Developed by kouri verl

Adapted by Your Sorceress Knight


In the early afternoon, under a gray sky... Ib and her parents were on their way to an art gallery...

"Did you remember everything Ib?"

"Oh! Do you have your handkerchief? You know, the one you got for your birthday?"

"Keep it safe in your pocket, okay? Don't lose it!"

I walked into the museum with my parents. I felt a soothing sensation as I entered. Joyful, yet melancholy music played in the background, a symphony of violin and piano, giving a very cultured and artistic atmosphere.

"Well, we're here," said mother. She was a pretty woman. She had lush brown hair that was pulled into a ponytail and bangs that almost went down to her ruby red eyes.

"This is your first time in an art gallery, right, Ib? We're here today to see an exhibition of works by an artist named Guertena... And they don't just have paintings, but sculptures... and all kinds of other creations!" she lectured.

With a smile, she said to me, "I don't doubt that even you'll enjoy it, Ib."

My father turned to us and said, "Should we get to the reception desk?" Though he was a quiet man, he had the passion of a thousand fervent souls.

We walked up to reception and my father began to inquire about today's schedule and exhibits. Behind the receptionist, I saw what appeared to be a fish head with a signature "G" and some text above it. I was starting to get bored so I asked my mother if I could go on ahead and see the paintings.

"Hm? You want to go on ahead? Really, Ib..." said my mother with exasperation.

She sighed and gave in. "Oh all right. Just make sure you're quiet in the gallery, okay? Don't make a ruckus!" she warned me.

Her stern look waned and the smile I knew and loved came round. "Not that there's any need to worry about you, I suppose... Don't cause the other visitors any trouble now!"