After the movie was over, little Sollux yawned and stretched, curling up on Eridan's lap, the older of the two looking down and putting an arm around his small belly. "Okay Sol, wuh-what do you wuh-wanna do now-wuh?" Sollux just looked up at Eridan with those large, dimly glowing eyes.

Shrugging, Sollux stretched a bit before looking at Eridan's large arm, putting his small little hands on it. The small troll's claws were tiny, running gently over the soft sweater the royal blood wore. "I don't know." His voice was soft, obviously a little tired. What sold it was when Sollux yawned, Eridan chuckling.

Unwrapping his arm from around Sollux, the seadweller picked Sollux up from under his arms, lifting him up. Of course Sollux kicked his feet around and demanded to be let down, Eridan not listening. "Wuh-well little wriggler I think it's time for you to go to sleep."

Sollux just crossed his arms and pouted. "But I don't want to!" He argued, looking down at Eridan's lap as his ears slicked back in annoyance. Yes he was tired, but only young trolls go to sleep this earl- oh, hey right. He was two sweeps old now.

The prince chuckled. "Too bad. Sol, you're goin' in your coon wuh-whether you like it or not." The Gemini whined and Eridan stood up, bringing Sollux close to his chest. Another yawn came from him and Eridan smirked. "See, you wuh-were tired, little wuh-one." It felt weird calling Sollux that, especially since he was tall and skinny as hell normally. But, now he could fit in Eridan's arms and had a bit of grub fat on him.

Pouting and curling up against his chest, Sollux whined. "But I don't want to!" He repeated, eyes narrowed up at Eridan. The other just chuckled. Eridan knew he had the upper hand and he could have Sollux do what he said. Sollux didn't like it at all.

"Wuh-what did I say, Sol? Too bad, you hawe to go to sleep." Sollux just made that same growling noise from an hour or two ago and kicked his legs out again. Starting to get pissed off, Eridan gave a low, loud, and full growl at Sollux. It didn't have the desired effect. Eridan pouted a bit, holding out Sollux in front of him from under his arms again.

Continuing to kick his feet around, the yellow blooded troll bared his fangs at Eridan. The more the Aquarius thought about it, the more it seemed that only a portion of the time Sollux was able to get a grip on his six sweep old thoughts and think pan, and it was showing now. "Calm dowuh-wn, Sol, you really look like you need a nap now-wuh."

All Sollux did was make that warbled growling noise, kick his feet, and slick back his ears. "I don't care jutht let me the fuck go! I don't want to nap!" He just kept trying to fight, digging his tiny claws into Eridan's arms as he tried to push up. It was no use, Eridan had a good grip on him. Plus, those small claws didn't even hurt.

Walking over to Sollux's respite block, Eridan put Sollux back against his chest as he made his way in, looking at his coon. It wouldn't be safe for such a small troll to be in there, so he had another idea. Going into the closet, Eridan grabbed a few blankets, and was surprised to see a stuffed bumble bee plush in there. Sollux seemed to flush in embarrassment and Eridan just chuckled. Picking it up, he gave it to Sollux as he put the blankets over one of his shoulders. "Buzzy!" He squealed, hugging the bee tight as Eridan shut the closet and walked back to the main block.

Sitting down on the couch, Eridan folding one of the soft blankets down and put it down on his lap as Sollux was still huddled up on his chest. Afterwards, the prince lied the small Gemini down on the blanket, taking the smaller, softer one he picked out and folded it up to use as a makeshift pillow, sliding it under his head. Last but not least Eridan draped the softest and warmest blanket over Sollux and his stuffed bee, the boy giggled and squealing.

Bringing a hand up, Eridan carefully ran his fingers through the other's soft black hair. That seemed to help soothe him because soon enough Sollux was yawning more, snuggling up to his bee and his eyes slipped shut. "Sleep tight." Eridan whispered to Sollux as he finally slept.

Now, to think of a way to try and get him back to normal.

