I loved you, you made me, hate me.

You gave me, hate, see?

It saved me and these tears are deadly.

You feel that? I rip back, every time you tried to steal that.

You feel bad? You feel sad?

I'm sorry, hell no f-k that!

It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife.

This strife it dies, this life and these lies.

And these lungs have sung this song for too long,

and it's true I hurt too, remember I loved you!

I've, lost it all, fell today, it's all the same

I'm sorry oh

I'm sorry no

I've, been abused, I feel so used, because of you

I'm sorry oh

I'm sorry no

I wish I could I could have quit you.

I wish I never missed you,

And told you that I loved you, every time I F-ked you.

The future that we both drew, and all the shit we've been through.

Obsessed with the thought of you, the pain just grew and grew!

How could you do this to me? Look at what I made for you,

it never was enough and the world is what I gave to you.

I used to be love struck, now I'm just f-ked up.

Pull up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts!

I've , lost it all, fell today, it's all the same

I'm sorry oh

I'm sorry no

I've, been abused, I feel so used, because of you

I'm sorry oh

I'm sorry no

Seems like all we had is over now you left to rest.

And your tears are dried up now, you just lay without a sound.

Seems like all we had is over now, you left to rest.

And my fears are over now, I can leave with my head down.

I've, lost it all, fell today, it's all the same

I'm sorry oh

I'm sorry no

I've, been abused, I feel so used, because of you

I'm sorry oh

I'm sorry no

Black Dahlia | Hollywood Undead


Days became weeks and Loki never showed up. So when Tony dreamed of him, that's what they were, dreams. Nothing else. He knew all along that was the last time he would see Loki. That is, until they fought again. But he couldn't give up. Not yet anyway.

Despite his attempt at a positive mindset, on the inside, every passing day, attempting optimism felt like a futile cause. The longer he was in his house, attempting to work on a car, the more caged he felt. Almost claustrophobic. He was suffocating in his own garage, while desperately holding on to the impossible dream of the god appearing again.

He needed a change of scenery. And Loki could appear in the tower the same way he did mansion. With that mindset, Tony assured himself that a change in scenery was definably what he needed. He pulled off his goggles and turned around to face the onlooker that was sitting in one of Loki's many reading spots."Hey warden?" Tony asked Steve as he was sketching in a notebook, while pretending to watch Tony work on an engine. "I'm thinking I need a new cell, since this one is getting kind of dull. So how about we transport me over to the tower." It was not a question, but a demand.

"Tony you are under house arrest." Steve grumbled. He had not been enjoying his current duty one bit. He had hoped that Clint or Natasha would come and take their turn at watching Tony, but two weeks have gone by and it has yet to happen. He didn't care much for Tony's cushy lifestyle. The fancy furniture. Technology that could do pretty much anything for him. Tony was similar to Howard in many respects, which made the babysitting duty even harder on him. And to top it off, there was no sign of fatherly love in this house, besides one picture in the garage. Steve wished Tony could see and know Howard how he did; but after knowing Tony for this long, he knew Tony would never let those wounds heal. "You don't get to make demands."

"But seeing as how I have two houses, and my grounding was never specified to just one or the other. I believe I do have the right to request a temporary move." Tony said with his usual, I'm smarter than everyone in the room, so just accept that I'm right, and let me do what I want voice and demeanor.

"You were the one that requested coming here in the first place." Steve fought back, but still kept his usual level head. "Fury wanted you at the tower so it would be easier to keep an eye on you."

"And now I want to be there." Tony said with the same voice that made it seem like he had won the debate. "I can only work on cars for so long, without getting bored." Tony added as he put his goggles back on.

"I'll contact Fury." Steve grumbled, pulling out a cell phone and headed up the stair for a little peace while he talked to his superior.

One phone call, two cups of coffee, and an unfinished engine later, Steve came down the stairs, to tell Tony, the not so joyous news. Well not so pleasant for him anyways. Fury agreed to Tony's request of not only a house swap, but also gave him permission to upgrade one suit, so long as he only works on it for any up and coming battles. Tony could only assume that this "gift" from Fury was due to his, not as narcissistic attitude around Steve and not complaining as much during these first two weeks of house arrest.

