A/N: Hey Guys! Now I know you guys probably have NEVER heard of Gradley but this week I'm doing stories for actor/actress crush. So in this case this is G Hannelius and Bradley Steven Perry. Now I really hope nobody reports this because I am a huge fan of them because they had a crush on each other in the beginning of working together. So enjoy! This is about G and Bradley back on the GLC set.

Bradley's POV

Today was apparently a surprise for me because the whole set was giggling and whispering. They just were quiet when I came around. It was really weird and I don't understand why they can't just tell me. But, Good Luck Charlie was renewed for a fourth season which makes me happy. It was the first episode and on my script, I talk to a girl who I apparently had chemistry with. I ran through the list of girls my age that my character had chemistry with. Kit? No, Ryan is on the new show See Dad Run. Emma? Well I guess since she isn't busy. Jo? No, G is doing Dog With a Blog and she's the star so she can't be on again.

"Okay places everyone!" Dan said. (AN: Dan is the director in the actual show)

I got into my place and took a deep breath. Now I finally after 2 weeks get to find out who the girl is. I'm going to have to spend time with her on the show for 6 episodes this season!

"And…. ACTION!" Dan said.

Ding dong. There was the door bell and I reached to grab the door as I turned the knob I got nervous again but once I opened it I see….

G? But, why? I tried to stay in character but it was really hard.

"Jo? What are you doing here?" I asked but that was really my question too. I had to improv because it was obvious I didn't get the real script.

"Hey stupid, oh I don't know I just didn't see you for a long time I guess," G as Jo said.

"So do you want to hang out today?" I asked

"Uh, I uh, gotta take off my make up!" G quickly said.

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked.


I don't know why but I felt butterflies when Bradley as Gabe asked me to hang out.

I just took off my make up and put it on again. Weird? Right? Oh no I think my crush is growing back on him again!

I came out and Bradley said, "You want to hang out?"

I took a deep breath and said, "Sure!"

We were about to go upstairs but the mom Amy came to interrupt us, "Gabe, what are you doing?"

I gulped, Seriously, now out of ALL times! I thought we had to improv it to THAT much.

Bradley stuttered, "J-just hanging out mom!"

Oh we are messing up big time today!

Bradley's POV

We are messing up big time today! Ugh why couldn't it be Emma or even Kit! It wouldn't be awkward if she came. Wait, am I seriously nervous around G? Come on that is ridiculous! Okay I have to admit I had a crush on her in the beginning but not now right? Right? Oh god I have a crush on her!

Amy said, "Come on Gabe what is Jo doing here?"

G stuttered, "Um uh we were just—"

I saved her from messing up, "We haven't seen each other in a long time so she came over. I invited her over.

G looked over me in amazement sending me a message through her eyes and smile. I could read her message she meant, Thanks for the save!

I smiled back and the producer said, "Cut! Great work guys!"

G started to scream, "Great work guys! Come on I did terrible I stuttered the whole time!"

I corrected her saying, "Hey, I screwed up more than you!"

G started to argue, "No you didn't!"

I argued back, "Yes I did!"

G said, "Didn't!"

I said, "Did!"

Then Dan said, "Hold up guys! Since when did you guys start acting all nervous around each other?"

G said slapping her forehead, "Don't ask me, ask him!"

I said, "Why?"

G said, "You changed! In a MUCH better way! You are more good-looking, your voice got deeper, your more cuter, your more talented and got better in acting and did I really just say that out loud!"

I smiled, "Yeah! Hey you changed too!"

G threw her hands in the air, "In WHAT way?"

I said, "You got prettier, you got cuter, you got more talented in singing and got better in acting, heck you have your own show now!"

G smiled, "Thanks Bradley."

G came up and kissed me on the cheek and blushed.

I turned red and said, "Thanks for being here today."

G smiled, "I couldn't say no! I don't have shooting again for DWAB until Summer."

I said happily, "You can still be Jo!"

G grinned, "Yeah!"

I nervously asked her, "Since we both like each other, do you want to go out and get pizza?"

G said, "Yeah! Let's go!"

I smiled and hugged her then we went to the pizza place holding hands. I saw Bridgit smiling and she gave me a sign saying, Great Job Bradley! Jabe for the win! Finally after 2 years!

I smiled and thought, this will be an amazing GLC shooting season.

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