein sirf tum se pyar karta hun..

Tarika: Abhijeet relax, aisa kuch nhn hoga mein hamesha tumhare saath hun.

She kissed his forehead and he rolled his arms tightly around her and he was soon asleep again, well tarika was almost awake all the night as she was really worried about Abhijeet, sitting close to him as he was still holding her and she was ruffling his hair but when it was nearly dawn, she took a small sleep and was awake at 6 again.

She looked at abhijeet he was sleeping peacefully but with the same expression of worry, she touched his face and she realized that he was in fever, she checked it in the thermometer and it was 103 F, She was really worried again, firstly she called daya to tell about abhi.


Daya: hello tarika aj itni subhah, sab theek toh haina..

Tarika: daya abhijeet theek nhn hai

Daya: kya?

Taika: matlab kal raat wo ghar wapas aya bheega hua or drunk bohat ajeeb sa behave kar rha tha or ab usse bohat fever hai , he is still sleeping.

Daya: abhijeet was drunk?

Tarika: han

Daya: ajeeb bat hai wese toh wo aisa kabhi nhn karta..

Tarika: hmmmm.. daya aj tum jab free ho toh yahan aana kyunk mujhe lagta hai k abhi hummein kuch batana chahta hai lekin bata nhn paraha hai, or mein janti hun k wo mujh se bhi pehle tumhe wo bat bataye ga iss liye..

Daya: tum fikar met karo tarika abhi toh mein meeting attend karne jar ha hun par mein 2 ghante mein ata hun.. tab tak abhi ka khayal rakho.

Tarika: ok bye..

Then tarika called Salunkhe and informed him that today she won't be coming to lab as abhi is ill so she needs to stay with him. She got changed and brought some ice bags for abhijeet and she started to sponging his forehead, he was burning in fever. Now it was7:30 am and abhi opened his eyes and saw tarika sitting besides him with her eyes closed and her hand over his forehead over the wet cloth, he lifted his head up and tarika opened her eyes. Abhijeet sat on the bed ,his head was spinning with pain. Tarika gave him some glucose and then sat besides him with a much calm face, still he was in some fever.

Tarika: ab kesi tabiyat hai?

Abhi: theek hai…

Tarika: good, mein tumhare liye soup lati hun.

She brought soup for him and made him eat that, while he was eating..

Abhi: tarika….

Tarika: han

Abhi: tum mujh se kuch poochna nhn chahti ke mein aisa behave kyun kar rha tha kal raat or yeh sab…

Tarika: ( putting a hand over his hand) nhn mujhe kuch nhn poochna jab tumhe theek lage bata dena( she smiled)

Abhi: tarika tum kitni achhi ho , I don't deserve you.

Tarika: ( taking the bowl from his hand) well aisa mujhe lagta hai ke I don't deserve you, wese abhi doctor ke paas chalen

Abhi: nhn tarika..

Tarika: par tumhara bukhar..

Abhi: tum ho na meri doctor, timhi ilaj kar do

Tarika: ok

She gave him paracetamol and anti allergy.

Tarika: ab tum rest karo..

Abhi: par aj mein bureau nhn gaya..

Tarika: uss ki fikar mat karo meine daya ko inform kar dia hai.

Abhi: ohhh. Toh daya?

Tarika: (smiled as she knew he would ask this) abhi wo meeting mein hai par yahan aa raha hai

Abhi: achha…sorry tumhe meri waja se chutti karni parri..

Tarika: ( squeezing his cheek) koi baat nhn abhijeet…

Abhijeet hugged her and laid back into the bed.

After half an hour daya arrived and tarika made his way to the room where abhijeet was , she left the place making an excuse for preparing tea and some usual chitchat between DUO.

Daya: ( sitting besides abhi) hmmm toh ab ap pene bhi lage..

Abhi: ( looking down) nhn yaar wo kal raat… tum batao meeting kesi thi?

Daya: achi thi boss, bas wo Chitrole sahab ne ekk or gang ko pakarne ka kaam de dia hai or iss baar sari investigation ka order naye officers rajat, vineet or shreya ko diya hai, un ki abilities ko test karne k liye.

Abhi: mere bare mein nhn poocha

Daya: poocha na or yeh bhi kaha ke kahin phir se honeymoon manane toh nhn chala gaya. Lekin mene kaha ke you are not feeling well .

Abhi: koi naya case?

Daya: case toh hai ,kya hua hai tumhe?

abhi: daya wo mein...

he was stammered but he decided to tell him every thing when he was to proceed he got an SMS and his face grew more tensed.

Daya: kya hua abhijeet?

Abhi: kuch nhn yaar bas kuch nhn..

Daya: abhijeet…..

abhi: koi bat nhn hai daya..

daya: theek hai bye phir apna khayal rakhna

Abhijeet kept on looking at him until he disappeared from his eyes, he was willing to call him back but he cant do that.

Outside the room

Tarika: kya hua

Daya: kuch nhn uss ne kuch nhn bataya

Abhi: lekin daya kuch toh hai..

Daya: han tarika ab toh mujhe bhi aisa lagta hai.. challo mein kuch karta hun lekin abhi mujhe jana hoga, koi garrbarr hui toh phone karna mein sham ko ata hun

Tarika: theek hai

Daya: bye.

After see offing daya tarika went inside the bedroom and found abhi in the same worried condition but she asked him nothing

And gave him the thermometer.

Tarika: yeh lo open your mouth..

Abhi: kyun

Tarika: temperature check karna hai

Now he was having no fever it was all stable.

Tarika: thank God bhukar utar gaya

Abhi: you really care for me ?

Tarika: bilkul, aisa kyun poocha..

Abhi: nhn wese hi

He pulled her hand and made her sit besides him and took her hand in his both hands.

Abhi: tarika agar kabhi tumhe mere ateet k bare mein kuch aisa pata chale jo meri zindagi ke saath jurra hua ho toh tum mera saath do gi?

Tarika: zaroor dun gi, lekin abhi kuch hua hai kya?

Abhi: ( quickly covering up) nhn nhn mein toh aise hi pooch rha tha…

Tarika: koi baat nhn, achha batao aj kya khao ge?

Abhi: jo tum khila do( playing with her fingers)

Tarika: phir soup theek hai..

Abhi: yukhh!

Tarika: mein achha soup nhn banati?

Abhi: nhn lekin kuch spicy hona chahiye lunch mein

Tarika: aj nhn ap ki tabiyat theek nhn hai naaaaaaaaaaa

Abhi: ok…

Tarika: aj tum itna decent behave kyun kar rhe ho, wese meri koi bat nhn mante.

He looked at her and kissed her cheek.

Abhi: kyunke mein tumhe khona nhn chahta..

Tarika looked at him with amazed eyes and he just smiled meaningfully.

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