Eridan didn't know how he would go around doing it, but he sighed. Flipping on the television, he lowered the volume when Sollux groaned and shifted, still holding his bee tight. It was really adorable, Eridan couldn't deny that much. It was strange thinking of him like that too, since all they ever did normally was bicker and fight. Finding a series that he didn't even know the name of on, he figured it looked interesting enough to hold his attention, at least, enough to make sure he himself didn't fall asleep with Sollux.

Speaking of Sollux, Eridan looked down at the sleeping troll who was cuddled up close to his stuffed bee. He couldn't help cracking a small smile. Sollux just couldn't help being so adorable, he just was like this.

After a few minutes of the show, once a commercial came on, Eridan started to wonder how long it would take to fix this, well, if he even knew how to fix it. Although a little Sollux was cute now, he honestly didn't want to have to take care of him until he grew back into his rightful age again. Besides, that was around four sweeps away, and Eridan and the others would be around ten then. The only hope Eridan felt he had was to look it up once he could get back to his hive. If he got back.

The small mustard blooded troll shifted in his spot again, and Eridan sighed. Couldn't be too long of a nap, right? Sollux would hopefully be asleep for a long while, little trolls needed their sleep. Besides, it was close to sunrise, and he was tired. Letting his eyes slip shut, he cuddled Sollux closer to his body gently to make sure he would be safer.

Eyes fluttering open from behind thick framed glasses as he yawned, a little confused about the weight on his lap until he remembered what had happened. He had turned Sollux into a two sweep old a few days ago, and now he was grubsitting. Groaning as his neck cracked, he looked down to see Sollux still fast asleep with his little bee. Smiling a small smile, Eridan ran his fingers gently through Sollux's black locks soothingly, calmly as he slept on.

Fins perked and flickered at the sound of the television, huh, he must have left it on as he slept. There was a different series on, one about teenage wizards or something. Eridan just now woke up, but he did catch the word wizard a few times. It seemed odd, to be honest.

Anyways, a small stirring brought Eridan's eyes away from the television and that show to look down at Sollux. A part of Eridan wanted Sollux to start acting like a two sweep old again, because he thought it was just too cute. Another part of Eridan was yelling at him saying 'get your think pan out of the clouds and figure out a way to fix this'. Another stir and a pair of solid, mismatched eyes blinked up and open, staring right at Eridan. Sollux yawned, still clutching his bee as his forked tongue poked out of his mouth again, and Eridan chuckled, moving his hand out of Sollux's hair. "Sleep wuh-well?" He asked softly.

With a small nod Sollux sat up, looking up at Eridan, then back at his bee. "Yeah." It was still hard getting used to that voice of his now, it was so child-like, but then again, Sollux was technically a wriggler again. Ears flickered and perked up at the sound of the television being on, and he looked over at it. Tilting his head, Sollux had never watched much television, so he wasn't sure what he was looking at on the screen. "What ith thith?"

"I dunno, some show-wuh about wuh-wizards or some fuckery." Eridan said after a moment, not sure how to explain it since he just woke up and found it on. "So wuh-what do you say wuh-we-" Oh fuck no.

Sollux just threw up. Poor baby; all over himself too, and Eridan, and the blankets, somehow missing his bee. The Gemini sniffled and looked to the point of tears again. Making a disgusted sound, Eridan patted Sollux's head. "Looks like I'm giwin' you a bath." Oh great, wouldn't that be fun. Not.

Taking the bee and putting it on the couch, he got up, the vomit covered Sollux cradled in his arms along with the blankets. Eridan would have to wash everything while he was getting cleaned up. This wasn't supposed to happen, he wasn't supposed to be grubsitting a wriggler Sollux, the royal blood meant to come over and have some black sloppy make outs. Looks like that's not happening anytime soon, at all.

Making his way to the abulation trap, Eridan knelt down, setting Sollux on the tile floor as he whimpers, still covered in that mustard-colored vomit. Truthfully Eridan felt bad for Sollux, because it must have been the over-full stomach that caused this. Starting the water, Eridan waited until it was at a nice, warm temperature before starting to fill it up, putting the drain-stopper in to make sure the water didn't go down the drain and stayed in the tub.

