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Gabe's POV

I was silently in his room playing video games like usual. Okay, maybe not QUIETLY, but I didn't bother anybody. I was super bored. What else do you expect a regular 13 year old boy like me to do on a typical Monday? Well anyway, I had to watch Toby which is incredibly brave of mom and dad to let me take care of Toby. When I was left alone with Charlie it went horribly but I guess Toby is easier than Charlie.

Suddenly I heard a doorbell. Ugghh, who could that, be? I thought. I walked downstairs carrying Toby to the door. I opened the door and saw the least expected person I would see.

"Jo? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I don't know I am still asking myself this question." Jo said.

I sarcastically laughed, "Ha ha."

Jo smiled, "Anyway, let me guess the baby in your arms is your little brother."

I stared, 'How do you know? I could be babysitting the neighbor's baby!"

Jo smirked, "No offense but I don't think anyone would give you a baby to take care of."

I tried to protest but Jo interrupted him, "Why is your voice deeper?"

I replied, "Puberty I guess."

Jo sighed, 'Anyway, you want to play video games upstairs?"

I slowly smiled, "Sure, I just have to feed Toby first."

Jo raised an eyebrow, "since when did you become such a responsible kid?'

I shrugged, "I guess ever since mom punished me for not buying Charlie's present."

Jo said, "Now this I GOT to see!"

I rolled my eyes, "He isn't going to throw up on me like Charlie did. He actually likes me."

Jo looked surprised, "Wait, how he does like you? You are not good with babies."

I said, "Well I guess I am just like him."

Jo looked more surprised, "Okay, well I will see it anyway, just in case I miss something embarrassing."

I just ignored her and walked into the kitchen and fed him bananas, like me he loved anything as long as it was food. Jo was shocked but smiled. I cleaned him up and then I took upstairs to put him to sleep.

Jo's POV

I was watching Gabe putting Toby to sleep. He actually wasn't lying when he said he was good with Toby. I can't believe I am going to say this but he is really good with Toby. Toby did everything Gabe wanted him to do. Once he was done he looked up at me and said, 'You want to play the game 'Die Zombies Die'?"

I said, 'Whatever stupid."

I played with him for about 2 hours and he is a total expert at video games. I actually liked playing with him. It was like playing with a good friend. Wait; did I really just say that?

Gabe interrupted my thoughts and said, 'Oh god, my family is going to come home any minute! You have to leave!"

I asked, "Why?"

Gabe replied, "Because, I'm not allowed to!"

Of course even though he is doing what he's supposed to do, he still is breaking the rules.

Gabe said, "You have to go! I'll get grounded! You can come tomorrow though!"

I was shocked, "Tomorrow?"

Gabe said, "Y-yeah, but if you don't want to do-"

I interrupted, "No its okay what time?"

Gabe said, "Everyday at 5?"

I smiled, "Sure, stupid."

"Alright see ya!" Gabe said.

"See you tomorrow then I guess.' I said. I was confused, Gabe actually liked me at his house and even if he knows that he will get grounded he will risk it. Well today was a crazy day and it just started by me walking through his door. What a weird day!

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