After that first week in Stark Tower, it was not any better for Tony than the mansion was. The only real differences were, one that he got to work on one of his suits, and two, his babysitter changed. Steve was replaced by agent Coulson, who stuck to every rule Fury had given him while watching Tony. With the fanboy watching him, daydreams of Loki popping in for a late night visit were few and far. It was torture enough that the house still had his scent, but so did the tower. It was like Loki came to it a few days ago and like a dog, rolled over all the furniture, so Tony could never forget it. The scent seemed to intoxicate his mind whether he was awake or asleep.

How badly he wanted to take the suit he was working on and fly over to Chicago. To see if Loki was still hiding out in his apartment or had taken a new place of residence. "Mr. Stark." Coulson said, snapping Tony out of one of his regular fantasies. "We need to go to headquarters. And bring the suit with you."

Tony had a strong feeling if Pepper was here, she would say he looked worried. How Pepper knew that, he could never tell. The only time he saw anything remotely expressive was when the golden boy of the Avengers was near him. Tony just couldn't put his finger on it, but knew something was happening. He just wished he knew what it was. Since Jarvis was still being monitored by SHIELD, his knowledge of what's going on in the outside world had been stripped. Putting the suit pieces back into the suitcase, Tony followed Coulson to his SUV, and was taken to SHIELD, whether he wanted to go or not.

Tony was in a meeting room with the rest of the team and Fury. As he sat in his designated chair, he placed his suitcase down, but still kept it close to him, not wanting to let go of the handle. He didn't know why, but he felt safer at the moment knowing it was close. With a long sigh, Fury finally stopped pacing around the room and looked at each of the Avengers individually before his eyes rested on Natasha. "Agent Romanova, I heard you finally got some interesting information out Ophelia."

"Apparently Amora has been working under HYDRA for several months." She started as she leaned over, hunched in her chair, but elbows propped up on the table. "She kept her identity a secret for some time, but revealed it Ophelia saying, she was spying on HYDRA under Loki's orders, but felt like she no longer could trust him. That his morals and goals were no longer what they seemed." Tony thought he could feels at least two pairs of eyes turn to him at that point, but was not sure, for mostly everyone kept their heads facing Natasha. "Ophelia kept Amora's identity a secret this whole time. When Amora learned new information from Loki, she told Ophelia, who told Red Skull. Loki was the one who told Amora about the cage, so the news went down the chain. Red Skull wanted Loki and the cage, all because of the fake Extremis Virus. When I told her about Loki's escape and Amora being trapped, she seemed generally surprised. She said that was not part of their plan. So she doesn't know what will happen now."

"So the question is how did Loki know about that cage?" Fury turned to Tony and Bruce.

Tony was about to speak up, but alarms starting going off in the building. "Sir." Agent Hill said coming into the conference room. Dreadnaughts have appeared in California. Scattered over various cities. A few in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles." She said as video feed appeared on the screens in the tables.

"It's time for you to suit up. All of you." Fury looked at Tony directly that time.

"Sir, it also looks like we may have another attack as well. Manhattan. It's Loki, but it appears he is working alone." The god was soon on screen, not attacking or fighting anything. Yet anyways. Instead he was just walking. Strutting about the city as people ran and screamed in panic just at the sight of the god. Fury dismissed them, and Steve already had a plan in mind.

"Dr. Banner, Stark, Thor." Steve said, already giving his orders while they walked down the halls to get in uniform."You three handle, HYDRA and the dreadnaughts on the west coast. Clint, Natasha, and myself will take on Loki in the east." Steve was marking out his battle plan in the air as they walked.