Sollux on the other hand didn't seem to be doing so well, he was sniffling again and there were a few tears running down his chubby cheeks. Eridan felt his vascular pump almost break at the sight. Giving off a pout of his own, the Aquarius waited until the tub was filled a decent amount before stopping the water. Okay, now how to get the little guy out of his clothes.

Giving it some thought, he figured Sollux wouldn't care if he had to take off his clothes for the tub since he probably wanted to get out of them anyways. "Alright, Sol," He started. "Time to get you in the tub." Carefully lifting up his now stained shirt, Eridan tossed the small thing to the side. He made a mental note that he would probably have to wash everything because those were the only small clothes that Sollux probably had. Either that of get him some new ones, and he wasn't doing that. Taking off his socks and shoes, Eridan looked up at the face of the other and frowned. Sollux looked awful and probably felt just as bad.

Next came his pants, and a choked sob tied with a growl bubbled up the little troll's throat when Eridan started undoing them and taking them off. "Behawe, Captor. I'm tryin' to help you." He said in the firmest and most stern tone he could. The reaction was instant, the Gemini nodded and let Eridan continue. The prince then took off his boxers, and they were tiny. Luckily trolls kept their bulges sheathed otherwise this would have been a bit awkward for both boys.

Picking him up from under Sollux's arms again, Eridan gently sat the sniffling, tiny troll in the warm tub water. It reached just about his chest. Sollux looked around at the water in the tub as Eridan stood up and grabbed a facecloth. Dunking and wetting it in the tub, he tilted Sollux's small chin up so the other would have to face him as he gently scrubbed the already crusting up vomit from his face.

The psionic whimpered and made that warbled growling noise as Eridan continued to wash his face until he was done. Eridan on the other hand didn't care, he just wanted to finish this up so that he could take off his shirt and pants, and throw those along with all of Sollux's clothes in the washer. Wait, did Sollux even have one?

Once the seadweller was done washing Sollux's face, he moved to his neck before placing the dirtied cloth beside him. The odd growling sound went away and Sollux sniffled, his ears lowered as a few more tears slid down his cheeks. Reaching forward, Eridan wiped the tears away gently with the pad of his thumb, frowning. "Oh, Sol, don't cry little one it's gonna be okay." The highblood said in his softest voice down at Sollux. The small boy looked up at him and sniffled, rubbing his red eye with the back of his wrist, shutting both eyes.

Eridan just let a small smile peek its way out, that was just adorable that he almost felt like squealing. Not being able to stop himself, the violet prince leaned down and lightly kissed the top of Sollux's head, mostly telling himself that it was meant to reassure the little boy that it was all okay and things would get better, but, Eridan only half believed that. Sollux's solid, pupil-less eyes snapped open in confusion when he felt what Eridan did, and there was questioning in both eyes.

Just staring back at Sollux, he sighed. "…It newer happened, 'kay?" Sollux nodded, and the highblood blushed slightly. Grabbing the shampoo from a ledge on the shower wall, he puts it on the edge of the tub. "Okay little guy, duck your head under." Doing as told, Sollux leans back and goes under, popping his head up a second later, his black hair sticking to his head and face.

Chuckling lightly, Eridan squirted the sweet smelling shampoo in one of his hands before shutting the cap and placing the bottle beside him, lathering it in both hands before running it through Sollux's soaked hair. It was obvious that the Gemini didn't want this to be done, but Eridan on the other hand was finding this cute. "Sol cheer up this has to be done. Wuh-would you rather I let you hawe your throw-wuh up stick on you all day?" A quick shake of the head was Sollux's answer.

"Don't touch my hornth." He warned, giving Eridan a pout. All the Aquarius did was chuckle lightly at that. It wasn't so much the horns that Sollux was talking about, rather than the sensitive bases. All trolls avoided them when washing up and Eridan knew the exact reason.

Giving his scalp a small massage, Eridan smiled. "Don't wuh-worry, I'll make sure not to touch 'em." Being careful of his trimmed claws, he started going just a little harder. In reaction, the small little Sollux gave out a warbled purr, his pointed ears perking up. Dual colored eyes fluttering shut, he leaned into the relaxing touch on his head as he continued to purr.

