The Porter family was visiting Cape Cod in 2017, when tragedy happened. That horrific day was a hot one, so when the Porter family got there, there was already tons of tourists lying on the bay.

"Lola!" Mrs. Porter yelled to her youngest daughter, who was running into the water. "Don't go too far!"

"Yeah, don't go too far, or Bruce will come back and bite you!" Molly, the 2nd oldest daughter of the Porters, snickered to Lola, trying to scare her. When they were driving to Massachusetts, all of the 5 kids in the Porter family had watched Jaws.

Mrs. Porter glared at Molly and turned to Mr. Porter, who was putting lotion on the youngest son, Monty. When Mr. Porter was done, Monty ran into the ocean after Lola.

Jason, the oldest of the family, was taping something into his iPhone 10. Mr. Porter took the phone from Jason, "Why don't you go surfing with Molly?" The Porter family was really big into surfing, so when Mr. Porter asked Jason if he wanted to go surfing, Jason didn't hesitate.

Molly and Jason dove into the water, unaware of what was lurking below them.

The oldest daughter, Marissa, was lying on the folding chair, wanting no part of the family.

"Marissa!" Lola yelled to her, "Why don't you come and find shells with me?"

Marissa grunted and trudged over to Lola and Monty, who were in scuba gear and were holding a plastic bag with all different colored shells in them. Lola handed Marissa a pink bag that said 'deb' on the front. She reluctantly took it and sank in the crystal clear water.

The family dog, a brown German short haired pointer named Buddy, sprang into the salted water, biting at every wave. Mr. Porter grabbed a bone from the floral beach bag and threw it straight ahead of Buddy, who paddled over to it and started attacking it.

A few yards from Buddy, Jason and Molly were having good luck with the waves. Molly pointed to a huge wave and quickly started paddling to it. Jason decided to let her have it, since they only came here once a month.

Molly got up on the board perfectly and started riding the wave. She was up for a minute when she felt a bump on her board, which knocked her into the water.

"Molly? Are you okay?" Jason yelled to her.

"Yeah! I probably hit a stick or something." Molly knew that there were sharks, but she never would have thought she hit one with her surf board just a second ago. But she did.

Jason and Molly rode the waves until they got to the shore, then they told Mr. Porter about the bump of the surf board.

"It was the bone I threw to Buddy, guys, there's nothing to be afraid of." Mr. Porter turned back on taping on his iPad 2.

Jason shrugged and they went back into the water.

"Lola!" Monty yelled to Lola, even though they were a few feet away. Monty lifted up a yellow and orange shell and then stuffed it in the bag.

"Huddle in for a picture!" Mrs. Porter yelled. Everyone came in except for Lola, who was under water looking for shells.

"Where's Lola?" Marissa asked Jason, who was holding his blue surf board.

"I don't know you were looking after her." Marissa looked at where Lola was just at before she submerged.

"Mom, I can't find Lola." Marissa pointed out.

"Okay, we will just do the older kids then. Monty, go find your sister." Monty obeyed and went behind Molly, Jason, and Marissa.

Behind them, at 4 feet of water and wearing a life jacket, Molly was feeling for shells when she felt a weird presence. As a little kid she didn't know, but she surfaced anyways.

"Mommy! Look what I—" At that moment a 14 foot great white grabbed Lola from behind and dragged her under.

Molly reached for Monty and lifted him to shore.

"Lola!" Jason yelled and dived toward her.

"Jason!" Marissa yelled after him.

"Come to shore Marissa, let him go." When Marissa got to shore, Molly wrapped her arms around her.

Jason fiercely swam toward the pool of blood surrounding Lola and the shark. He could hear Mr. Porter yelling to the lifeguards.

Finally, he reached to Lola and found the shark, too. He started to hit it and that made his hands bleed. He remembered reading an article on how to get sharks to let go and he started poking the shark's eyes.

Surprisingly, the shark released Lola. Jason wrapped his arms around her and dragged her to shore, leaving a trail of Lola's blood.

He looked down and he saw that half of Lola's shin was hanging out and her face was pale.

"Lola," he whispered to her. A tear formed on her small face.

"Jason, I love you," Lola's eyes started to slowly close, but Jason shook her and her eyes snapped open.

Jason handed Lola off to a guard and he laid her on a purple and pink towel. The family huddled around Lola.

She died right then and there.

That was just the beginning of the killing spree.

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