"No." Tony said without a moment's hesitation. "I should be the one to fight Loki." Coming to a stop, Tony was now a good few feet behind his teammates. They all came to a halt as well, but Steve, Thor, and Bruce were the only ones to turn around to face Tony. They saw the hardened umber orbs, and his serious face. There was no sign of forlorn from seeing Loki on screen. Tony was already in Iron Man mode, and ready to face Loki as a villain and nothing else.

"As should I." Thor piped up sternly. "Loki is my brother and my burden. I should be there to stop him."

"Fine, Thor, myself, and Clint will take on Loki. Stark, you, Nat, and Dr. Banner will take the dreadnaughts." Steve said ignoring Tony's request and continued walking.

Tony dropped his suitcase on the ground, it banging loudly as it hit the tile. He hastily opened the case, and the pieces of armor already began to levitate in the air, forming to his body. "Stark, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to fight Loki." Tony said before the armor could completely cover his face. His heart was in pain, unyielding agony. As much as he didn't want to fight Loki. Wanted to believe that the god would come back to him late one night. He knew what he had to do. He and Loki had a long forgotten promise. They had to fight. The dream officially has come to an end. Loki gave him one last night of blissful hope, only to have it snatched it away again. But Tony. He was not ready for their fantasy to end. He wants to keep on living it. So that is why he needs to fight Loki. It's the only way he can allow himself a chance to give up on him. To forget about Loki Odinson and solely see Loki Laufeyson. As soon as the last pieces of armor were on, Tony blasted an opening in the wall, flying out to Loki. "You can bill me for the damages later." He said in his com to Fury and then shut it off, not wanting to get a lecture from anyone about what he is doing.

"Damn it Stark." Steve shouted, but the words were never heard over the blast of Tony's repulsors. "Thor, Dr. Banner. Go after Stark." Steve said with a sigh of defeat. A new battle strategy was needed. And he didn't have time to focus on Tony's selfish decisions. So he needed a new plan and fast.

"Jarvis are you there?" Tony asked as he was flying through the sky.

"Yes sir. When HYDRA made themselves known, I was reinstated to you with full access."

"Good, while I have you, override any and all protocol that SHIELD tried to contain you with." Tony said landing on the ground in Manhattan, but could not find any sign of Loki.

"Already on it sir." Jarvis responded and Tony took off again to the skies. "Override complete. I'm all yours."

"Good. Now let's find Loki."

If all was going according to plan, the soldier and assassins were on the other side of the country fighting off HYDRA's goons. And Stark, his brother, and the beast would be looking for him. His brother would refuse to fight anyone but him. Attempt to bring him home. Tell him to stop. That he doesn't have to do this. And Stark. How could he not come? Not after everything they have gone through together. And the beast. Well, he will follow Tony. Try to keep an eye on him. Make sure he doesn't step out of line again.

The rest of the team will protest. Fight against the idea. But Tony would be too headstrong to listen. He would leave on his own and then his brother and the beast would follow. Now all he can do is wait. Wait for Tony. No, he wouldn't be Tony. He will be Iron Man. They will have their final fight. Just like they always planned. No matter what. Only one person would be victorious in the end. And Loki told himself, that it would be him. He has come too far for anything else.

After being out in the open long enough to be noticed by SHIELD, Loki hid in an empty apartment building. He needed to wait. Be the first one to see the trio. If Stark or Thor just start bashing him blindly, then all of this would be for nothing.

He didn't know how long he waited, but he finally saw it. A streak of crimson and gold flew through the sky, but did not stop. Loki felt he heart stop beating. Why did he just fly by? Why didn't he find him? Also, where is his brother? Why isn't he flying about the sky looking for him too? He was getting edgy. Nervous. He just wanted to fight and get it over with. The longer he waits the more he will think. Doubt himself. He has already stalled long enough. Look how many times he put off saying goodbye to Stark. He needs to do it now. Or it may never happen.

Tony landed on the ground and moved his head left and right. Maybe Tony had finally found him. Not the exact location, but pinpointed the general area. After a few moments. Thor landed right next to Tony as well and the beast followed suit. With one last, deep breath, he knew what he had to do.

