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"We cannot allow Megatron to send the Dark Energon through his space bridge. If we fail, the dead of Cybertron will rise, swarm through his vortex, and invade Earth, bending human kind to his twisted rule." Optimus said.

He glanced over at Alora with worried optics, at least she hasn't put her hair down, but it was obvious that she was upset.

Jack was riding his bike to work. He put the kickstand down and got off. After he locked in place he looked up at the blinking sign and sighed.

"Nice bike." Arcee joked, she was parked behind him.

"Look Arcee, Ahsoka and Miko already tried, tell Optimus I respect him big time, but if you and Alora are at war with the Decepticons and Seperatists there's nothing I can do to help, and tell Alora I'm sorry for what I did." Jack said.

"Optimus didn't send me, Alora's still hurt, and no ones asking for your help." Arcee said.

"Ok, so we know that I'm a jerk and not warrior material." Jack said.

"Jack, I just lost someone who I cared about, I don't know if it's the grief talking or maybe you're growing on me, but whatever it is I'm just not ready to say goodbye." Arcee confessed.

"Optimus, I just pinpointed the Decepticon/Seperatist spacebridge, high in Earths orbit." Ratchet said.

Optimus got up from his spot next to Alora where he had been trying to comfort her. "Out of our reach."

"Ok, so you guys don't fly, but can't you guys just groundbridge there?" Miko asked.

"A groundbridge has limited range, if stretched too far it's vortex could snap and scatter us to the stars." Ratchet said.

"Uh, news flash 'doc bot', but we have a Republic cruiser in Earths orbit, we could just contact the Admiral and save you." Ahsoka said.

"Since Megatron is already in transit, I'm afraid we must take that risk, reaching that spacebridge first is the only way we can stop them." Optimus said. He then turned to see Arcee and Jack come riding in.

"I'll go contact the Admiral for extra protection." Ark said.

"Hey, guess who's back." Jack said as Arcee transformed.

Alora's eyes widened when she saw Jack. She ran towards him and nearly tackled him to the ground with a hug.

"I am so sorry." he told her.

"I don't care, I'm just glad you're safe." Alora said. This made Bumblebee a little jealous. Anyways, Alora was looking happier than ever before.

"Autobots, prepare for departure." Optimus said.

"I'll ready my ship for some back up." Alora said.

"Where to?" Arcee asked.

"The final frontier." Anika said.

"Space? I thought they didn't have any way to get there." Jack said.

"They don't really, only Ally's team." Raf said as Bumblebee put him down.

"So... um, be seeing you." Jack said to Arcee.

Ratchet opened a bridge.

"Be careful Bee." Raf said. Bumblebee beeped and walked away.

"I'm so jealous!" Miko exclaimed.

"Don't even think about following me." Bulkhead warned.

"Optimus, if you leave me on this planet teeming with humans let alone Ahsoka, I will never forgive you." Ratchet said.

"Until we meet again old friend." Optimus said as his battle mask appeared on his face "Autobots roll out!"

They all transformed and, well... rolled out.

"Maximum overdrive." Optimus said.

The ground bridge opened up and the Autobots jumped out.

"Autobots transform and gravitize." Optimus said, and they did so.

"Don't look down, or up, or left." Bulkhead said.

Optimus looked out and saw Alora's ship fly past them along with some clones and the Republic cruiser. "She actually came." he thought, and then he saw the Decepticon/ Seperatist warship come towards them.

"So Megatron is packing enough Dark Energon to raise Cybertrons dead?" Arcee asked.

"And since we don't have the means of disabling the spacebridge, nothing gets in or out." Optimus said as everyone unfolded their blasters.

"Optimus Prime and Alora never disappoints," Megatron said as he watched them "unlike you Starscream."

"No need to have any concern Lord Megatron, Soundwave is locking onto Cybertrons coordinates as we speak, per me and Ivy's instructions." Starscream said.

"Well, what are they waiting for?" Alora asked.

Optimus zoomed in on the warship. "It would seem that the Decepticons and Seperatists have received damage to their interstellar navigational system."

"That's my handy work." Bulkhead stated.

"Great job Bulkhead, without the dish, they will not be able to lock onto Cybertron." Optimus said.

"Don't the Decepticons know where their own planet is?" Raf asked.

"Naturally, but Cybertron's many light years away, to lock on their aim must be astronomically precise." Ratchet said.