That time, Eridan just gave a wide smile down at the troll in the tub. Why did Sollux have to be so cute as a wriggler? Well, almost wriggler. If he was two sweeps he somehow just missed the pupation stage. So, Eridan guessed that technically he could get away with calling Sollux a little grub. But, other than that Eridan had no idea what to do with the tiny Gemini. It was going to be hard to search through his books back at his hive to see how to change him back. That is, if he found something to change him back, half of him wanted to change Sollux back, but another half wanted Sollux to stay two sweeps old forever.

Usually he and Sollux would be fighting right now, but, with him at two sweeps, Sollux was just a bundle of too cute and it seemed like he was just trying to act adorable. The psionic let Eridan cuddle up with him, let him wash and be kind to him without any questions. It was so nice; Eridan almost didn't want the old Sollux back. Almost.

Eridan was starting to miss the fights, Sollux denying the black pit of feelings swirling in both of their stomachs as they swore and bit each other, fighting until they couldn't anymore. The more time went on, the more the prince was wondering which Sollux was better, the normal Sollux that he knew and hated, or the one in the tub that was purring, sweet and just nice to have.

Stopping the massaging, the purring stopped soon after and Eridan sighed. Why was this so confusing? "Okay, duck you head under again." Doing as told, Sollux went completely under before coming back up a second or two later, needing air. Eridan chuckled and wiped back the strands of hair that were in Sollux's face. 'So cute.' He thought to himself as he just looked down and smiled at Sollux, who was busy looking at his small feet.

Looking up at Eridan after a moment, he spoke up in that child-like voice he gained. "Can I get out now, Eridan?" He asked, blinking up at him like an innocent little puppy.

Shaking his head, the seadweller grabbed a loofa and some body wash. "Ah ah ah, not yet little Solly, wuh-we gotta wuh-wash you up." Sollux just let out a small whine but Eridan looked expectantly at him, making Sollux be quiet. Wetting the mustard yellow loofa in the tub water, he put some of the body wash on it before washing and scrubbing the Gemini's chest lightly, being careful not to hurt him by going too hard.

As he was doing this, Sollux's small hands grabbed on to Eridan's wrist, and it was just now that Eridan realized how small they were. He was afraid to touch them, not wanting to break them, they looked so fragile and delicate, actually, that was what Sollux looked like overall now, an easily breakable little troll. Eridan smiled down at him, and not being able to help it again gently kissed his wet forehead. He couldn't help it, he just couldn't. This time though, Sollux giggled. It was adorable and light hearted and Eridan kissed his forehead again.

Done with washing his chest, Eridan sighed. How was he going to wash the rest of him? Taking off his own shirt and everything else, he pushed Sollux to the side and got in with him, the water now reaching the small troll's neck. Picking him up, Eridan sat Sollux down in his bare lap. Yeah, this was much more comfortable than before. Sollux squirmed a bit as Eridan washed his back thoroughly, wrapping his small, slightly chubby arms the best he could around his sides, avoiding his side gills. They didn't even touch his back and that thought just made Eridan smile again. Sollux was just so young, so little that anything about the lowblood was just adorable.

Finishing his back up, he sat Sollux back and ruffled his hair a little and started on his belly and legs, the small troll blushing slightly. He may be younger, but he still remembers being six, and that this was in fact, Eridan. The seadweller chuckled at his shyness, rubbing his back soothingly. "Don't be so embarrassed little guy." Sollux just crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at Eridan.

Pouting slightly, he just didn't even break eye contact. "I'm not little!" Eridan just chuckled again. The violet prince could tell that Sollux was trying to act big, but it just wasn't working.

"Oh but you are; such a tiny little thin'."

"Am not!"

"Don't deny it, Sol.

The tiny psionic just pouted up at him, and Eridan kissed the tip of his nose as he finished up with washing his small arms, being careful about it. "All done little cutie." Oh, did he just say that? Fuck, he didn't mean to say that! But, luckily for him it didn't seem to matter to the troll in his lap. Picking him up by under his arms again, Eridan placed him at the far end of the tub so the Aquarius could get out. Getting up, he stepped out of the tub and grabbed a red towel, drying himself off a bit before stepping over and getting a blue towel, sitting in front of the tub, picking Sollux up the same way as before and sitting him down in his towel covered lap, grabbing and blue towel and drying off the small little mustard blood.