"Sir it appears Thor is not far behind, and neither is the Hulk." Jarvis said as Tony continued flying in circles, with no sign of Loki on the radar.

Tony landed on the ground, and waited to meet up with his teammates. The Hulk turned back into Bruce, and Thor landed gripping his hammer tightly. "Glad you guys could make it." He said his faceplate rose as he spoke. "Now, let's go find Loki, since he obviously wants us separated."

"Tony." Bruce started, before the faceplate could fall back down. "Are you sure you can do this? No one will blame you…"

"I have to do this." Tony interrupted before Bruce could go on. "I am as much to blame as Loki is. If I didn't lie to him…"

"You did what you thought was right at the time." Thor said putting a hand on Tony's shoulder. "I know you didn't mean to hurt my brother. You were doing what was best for the realm."

"I'm sure this pep talk was meant to help, but it's not." Tony said flatly. "If I didn't made that thing, Loki would have never attacked the city to begin with. I know I am as much to blame as Loki, so I'm gonna fix this, the only way I know how."

"Very well." Thor said, seeing as how Tony was already set in his way. He thought Tony and Loki spending time together was good. That it was helping his brother. And it seems he was right. His brother truly cared for Tony. So much so, that at the first sign of betrayal, of being hurt, he lashed out. Instead of trying to talk out his feelings, he just attacks, surrounds himself in more of this self-made darkness. Loki was acting as he had many times before when he felt hurt and deceived by his family. Thor knew all too well how Tony felt. He felt the same way when all this started. That he was to blame as much as his brother. That if he did things differently his brother would not be the crazed, power hungry, world conquering man. He would just be the same little brother he always remembered. But this time, something about it all seems different. As if Loki was holding back in a sense. He had some sense of self control since he was not just attacking blindly in an attempt to attack Tony's attention. Maybe. Just maybe. Things would be different this time. Maybe Tony could finally do what he couldn't.

"Well Thor, you probably have some little brother, six sense. So, how about you find us Loki." Tony suggested, thinking the sooner they find Loki, the better.

"There is no need Stark." Tony turned around, and there he was. The emerald cape billowing, the golden horns looked freshly polished, and his leather as form fitting as usual. "Now, shall we begin?"

Tony didn't think he heart could shrink anymore than it already has these past weeks, but it did. He has seen Loki like this before. Clad in armor, a holier than thou smirk, and a golden bladed staff to finish off the menacing look. Even though Loki appeared how he normally does when a battle is on the horizon, something about the god seemed different. His eyes seemed to be lacking the normal vigor they possess. His grin, while gleaming, seemed to waver at the ends. Never once did he actually look at Tony. Sure, he looked in his direction, but not actually at him. They seemed to glaze over Tony as he looked at the other two Avengers. It was almost like he was forcing himself into hatred, rather than naturally oozing it.

After that glance, that was when everything fell apart. Tony didn't see it happen until it was too late. The Hulk forced its way free from Bruce's suppression, and throwing out his arm in a fist, he hit Thor who flew through a few buildings. With wide eyes, Tony turned his head to face the Hulk, who roared like an animal, and chased after Thor. He turned back to Loki, whose was neither laughing nor looking pleased. To most, it would appear so. The wide grin was hard to miss. But after being with Loki for so long, Tony could see the difference. That despite grinning on the exterior, his eyes showed his true feelings. The emotions he refuses to voice. To Tony, Loki looked completely apathetic despite his plan going smoothly thus far. As if he didn't care anymore and just wanted everything done and over with. To continue on with the scheme he had been avoiding until this point just because he could; not because he actually wanted to. Even with the lack of joviality in his eyes, Tony knew he was controlling Bruce and the Hulk. But how? When could it have happened? So many questions that need answers. Answers he may never receive.

