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WARNING: Violence!

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Part One

It had been six years since his death. Six. And it had been only one since Bruce had found out who he was. That didn't bother him so much; he had wanted him to find out who he was. It had bothered him that the Joker had survived along with Bruce and himself, though, but now something seemed wrong to him, and he wanted to make it right. Although it wouldn't seem right to Bruce, or anyone who'd known Jason before being blown to smithereens after being beaten half to death.

What bothered him was that Bruce had never told a certain someone that he was alive and well.

He'd wanted her to know. If he had survived that one night, his plan would have directed him to an apartment in the middle of Gotham where an old friend still lived. But things hadn't gone according to plan. And she still didn't know. She had every right to know, he'd decided, as he sat on a ledge of a skyscraper, needing time to himself, away from the people he controlled, scared, and bothered. They had been best friends since before he'd become the second Robin. And even after finding out who he'd turned into, she'd still remained by his side. She was who he counted on most, besides Bruce of course. He didn't trust Dick at all, and had no intention of doing so.

Bruce probably had wanted to shield her from the life he was leading now. He most likely thought that she didn't need to know that he was alive and the resurrection had turned him into a murderer. He could understand it, but he didn't have to like it. He knew very well what her reactions she could be. There were two that he thought she would have. The first one would her getting angry and afraid. First, she would through things and scream and cry and then try to strangle whoever was standing closest to her. She's always had anger issues, he thought to himself as he watched the cars stop and go, stop and go, far below him. Then she would be scared of him. A murderer, her Jason? He had never killed anyone before his death. It would shock her to know what he was now. Then she would ask Bruce to get him off the streets, and she would willingly never see him again. Her second reaction would to be happy. Happy about his resurrection. Happy about him being alive. Not caring about who he was, but that he was still Jason, even if death had changed him.

He scoffed. He realized that she could have changed over the years, that she might not care about anything at all. So he decided not to care about her reaction. It was easy. All he wanted was her to know that he walking the earth and who he was and who he wasn't and what he'd done since his days as Robin had ended with a beating and an explosion.

He stood up, stretching. She was going to find out, one way or another, and there was nothing Bruce could do to stop it.