Warning/s: GiottoxOC and pretty ridiculous stuff. OOC-ness

"Here you have this Tsuna," Reborn stated as he handed the boy an old worn out book that looked like a diary.

"Who's is this?" Tsuna asked as he held the old diary in his hands.

"That is the journal of Cecile Carlo, the wife of one of the guardians," Reborn replied, "Cecile was a doctor but she loved writing. For some reason she wrote about Primo and the others. It has no valuable classified information so the Ninth wanted to give it away."

"Uwaa... I want to read it Tsuna-san!" Haru said with delight.

"Sounds interesting!" Kyoko smiled.

"Go on Tsuna-san! Let's start from the beginning!"

"O-ok," Tsuna sighed and opened the book. His nose wrinkled, the smell of old parchment flowing into the air. I pictured it will be written in Italian, he thought anime crying but its written in perfect Japanese.

"It was a warm summer night. The heat in the new country wasn't all that surprising but hot nonetheless. I don't know why Sayako and Giotto decided to invite me over to enjoy Japanese sake with them," Tsuna read, "So I greeted Primo and his wife enthustiastically when I arrived. Staring at Sayako I marvelled at why her beauty has not even faltered at the least during her pregnancy. She had the same grace, the same short chocolate locks and the same glow on her. I hate to admit it but she was even more entrancing right now."

"Wait is this even fiction? I think this really happened," Gokudera commented.

"Wow Tsuna," Yamamoto started, "You get to hear your Great Great Great Grandpa in action!"

Tsuna sweat dropped and continued, "I greeted the two and was led to a modest Japanese home, a far cry from the mansion we had in Italy. It seems that I need not any slippers for there were the so called Tatami mats. I took a good look at the surroundings. An nice wooden hallway and at the side Sayako opened a stereotype sliding door where I was met by a room with a small wooden table at the center and 5 pillows at its sides.

"I took a sit and watched Sayako and Giotto chat as they settled down with a bottle of sake at hand. I smiled and tried to jump in their conversation."

"Ooooh! Tsuna I'll read the dialog for Cecile-san!" Haru suggested.

"Woman! How dare you interrupt the Tenth?!" Gokudera yelled.

"Ooh! I want to read for Sayako-san!" Kyoko smiled. Tsuna blushed, I-I'll read for Primo! He thought joyously.

"I could read for Giotto," Reborn smirked as Tsuna anime cried. "You should exhaust your voice with the narration Tsuna."

"H-hai," Tsuna replied with dismay and handed Haru the book.

"Why didn't you invite the others?" Haru read and handed Reborn the book. Everyone sweat dropped. Haru just faked a deep voice.

"Uhh, I think Cecile-san is a woman," Yamamoto laughed.

"Hahi! But I pictured that she'd have a deep womanly voice-!"

You sounded like an ogre, everyone else thought.

"Just read normally," Tsuna sighed.

"Ah, I am sure that everyone's busy right now," Reborn read and passed it to Kyoko.

"Dear didn't you think Cecile-chan would be busy too?" Kyoko passed it to Tsuna.

"We all laughed as Giotto blushed. He merely poured sake to hide his mistake. I brought the sake cup to my lips and sighed. It was sweet. We continued talking and exchanging stories from then on. But my gaze stayed on Sayako. She should be at her prime. I was experienced at child birth, seeing as I practiced medicine back at Italy but Giotto shouldn't rely on me alone." Tsuna heaved, "But as I was thinking that and on cue Sayako started to breathe heavily."

"Hahi! Breathe!" Haru acted out as she massaged Kyoko's shoulders everyone stared at her weirdly, "What? It adds to the drama!"

"Cecile-san didn't even say anything yet!" Tsuna said as he passed the book to Reborn.

"Cecile I think she's going into labor," Reborn read and passed it to Haru.

"Don't panic," Haru said coolly in her deep voice again (everyone sighed), "Go get a blanket."

"Giotto ran off as I tried relaxing Sayako," Tsuna sighed. Haru scrambled to Kyoko. "When he returned I covered Sayako legs and had her lay down on a pillow. I had her spread her legs and checked if there was crowning."

"Onii-san please pass me the blanket!" Kyoko said excited.

"Alright to the extreme!" Ryohei yelled as he took Tsuna's blanket and followed the narration. Haru then pushed him aside and pretended to look under the sheets. She looked at Kyoko with a serious face and went beside Kyoko to whisper something.

"Striped?" Unfortunately Tsuna was beside them and couldn't help but bleed through his nose. It seems that Kyoko was wearing a skirt.

"Ah the what a perverted old man Tsuna is," Reborn smirked.

"Push Sayako-san! Push!" Haru yelled, smiling as if she was enjoying.

"Ughhh!" Kyoko pretended to act as if she was in pain. Kyoko-chan's cute, Tsuna thought blushing as she made faces.

"Hiya! Here is the great Lambo!" Lambo yelled as he ran out the sheets.


"Stupid cow! A newborn doesn't talk yet!" Gokudera yelled.

"Hahaha a baby choosing its own name!" Yamamoto laughed.

"I-pin desu!" I-pin followed.

"Sayako-san didn't give birth to twins!"


I don't know where this came from but it's pretty random. I don't know if I should continue this or not.