"Isn't this better Anthony?" Loki questioned, now pacing in his spot, his eyes still refusing to meet Tony's. "No unwanted distractions for our final fight. It will just be you and me." What Loki spoke was true. Tony didn't want anyone else here while they fought. To see if he does something foolish like fall back into Loki. To plea one last time for the god to stop, and that they return to their abnormal sense of reality. He knows he cannot do such things, but mid battle, being so close with Loki, he knows words like that may escape his lips. If anyone heard that, they defiantly would have him under lock and key. More so than he already has been. With a heavy heart, Tony's face plate dropped, and he began to raise his hand, preparing to blast him, but was stopped, by the most startling thing.

"Not today Loki." Steve's voice was heard and his shield was barely seen, as it smashed into Loki, taking the god off guard for once. "Stark, you go help Thor stop the Hulk. Break whatever illusion or spell Loki placed on him" The shield came, back and Steve grabbed it without even looking. "I'll handle Loki."

"No Steve, this is my fight." Tony fought back quickly, his eyes though scanning for Loki who appeared to have vanished after the shield hit.

"You try to put on a good game Stark, but I know you won't be able to do this." Steve said using a stern militant voice. He would not bow down to Tony's whims today. Not when so much was riding on it. "You have gotten too close with Loki. Because of that you will hold back. Maybe not purposely, but you will. Now, go help Thor, and I'll take care of Loki until Clint and Natasha finish off the dreadnaughts and join us."

Tony knew Steve was partially right. Even the last time he tried fighting Loki, his heart was not completely in it. He still hesitated. Struggled with feelings for him. But now. Now that Loki has made it perfectly clear he has no intention of them returning back to their normal life. He should be able to fight him. Shouldn't he? Why was this so confusing? Why couldn't he just let go? Why does a part of him still want to hold onto Loki? To see him pulled out of the darkness.

"I'll be back as soon as Bruce is back to normal." Tony said. He knows Loki wants them to be alone. And so does Tony. So if he has to play along with Steve game plan until then, so be it.

Seeing a skyscraper crumbling in the distance, Tony had a strong feeling he knew where Thor and the Hulk were fighting. In an annoyed huff Tony flew to the collapsing building only to see his instincts were correct about Thor and the Hulk being there. Tony watched from above, waiting for an opening to present itself. For the most part, the two were a grappling mess that was until Mjolnir flew through the air and found its way back into Thor's hand. He struck the Hulk hard, who flew back into the already destroyed building, making more dust and rubble fly into the air. Tony could tell Thor knew if Loki's mind control spell was the same as the tesseract magic induced one, then the Hulk needed to be knocked out to return to normal.

As the Hulk began to stand up from the rubble, that was when Tony took his shot. The soft blue blast took both the Hulk and Thor off guard, for as soon as contact was made; the god turned his head around and looked up to the sky searching for its source. The blast, overall, had little effect on the Hulk, and in turn it just proceeded to tick him off more. With a roar, his attention turned from Thor to Tony and immediately began to run towards him.

Tony put his repulsors into overdrive, but it seemed for naught, for the Hulk jumped in the air, grabbed Tony by the leg, denting the armor, and flung him straight into the asphalt. A small crater formed around Tony and he knew his back would be feeling it later. But he couldn't let any pains bother him. He needs to get Bruce back to normal so he can go find Loki and stop them. Make sure the two of them are alone, no matter what the costs.

As soon as Tony hit the ground, Thor flew in the air, hammer first, ready to attack again, but was swatted aside like a fly, crashing into an abandoned bus. "We need to find a way to knock the Hulk out." Tony said with a cough. He could feel that some of the back pieces of his armor were damaged as he stood up. They would last for a bit longer, but if he keeps being a Hulk sized fling toy, that may no longer be the case.

Thor nodded his head as he gripped Mjolnir tightly. "You provide the distraction, I think I have a plan." Looking at the lightening wielding hammer, Tony already knew what Thor was thinking. If you can't punch or blast the Hulk into unconsciousness why not fry him?

Flying around again, but this time in circles, Tony blasted at the Hulk from all angles. It worked at first, but not before long, Tony once again found himself meeting a building and creating more rubble. Thor was holding on to the Hulk's back while rising the arm holding Mjolnir so he could summon lightning in hope of electrocuting the Hulk. Tony watched as the lightning struck and Thor was thrown off of the Hulk like a cowboy at the rodeo.

