Ever since I can remember I've always felt unnerved by water. It always felt to me like there was another world down there, a world we should never venture towards. Water has always been involved in the tragedies of my life. I have begun to see water as some kind of a bad omen for me.

I am walking down a corridor in an old manor. I can hear screaming and the floor is incredibly wet. I am sensing a strong feeling of hatred. I can hear a noise. A wave is crashing towards me. I know that if I don't run I'll drown. I can see a girl in the distance and she seems to be laughing. The water pooling around my feet is slowly turning red...

Kayoko Asou sat up in her bed gasping. She had been having a lot of nightmares recently about that old manor. She could hear her friend Setsuna calling out to her to come to that place. She hadn't heard from Setsuna in two days not since she said that she would go and find Nagisa. Kayoko could sense that something bad had happened to her friends and now she knew it was up to her to find out what had happened.

She climbed out of bed and looked at her face in the mirror. Her eyes were tired looking. Her short brown hair was sticking up. She combed it. She dressed herself in a blue dress and grabbed a white headband off the table. After she was ready she grabbed a camera bag she opened it. The camera inside was very old but looked like it still worked. She hung the bag on her shoulder.

Kayoko set off downstairs. She wrote a note to her still sleeping family explaining that she had gone off to find her friends and told them not to come looking for her. She turned her head to look at a photo of a slightly younger version of herself with another young girl who was older than her. 'Kana Onee-san.' She thought to herself and she pulled open the front door and stepped outside into the early morning breeze.

Kayoko had researched into the possible places where Nagisa had gone and had found out about a place called the Kawako manor. It was in an area where a flood had wiped out all of the houses on that street except for the manor and something had given her a strange feeling so she decided to check it out.

Kayoko was standing in front of the manor. She carefully walked up to the door. She opened it and stepped inside. 'I will get my friends back safe and sound. I have to.' She thought clenching her fists in determination...