"If Megatron went through all the trouble rendezvousing with a space bridge he must have an alternate targeting system." Optimus said.

"A remote one." Alora added.

"From what I know of Earths technology, I doubt that there exist a single radio telescope dish powerful enough to pinpoint Cybertron." Ratchet said.

"What if it was a whole bunch of linked radio telescope dishes, like the size array in Texas?" Raf asked.

"Now I get what Master Yoda means by a child's mind is truly wonderful." Ark said.

"This is not childs play." Ratchet argued.

"Good thinking Raf." Optimus said, making Ratchet shocked "Ratchet, have Agent Fowler alert the array staff to the security hazard."

"You soldier, you're out of uniform! Put on some pants." Fowler said, still out of it.

Rex and Cody looked confused for a moment.

"That may be a challenge." Ratchet said. Raf walked over to the computers and started to type in commands.

"I can't get past the arrays' fire walls, they're too thick!" Raf said.

"You actually think you can keep the Decepticons and Seperatists out?" Rex questioned.

"Maybe, if I could get in." Raf said.

"Wait, Raf what if we could get you all the way in, like inside the building in." Anikan said.

"Then he could log into the system on the other side of the fire wall." Anika said.

"The risk is too great, the Decepticons or Seperatists will be there, perhaps even on site."

Optimus said.

"With all do respect Optimus, Alora said it herself, this is more than the safety of three humans." Jack said.

"Yeah, if you let them win we're fragged along with everyone else on our planet." Miko said.

"Optimus, I have complete faith in Raf." Alora said.

"Raf." Optimus considered.

"I wanna give it a shot." Raf said.

"Now I really like this kid." Anikan said.

"I'll go with them, just for back up." Anika said.

"Surely Lord Megatron, the Autobots and Republic are up to something." Starscream said.

"Really Starscream." Megatron siad. Starscream just smiled and shrugged.

"I do believe Starscream is right father." Ivy said "That fool Thettaskiff is leading a squad of clones to protect the Autobots."

"That Thettaskiff is a Prime and your cousin." Megatron muttered.

"My WHAT!?" Ivy shouted.

Megatron ignored her and slammed on a button. "Crush them."

Vulture droids and drones began to attack.

"Here comes the welcoming committee." Bulkhead said.

"Don't worry, they're just more oversized clankers to scrap." Alora said.

Jack, Miko, Anika, and Raf jumped through the ground bridge. Anika was the only one who didn't look like she was going to be sick.

"Alora's right, that will take some getting used to." Jack said, rubbing his head.

They saw the building and ran to it.

Optimus was shooting drones left and right.

"Come on boys, let's scrap 'em." Alora told the squad, earning some cheers in return.

Optimus slammed down a drone, and threw it at a droid.

Bulkhead used his wrecking ball to slam a 'Cons head in.

Arcee shot and kicked some droids. She unfolded her arm blades and sliced into some drones.

Miko checked the halls, and closed the door. "Security sure lacks in this place."

"I'm in," Raf said while on the computer "and so are the Decepticons and Seperatists."

"What?" Jack said.

"How can you tell?" Miko asked.

"The schematics, it's the same alien math that Alora understands." Anika said.

She was in her human clothes, which was a light purple tank top with a dark purple no sleeved off the shoulder sweater, a blue jean skirt, purple leggings, since she has lightsaber burns on the back of her knees she likes to hide the scars, purple short boots, and a purple purse that held her lightsaber, her long hair was still braided.

"But this time I can download it." Raf said as he put the flash drive in.

"Must be for the space bridge." Miko said.

"They're syncing to the dishes, but I can sync to them." Raf said.

"Will they know?" Jack asked.

"Even if they see that he's in the system, they'll have no idea he's in the house." Anika said.

Little did they know that Soundwave was in the room next to them. Syncing to the dishes. He was getting closer and closer to Cybertron.

They were fighting with all they had, until they felt the space bridge shift.

"What just happened?" Arcee asked.

"The Decepticons and Seperatists are locking onto Cybertron." Optimus said.

They had locked on.

"Lord Megatron, the space bridge is ready." Starscream informed.

"Finally." Megatron said.

"Seriously, what do you mean that she's my cousin?" Ivy questioned.