The lightning strike caused more rubble to fly in the air and Tony couldn't tell if the plan was successful or not. That wasn't until Jarvis sensed motion in the debris and Tony once again flew in the air, but not of his own choosing.

"Right now would be a great time for a new idea." Tony said as he picked himself. The suits power levels were dropping exponentially and he knew it was only a matter of time until they became critical. "Seeing as we don't have an available aircraft to drop him out of, I do not see any viable way to knock him out."

The light finally went off in Tony's head. He had another idea. It might be next to impossible to pull off, but it was worth the risk. "Jarvis how much man power does it take to lift the Hulk in the air?"

Loki took a few moments to once again go over his plan. The Hulk was still being influenced by his spell, he could sense it, but it was only a matter of time until his brother and Tony figured out a way to break it. He had hoped to be alone with Tony by now. The Hulk was supposed to be Thor's distraction, not both of theirs. If only Steve Rogers hadn't interfered. Gone to the trap laid out for him instead. And it looks like the dear captain wants a match with him instead. Rogers is not his problem. Right now all he wants is to focus on Tony. He needs to find a distraction for the captain and fast.

He could always use his magic. Create an illusion. But that could be draining depending on how elaborate it is and how long he needs to hold it. He just needs something to last long enough to be alone with Tony and finish it. After that, he would deal with whatever came.

First things first. Before he continues his quest of being alone with Tony. Before he fights any of these supposed heroes. There is one final thing he must do. He made a promise. A promise to the part of him that still cares for Tony. That wants to continue being with him. He still needs to give Tony a proper farewell. He still had yet to do that. He always came close, but there is one final thing he must do. Closing his eyes, he appeared in Stark Tower; the place Tony would most likely go to once all of this was over. The place SHIELD would go to once everything had come to an end. Taking a deep breath, the long forgotten scent of hazelnut engulfed his sense. It warmed his body as the memories of him and Tony returned. What he is feeling right now. The sensation running through his body. It confirms even more so that what he is doing. What he has planned. It is the only option left for him. Exhaling slowly, Loki knew for once he would not be lacking conviction in his plan. That this is the only way he could obtain what he once desired. He knows that this is the only plan left for someone so conflicted and damaged as he.

"Sir, I don't think that is the best idea. And the probability of it working."

"Jarvis we have beaten the statistical probabilities before. This time will be no different." Tony assured him, but deep down he knew how obscure this plan was. Even when he explained it to Thor he was met with incredulous eyes. Despite that, Thor is the type of person who would be willing to go through with any plan, not matter how obscure it may be. "Ready?" Tony asked looking to Thor, who still appeared apprehensive towards this plan.

Thor sighed as he gripped his hammer tightly. "While I know my strength is great. Even I know not if this plan of yours will work."

"Well if you have any other ideas I'm all ears."

He saw Thor looking up at the sky and a grin started to form. "Are you two gonna stand there all day looking pretty or are we going to stop Loki?" Tony could hear Natasha's voice in the com and knew exactly what Thor was thinking.

"Agent Romanova. Agent Barton." Tony said as he continued to watch the aircraft hover in their air. "You might have missed a few things while playing with the drones. But first things first. We need to drop the Hulk I would say 15,000 give or take a few feet, so he can become unconscious and no longer be mind controlled by Loki."

"I won't even bother asking how Bruce became Loki's mind zombie, but how do you plan we drop him 15,000 feet?" Natasha asked.

"Your helicopter should have a net ejector that should allow you to dangle the Hulk. Thor and I will distract him, and once you trap him, we will follow you until you reach the right elevation, and then we just cut the cord, and let him fall."

"Sure. Easy enough." Clint mutter sarcastically.

Tony didn't listen though. He didn't care if his plan sounded mad. All he could think about was Loki. Finding him. Talking to him. And the only way that would happen is if he stopped the Hulk. Everyone got into their respective places, knew what they had to do.

