Over and over again, that's all that ever happens. Eridan had just asked Sollux over Trollian to be his matesprit, or kismesis, whatever suited the Gemini, and he just kept saying no, that he had a huge problem of his own for the past few days. The prince had even volunteered to go over and help Sollux with whatever problem he might be talking about, but he said that nobody, not even his best friend Karkat, was allowed to come over until he fixed it.

Sighing, Eridan pushed his glasses up his nose because they had been slipping off. He hadn't seen Sollux since the fight, and he left right after, not even looking back to the damage he had done. The memory came flooding back to him and what happened, and he growled under his breath.

He was winning, that stupid mustard blooded douche was winning and you didn't like it one bit. You're a seadweller and this… this mongrel is just using you as his own personal punching bag! Growling to him, he was on the other side of the room and looked beat up. His glasses were askew on his face, his nose bleeding and there were bite marks and scratches all over him, along with a few bruises. You do have to admit he looks a little more attractive like that, but you don't let it cloud your thinkpan as you shakily aim your wand at him. "This is for the fuckin' shit you'we caused me, low-wuhblood." You spit out at him muttering a few words under your breath, which you swear you messed up a few of them, eh, like it mattered in the end, he would be knocked out for days after this. You whip the wand in your hand as a white flash engulfs him and the Gemini screeches, literally screeches. Your purple fins swivel down from the distraught noise as you leave, not even caring about the screaming mass on the floor.

Rolling his yellow eyes, Eridan thought about paying the pathetic Gemini a visit. So, gathering his cape and flipping on his scarf, he walked out his hive door, walking on the sand before finding a boat, pushing it into the water, and rowing it to the shore where he beached it. Now for the long trek to Sollux's hive.

By the time he finally reaches the ridiculously tall hivesystem Sollux calls home, Eridan grunts under his breath at the hour walk he just took, and was glad he took a small five minute break on a bench not that far from where he was standing. Sighing, Eridan enters the door and walks into the lobby. There was this lowblooded troll quirking a brow at him, no highbloods even visited the place, so it was quite odd when the seadweller had barged in. He had remembered the number to Sollux's room when he came in here a few days ago, of course, it was 222. Not wanting to climb all those stairs, he took the elevator.

A soft ding sounded and Eridan stepped out of the elevator, walking down the hallway to the door with the numbers 222 on it, half blue and half red. There was also something he didn't notice before, but a few little yellow drawings were made on the door. It must be from the younger trolls with their lusi not caring about where they are. Knocking softly on the door, Eridan calls out to the other dual-themed troll. "Sol?" Not receiving an answer, he jiggles the doorknob, finding it open. Stupid pissblood, he just leaves his door open like that? How stupid.

Eridan walks into the small block, shutting the door softly behind him in case that Sollux didn't hear his soft call from the other side of the door. Looking around, he doesn't even see the other, but he knows that he is somewhere in this hive. A bunch of pizza boxes and wires and game grubs scattered the floor, along with some honey off in the corner with the mainframes. What a sloppy troll.

Rolling his violet-tinted grey eyes from behind his hipster glasses, he catches a little movement under a yellow and black plaid blanket on the yellow blood's couch. Was that Sollux? Probably, that or that was one huge squeakbeast. Walking closer up to the small mound in the blankets, whatever is under there shifts and mumbles something, that familiar lisp being uttered. Yep, that is definitely Sollux under there, but, why was the lump so small? Something wasn't adding up. With a quick flick of his wrist, the seadwelling royal blood grabbed the blanket and tugged it off the napping boy on the couch.

What was in front of the seadweller was utterly the last thing he thought it would be. He wasn't wrong about it being Sollux, no, it was the state he was in. Apparently those words he messed up did affect him. The Gemini looked like he was only two sweeps old! He even held some of the chubbiness that younger trolls have, though it wasn't much because hey, this is Sollux we're talking about, he is naturally very thin and lanky, but the small about of grub fat on him made him look even younger. His small ears flickered gently feeling the cool breeze from the blanket moving brush against him.

All Eridan could do was stare, and stare, and stare, and, well, you get the point. It was a good few minutes later before Sollux's small eyes blinked open sleepily, and he didn't even have his glasses on, probably because now they would be too big on his now smaller face. The little Gemini sat up and yawned, he still had that overbite, and it just looked adorable on him now. Sollux rubbed his blue eye with the back of his wrist as he stared up at the slightly blushing hipster prince. "E-Eridan?" He asked, not really believing if the other was standing in front of him or not.

Blinking back at Sollux from behind his glasses, Eridan's mouth was slightly agape as he was utterly speechless. What the fuck was happening? He had no idea, but he figured he needed to help him. Sure, the hipster seadweller hated Sol, but, he just felt awful for him in this state, being only two sweeps old, it must have been a huge change. "Sol?" He asks warily, reaching out his arms and picking up the sleepy little psionic, cradling him in his own arms like a little baby, or grub in this case. Oh my god, he could fit in his arms. This was rather shocking to the violet blood.

On his back, Sollux placed his small hands on his chest, still sleepy from just waking up. The mustard blood's ears lowered as he yawned again, his forked tongue hanging slightly out of his mouth as he did so. Eridan couldn't help but smile shyly at this little display. Mismatched solid eyes fluttered wide open and he stared up at the other's face. "Huh…" He mumbled before snapping back to attention. "I thought I told you ta' not come in here!" Sollux whined, kicking his legs a few times. Frowning back up at Eridan, the bigger, and now older, troll just pinched his chubby cheeks, causing Sollux to growl. Well, it wasn't a real growl, since at two sweeps his vocal chords were not developed enough to properly make the noise, it came out warbled and odd sounding, which just made Eridan chuckle.

"Oh my god Sol, that's adorable!" He giggled like a little school girl as he stopped pinching his cheeks, Sollux grabbing Eridan's larger hand with his two small ones, digging tiny claws in his palm, which made Eridan chuckle. Sollux's claws were too small to even break the skin, but he tried. "Sol don't ewen try, it tickles." He said, going down and sitting on the couch, Sollux still in his arms. "Now-wuh now-wuh Sol, behawe yourself, don't need you hurtin' anythin'." Even though Eridan knew Sollux couldn't really hurt him with those small claws, he just wanted to get his point across to the pouting, somewhat growling, troll in his arms. "Now-wuh let go little grub." He smirked slightly at the word 'grub'.

Frowning and pouting still, his odd growling sound disappeared and he let go. "I'm not a thtupid grub!" Sollux yelled at him, crossing his arms and huffing, his now child-like voice was of a higher pitch than when he was six sweeps old, but he still had that lisp of his. Though Eridan and Sollux alike doubted it would just vanish with this change. Oh Eridan would have fun with this, even though he didn't want to play lusus to a little wriggler with psionic powers, he honestly just couldn't bring himself to just stand up and leave, so he sat there, chuckling lightly at the mini-Sollux he was still holding.