Eyes squinting shut, Sollux let out a few grub squeaks while he was getting dried off. Oh crap. "Wuh-wait here, Sol." He said, placing Sollux on the ground covered up in the blue towel as Eridan wrapped the red one around his waist, grabbing the dirty clothes and walking out of the room.

Now, time to find out where the washer and drier in Sollux's small hive was. It took a bit of looking, but he soon found out that he would have to go downstairs to the laundry room to do this. Sighing, he found a white laundry basket and put their clothes in it, Eridan drying off completely before picking out new clothes from his sylladex, putting them on. Walking back in to the small, happy looking troll in the bathroom, he picked him up and took a good look at Sollux.

How would he be able to bring him down there without any clothes? Wrapping the towel around him semi-tightly, Sollux gave Eridan a questioning look. "Listen, you be a good little boy. I gotta go dowuh-wnstairs wuh-with you to get your tiny little clothes wuh-washed. You hawe to be on your best behawior or I'm not doin' it, got it?" Little Sollux gave a nod and Eridan cradled him with one arm to his chest, before deciding against it. He would need a free hand for carrying the basket.

Picking him up yet again, Eridan put the small troll on the back of his neck, his small legs hanging over the shoulders, his small claws not even hurting his scarf as they brushed against it, Sollux's hands gripping his horns as he put his chin in Eridan's damp, wavy hair. The boy's back was covered by Eridan's cape, so he felt a little safer with that.

Going back out into the main block, he also picked up his bee, the blankets, and a few of Sollux's larger shirts and putting them in the basket too, before picking the full thing up and resting it on his hip as he made his way out of the door, happy that at least Sollux was covered up in his soft, blue towel.

Leaving his hive, Eridan walked down the hallway to the elevator, pushing the button to get to the lobby and waiting, the small Gemini burying his hair in Eridan's hair and giggling, the older troll just kissing one of his small feet as Sollux giggled again. He was just precious in Eridan's thoughts, and he was so busy thinking about it that when the bell dinged to tell him they arrived on the main floor he let out a squeak in surprise, Sollux just smiling at it.

There were a lot of trolls out there, and as soon as Eridan stepped out they looked, half at because he was a seadweller and the highest blood that lived here was teal, but mostly for the fact that a little troll was on his shoulders. Sollux felt all the stares and shrunk back a bit, a small whine passing his lips. Eridan just frowned. He was just a little guy, and he was nervous, obviously. Walking down the lobby, soon they all stopped staring and Eridan walked down the stairs to the laundry room.

Once he got there, Eridan saw that there were a few trolls already down there washing their clothes and one of them leaving, walking past Eridan and Sollux. Making his way over to one of the washers, the royal blood set Sollux down beside him, kissing his forehead as the Gemini looked up at him a little nervously. He didn't cling to his leg, but he was close. Eridan looked down and almost chuckled, Sollux wasn't even as tall as his hips, just about the height of his knees, just slightly shorter than his knees, actually. Eridan was busy thinking about how just four sweeps ago he was this short, and in that time he grew to be taller than Eridan himself.

Opening the round opening to the washer, he set the basket on the cool tile floor and got on his knees, bringing his cape around the young troll next to him so he could huddle and curl against Eridan, which was exactly what he did. "Wuh-wanna help, Sol?" He asked in the softest voice he could. The Gemini nodded and Eridan smiled. "Okay, here you go." He set some of the dirty clothes in between them, well, only Sollux's large shirts and pants, along with his bee. "You can put those in wuh-while I do these." Sollux started putting in his clothes, but as soon as he was done with the clothes and Eridan was already done with putting the others away, the lowblood stopped, hugging the bee close to his chest. The prince turned around and saw the little troll hugging his stuffed bee close. "Wuh-what's wrong?" He asked, bringing a hand to run softly through his hair.

Sollux just looked down at his stuffed bee. "I don't wanna let it go." Eridan couldn't believe how he was acting, but he sighed. "Can't I jutht keep it with me?" He asked in a meek sounding voice.