As soon as Thor was in the Hulks sight, his one track, Loki controlled mindset took over, and focused solely on the Thunder god and no one else. Even when Tony started to blast the Hulk, his attention didn't drift from the Thor unless he was no longer in eyesight. When that happened, Tony received a good punch in the chest or was grabbed by the leg or arm and thrown into the ground or closest building or car, but Thor was always back on the Hulk radar a few moments after.

Just a few more miles though. All they needed to do was lure the Hulk out of the city. To trap him. To get Bruce back in control. The space near the Manhattan Bridge should suffice. The blueish grey structure was in sight, they were almost there. Thor and Tony came to a stop, the Hulk breathing heavily between them. The helicopter seemed to appear from thin air, and the net came down, encasing the Hulk. He pulled and tried to rip the black mesh, but nothing seemed to work for the Hulk. Roars could be heard, and constant moving and jumping, any movement to get the helicopter out of the air, but nothing worked.

Tony and Thor followed the helicopter as it rose higher in the air, but did their best to keep a distance from the rocking net. As soon as they reached the needed height, Tony blasted the net, to let it fall. In theory, everything went according to plan, but in actuality, no so much. When Tony broke the net, he didn't expect the Hulk to be on standby, let alone find a way to use the chopper as a weapon.

Everything was a blur. Tony thought he saw Thor grabbing Clint and Natasha from the chopper as the Hulk grabbed it before beginning his descent back to the ground. The helicopter was thrown haphazardly, and Tony felt his body flying on its own, and his repulsors would not turn on. Jarvis was mumbling words like 30% power left and that he was losing contact. Tony could feel his body accelerating down to the ground finally, black spots forming in his eyes as he began waning in and out of consciousness from the initial hit. He seemed to lose the ability to speak, to call out to Jarvis and ask what was happening. Where the rest of the team was. Something to ease the deathly silence that seemed to be surrounding him. Pain surge through his body as it finally made contact with another building, and fresh debris was floating in the air. He closed his eyes for only a moment and allowed his body to black out.

A few minutes later, Tony finally came to. His body was surging in pain still, but he had come used to that over the years. Tony was breathing heavily, his helmet was broken, suit was in shambles, and he had less than 13% of the power in his armor left. He leaned his head against a broken slab of a building, trying to keep his breathing under control. He got separated from the rest of the Avengers after he was knocked into several skyscrapers in the city. He didn't know where the rest of the team was, but he knew with the status of his suit he would be of little help now. However, that wouldn't stop him from finding the other Avengers. He tried to stand up, but his legs didn't seem to agree with him. Buckling under the pressure of his body. So he sat there for a few moments longer fiddling with the suit, hoping that he could get it functional again, or at least Jarvis working anyways. A scuffle was heard in the debris and Tony quickly looked around, he lifted his right hand up on instinct. As soon as he saw the horned shadow, he knew who it was. "I thought you were saving me for last?" Tony asked with a laugh, which turned into a cough half way through. "Just be careful with my face. I don't want it getting too messed up." He lowered his hand and his body began to relax as the man stepped closer to him. "I still need to look photogenic after I die, since this will probably be on the front page of every newspaper and magazine around the world." Tony was still trying to keep his cool, despite the fact Loki did not appear in a jesting mood.

"I warned you before, didn't I?" Loki asked stepping closer towards Tony. His smile was wide and jade eyes gleaming in the afternoon sun. His battle armor was scuffed, cape torn, and he seemed to be holding his staff more for support than anything else. His normally slick, black hair was a sweaty mess sticking out of his helmet, and ashes covered his face. He finally reached Tony, kneeled on the ground and took his helmet off. Loki reached out his hand and gently caressed the left side of the shorter man's face. "We cannot be together...we are destined to fight one another, till the other is dead." The two looked deep into each other's eyes, as if searching for a way around this; around the truth. The truth both tried so hard to ignore, but could never forget. Loki stood up slowly, grabbing his staff, and immediately pointed it towards Tony's arc reactor. He slowly moved it up, brushing the cheek, only to stop at the middle of Tony's forehead. His hands were shaking the entire time, but both were still too intent on staring deep into one another to pay attention to anything else. "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player. That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing...farewell, Tony Stark." Where the last whispered words heard.

