They say those you love can never hurt you.

They is stupid. Who is They? Where does They live, and how can I get there. I need to teach them a hard lesson in life.

Those you love are the ones that hurt you the most. Those you love are the ones who slice you deep with their slightest, lightest, most meaningless words. An errant smile can rend your heart worse than the sharpest steel blade. An idle touch of the hand can flay your nerves to the quick.

Words though, words are the most dangerous of anything.

Cheshire came to me after you walked away from the balcony. He appeared so swiftly I knew he'd heard.

"Mmmmm, she still doesn't believe?" I cast my eyes downwards to my hat gripped in my shaking hands. The singe and burn marks glaring, laughing at me. A reminder that I almost lost my life when I lost my sanity.

"Cheshire... she thinks I'm in her imagination," My voice quavered, "She doesn't remember me at all."

"Hatter, Hatter, don't worry," the cat curled in the air before me, tail snaking across my face to tickle my nose, "Come time to fight the Jabberwocky she'll remember. She IS after all, the right Alice,"

"I don't want her to have to fight him. I want her to remember her Hatter,"

"First things first. Then you can teacher her to Futterwacken all over again,"

Cheshire disappeared like smoke after one last fleeting swipe at my hat. The quiet was only broken by my sobs.

"Leave it to me to imagine someone half mad,"

It hurt so much.