Sighing, the older troll plucked the bee from Sollux's small arms and gently placed it in the washer, the sound Sollux made almost broke Eridan's vascular pump. "It's okay little wuh-wiggler, it'll be all clean and you can hawe it again in no time." The boy just clung to Eridan, and he scooped Sollux up, hugging him close to his chest as he started the washer, putting it on gentle because of the bee and walked over to a dark blue, plastic chair, sitting down and placing Sollux on his lap, facing him. "Cheer up, okay? I don't like to see you so sad." Putting a finger on either side of Sollux's mouth, he turned it up, chuckling. "See, just so easy." Sollux giggled and grabbed one of his wrists with both hands. Eridan was careful of Sollux's overbite when he took both fingers away, the hand that Sollux wasn't holding getting placed on the smaller troll's hip.

Bringing Sollux against his stomach, the young boy's side was against it as he faced the left, still holding Eridan's wrist. Leaning against Eridan, Sollux sighed, the seadweller wrapping his arm around Sollux, making sure that nothing would happen to him. Eridan just couldn't get the idea of such a fragile little thing, someone small and breakable like Sollux out of his think pan. He was a little afraid that if he ever hugged him he would squish the mage, or break a bone of something, even though he knew it wouldn't happen. "How much longer?" Sollux asked as he looked up at Eridan.

Narrowing his eyes at the green digital clock on the washer, he made a small frown. "About a half hour." Sollux just whined. "Hush now-wuh. Don't complain it'll be ower quick if you don't think about it." Nodding twice, Sollux curled up a little more in the plush blue towel. Eridan stopped himself from calling him cute again, and just nuzzled his hair, Sollux smiling and chuckling in reaction.

He lifted his head and ran his ringed hand through Sollux's drying hair. "I'm bored." Sollux said, leaning into the soft touch on his scalp.

Thinking of any type of quick game that would entertain a little guy like Sollux. "Uh, how-wuh about wuh-we just talk for a bit." It was the only thing the highblood could think of, but Sollux nodded. "Good, so wuh-what do you wuh-wanna do once we get back upstairs, little one?" The psionic just pouted up at him at the comment at the end, but Eridan did his best to ignore it.

"I… I wanna watch a movie and-and I wanna thit on the couch and eat honey." He spoke up, looking up and smiling up at Eridan, and the other nodded.

Chuckling, he leaned down and kissed the top of his head in between his horns and pulled his head back up. "Sounds like a good time, Sol." The younger of the two chuckled, well, more like giggled and yawned. "You already tired?" Sollux just shook his head. "Boredom?" A nod. "Wuh-well soon enough little guy wuh-we'll be back up in your hiwe, wuh-watchin' a mowie an eat honey."

Curling up against Eridan, he let go of the other's wrist and pulled his arms and hands to his chest, his eyes shutting, but he was obviously trying to keep them open. "Rest 'em, little one, you need your rest." The Gemini seemed to listen to him, as he finally let his eyes shut, curling up more against Eridan.

The seadweller's fins fluttered a few times, finding the sight adorable. Wrapping both arms around the tiny troll and hugged him closer to himself, cooing softly down to Sollux, who by this time was already napping on Eridan's lap.

A girl troll around their age was staring at the two in the chair, and Eridan lifted his head and looked up at her. The girl just cracked a small smile. "He's adorable." She said quietly, making her way over to Eridan and the napping Sollux on his lap.

"Oh, uh, thanks." He responded back, looking from Sollux to her quickly with his grey eyes. The Gemini in his lap shifted his weight and leaned more against the violet blood.

Soon she grabbed her things and left, leaving the two alone with a few other random trolls, all much older than Eridan. Kissing his head again, Sollux mumbled something in his sleep and shifted his weight again as Eridan tightened the towel around the one in his lap to make sure it didn't fall off of him. Fixing his scarf, he sighed. Now only to wait until the half hour was over so he could let them in the drier, wait again, and then head up to do what Sollux wanted.


Author's Note:

This story won't be updated for a while, maybe about two or three weeks because I'm starting school soon and I'm already stressing out over getting everything I need.