After Tony saw the glow come from Loki's staff, everything became deathly silent. What must have been caused by Loki's magic, Tony's body was flung from where was sitting, to several hundred feet to the left, he was moved out of the way of the rubble. Then in what seemed like two blinks of an eye Tony saw nothing but a large pile of debris and pieces of concrete fall from the building right where he and Loki once were. "Loki?" Tony asked his voice was still a bit raspy. His eyes looking around for the horned shadow. "Hey Dancer, I know you did the vanishing trick so come out." Tony pressed on, but still no sign of Loki anywhere. Tony couldn't believe it. He refuses to believe that Loki is under that rubble. That the porcelain skin is covered in bruises and blood from a fallen building. That an all powerful god could die so easily. It was not an option. It couldn't be an option. Loki had to be alive. This is another trick isn't it? He is a trickster. Any moment now, he would come out from hiding, and make a mockery of Tony's concern, only to gently press his cool lips on top of Tony's with a childish smirk.

But as time went on, Loki still didn't appear. Tony's leg still didn't want to move as he tried standing up, but he willed them to move towards the slabs on concrete. He tried to move the pieces with no avail. If Loki is really dead, Tony needs to see it with his own eyes. Without viable proof, Loki is still alive in his heart. If his damned suit was still working he would use his repulsors to blast away the rubble, it would be a lot faster than the old fashion way.

After what felt like only seconds to Tony but was actually a good thirty minutes of trying to dig out Loki; Steve, Bruce, Thor, Clint, and Natasha finally found him.

"What is he doing?" Natasha asked, leaning over to Clint and whispering in his ear. The rest of the team was also looking at Tony in confusion. None of them could make any sense of this situation.

"Maybe he has finally lost it? I mean if anyone was to go first, it was bound to be him." Clint whispered back, his head slightly tilted as he continued staring at Tony digging through the broken building pieces.

"Tony," Bruce said, finally stepping forward, and placing a hand on his shoulder. "What's going on?" Bruce appeared to be fine, despite wearing clothing a few sizes too big for him and his hair was damp, small droplits falling on the white shirt. The Hulk must have fallen into the river before reverting back to Bruce. But Tony noticed none of this. He didn't question anything. All the he could possibly think about was Loki.

When Tony turned his head, Bruce saw how crazed his friend's eyes looked, it was borderline madman. "Good you're here." Tony spoke in a quiet voice, "I need the big guy...the Hulk...Bruce...Loki..." Tony's thoughts became sporadic. He couldn't say it out loud, he just couldn't. Doing so would be admitting Loki's demise. "Loki is under there." Tony finally spat out.

"Tony calm down," Bruce said trying to lift the guy up and carry him away from the wreckage.

"What did you say about my brother?" Thor's voice boomed at the muttered words.

Steve now walked over to Tony and Bruce, while Natasha was heard over her radio calling SHIELD agents for clean up. He helped Bruce with Tony, leading him to a SHIELD chopper that was now landing on scene. "Bruce, go with him back to his penthouse at the tower. We will see what's going on here." Bruce nodded in agreement and the chopper soon took off, taking Tony away from the scene he just witnessed.

Natasha was ordering agent to remove the pieces of the building, and Thor used his hammer to bash away big pieces of rubble. Trapped in the wreckage, they found Loki's helmet, ripped pieces of his cape, and also his golden scepter. Yet, no body of the god was found.

"Thor?" Steve asked seeing the contemplative grimace on the god's face. A piece for the forest green fabric was clutched in his hands.

"Friends, I must go. I will return soon." Thor spoke slowly at the sight of his brother's staff sitting in the rubble. He then began swinging Mjolnir and flew away from the scene leaving the rest of the Avengers behind.

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