"Ivy, your mother was Alora's mother's sister, Alora's real father is Optimus, who is also my brother, so that makes her your cousin." Megatron said leaving Ivy shocked.

"They're locked onto Cybertron, but not for long." Raf said. He typed in a few commands and lowered the dishes.

Anika and Miko high fived each other. "Yes! We did it!"

The space bridge powered down.

Bumblebee beeped in victory. Optimus punched a drone.

"Indded Bumblebee, this can only be Rafs doing." Optimus said, paying close attention to Alora as she flew by.

"Starscream, what is happening." Megatron growled.

"Soundwave,what is happening." Starscream panicked.

Ivy was having a mental breakdown on trying to understand everything she just found out about.

Soundwave searched through the video cameras and found the four kids.

"The dishes are heading towards Cybertron." Anika said.

"I'll just undo that again." Raf sighed.

Soundwave sent one of his tentacles to attack.

"What happens when they realize that they're being punked?" Jack asked.

"it's only virtual combat, like online gaming." Anika said.

"Yeah Jack, what are they gonna do? They're probably like, a thousand miles away." Miko said.

Jack turned and saw Soundwaves tentacle above Anika.

He screamed, Miko screamed when it grabbed both of them.

"I won't let them lock on again." Raf said as Anika drew her lightsbaer, it was purple.

Something inside Anika told her not to attack. 'Stop it Anakania, it's Soundwave, you may have trusted him but I don't.'. She was arguing with her incarnation.

The tentacle threw, Jack, Miko, and Anika against the wall. Raf typed faster. As the tentacle came closer to him he grabbed the flashdrive and ran to the others.

Miko picked up the axe that was behind her. she was going to attack but it whacked her back and took the axe.

"You handed it an axe?!" Jack yelled.

"Who's side are you on anyways?" Anika shouted.

"Not good." Raf said.

The tentacle was about to attack but pulled away. Soundwave was locked on, again. This time he cut the wire.

The four burst through the doors. Miko took out her phone and took a picture of Soundwave. In return he took a picture of the four. He then transformed and flew away.

"Why's he leaving?" Miko asked.

"He cut the hard-line, the dishes are locked onto Cybertron for good." Raf said.

"Now Starscream?" Megatron asked.

"Now." Starscream said.

"I can't believe that she's my cousin." Ivy said, still having a mental breakdown.

The space bridge opened up now, and Megatron threw the Dark Energon.

"At last." he exclaimed.

Optimus tried to shoot at it but missed. Alora got closer to it and started to shoot.

"Alora get away from that, I do not need it affecting your Energon." Optimus blurted out. The rest of the Autobots were gaping at him once they realized what he just said.

"My What?!" Alora siad, stunned, but then screamed in pain when a droid caught her off gaurd and shot her. She was going down.

"Ratchet, open a bridge!" Optimus ordered.

"Optimus what di you just say to Alora?" Ratchet asked.

"Ratchet, Alora is going to crash without that bridge!" Arcee shouted.

The ground bridge opend for her, where she managed to get through, just as the Dark Energon went through to Cybertron.

It landed, and started to wake the dead.

Alora's ship skidded through the ground bridge, it flipped a couple of times and stopped. Everyone watched in horror.

Obi-Wan had been able to open the cock-pit to get her out. She was unconscious, with a huge gash on her forehead, and a few cuts and bruises. He picked her up bridal style and set her down on the medical berth Ratchet had set up, and gently laid her down, where Ratchet began to work on her.

"Rise my legion." Megatron said. They were coming now.

The Autobots went from looking at the spacebridge to looking at a very edgy looking Optimus and back.

"So how do we beat a whole planet of the undead?" Bulkhead asked.

"Optimus, I'm registering a rapidly growing mass in their vortex, one with a peculiar energy signature." Ratchet informed.

"Dark Energon." Optimus replied "Ratchet we must destroy the space bridge. There is enough live Energon coursing through it to achieve detonation, but we lack the fire power to ignite it."

"If I knew how the space bridge was engineered, I would find a technical way to accomplish that feat." Ratchet said.

"Um, would scamatics help?" Raf asked.

"Optimus I must say, the space bridge is our sole hope of ever returning to Cybertron, are you certain its destruction is the only option?" Ratchet asked.

"I am afraid so." Optimus said.

Ratchet looked over to Alora who was laying there surrounded by her brother and sister, Alora had lost Energon and she wasn't responding to anything he did.

"Than by all means, let us light our darkest hour." he said.

"Autobots take your positions and follow Ratchets lead," Optimus said, he turned to see Megatron head towards him "while I make my stand."

Megatron transformed and landed in front of Optimus. "Your fellow Autobots are wise Optimus, they know when to retreat."

"I hold no elusion in engaging your army Megatron, but I might derail its objective," Optimus said as he unfolded his blade "by removing its head."

Megatron laughed "Highly unlikely Optimus, for I am infused with their very might."

"One shall stand, one shall fall." Optimus said.

Megatron made the first move. Optimus advanced and their blades met. Megatron punched Optimus in the stomach. Optimus deflected a few more hits and made his own. Pushing Megatron back, Optimus charged at him bringing his blade down on his, but Megatron deflected it and pushed his blade back. Above them the mass grew bigger.

"These things are getting closer, that's bad right?" Fowler who was now awake asked.

"Ratchet, we're in position." Arcee said.

"Arcee, pay close attention." Ratchet said when Raf pulled up the schematics.

Megatron hit Optimus, slashed at him, then he sliced off his blade. Megatron punched Optimus which sent him flying, he then grabbed Optimus's foot and slammed him down to the ground then threw him back. Electricity crackled off of Optimus's body. Megatron was about to strike Optimus with his blade and..

"Master." Starscream said.

"Starscream, what is it." Megatron growled.

"We do not wish to question your all-seeing wisdom father, but we do believe that the Autobots are up to something, beneath your bridge this time." Ivy said.

"Miss direction Optimus. You would have made a fine Decepticon." Megatron said as he brought his blade down, but Optimus blocked it.

"I chose my side." Optimus said. He pushed back Megatrons blade, formed his blaster and shot Megatron, the blast pushed Megatron back. As he continued to shoot, Megatron transformed and flew away.

"Starscream, Ivy, my army approaches, rendezvous with the space bridge for pick up."

Megatron ordered.

"Now follow the line from the flow regulator to the Energon pump, there should be a valve." Ratchet instructed.

"I see it." Arcee said and pushed a button.

"Good, now to turn all that power against itself all you need do is reverse the current." Ratchet said.

Arcee let out a little grunt as she turned the valve.

"Current reversed." she said.

"Yes! Right?" Fowler said.

"I will ready the ground bridge." Ratchet said.

The Autobots began to shoot at Megatron.

'Oh look, one of the people Optimus loves most.' Megatron thought as he shot Arcee.

She screamed in pain a little and drifted off into space.

The bridge began to explode. Megatron flew in front of it and transformed. "Starscream, where's my ship?"

"We would never make it Lord Megatron, don't be a fool, take flight and retreat!" Starscream said.

"Optimus the ground bridge is ready and waiting." Ratchet said.

"Autobots jump." Optimus ordered, and he jumped.

Bulkhead and Bumblebee followed, but Bumblebee managed to grab Arcee when he did.

"My legion." Megatron said, the space bridge was falling apart around him "No." When he touched one of the Zombies hand, everything exploded.

"Decepticons and Seperatists, it is with great sorrow that we note for the log that my father's spark has been extinguished." Ivy said.

"All hail Ivy, Dooku, and Starscream." Starscream said.

"Do you think they're..." Raf wasn't able to finish his sentence.

"Other than Alora's team, four life signals, but one is very faint." Ratchet stated.

Optimus came through, though he half expected Alora to be standing there smiling, but that didn't happen. Bulkhead got that reaction.

"Bulkhead!" Ahsoka and Miko shrieked when they ran to him.

Then Bumblebee came in carrying Arcee, jack ran over to them.

"We lost one this week, and by the Allspark don't let it be three." Ratchet said.

That made Optimus, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead look confused. Ratchet backed away to reveal a very battered Alora.

"She lost a little too much Energon than her body should." Ratchet said.

'Great, the two people I love most are dying in front of me.' Optimus thought.

"Arcee." Jack said when he put his hand on hers.

"Jack, really? There are other motorcycles in the world." Arcee said.

"Yeah, but you're my first." Jack said.

"And Megatron?" Ratchet asked.

"Not even he could have survived ground zero." Optimus answered.

"Prime!" Fowler called "I owe you one, we all do." And he left.

Chapter 13

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