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A cool mist smothered the grass around a gothic styled house. The roofs were pointed and the windows were assorted shapes that were shadowed by curtains. A single lampost at the end of the driveway flickered momentarily as a small figure dashed across the gravel road. The figure panted as they stopped just before a square window on the second floor. Marion Snow thought this was absolutely insane, he disliked coming here but most of the times he would force Mace to take the four subway trains to his house. However Snow's house was practically right around the corner from the subway terminal, Mace's however was about a mile away. Apparently Mace forgot to tell Snow that. The 13 -year old boy picked up a few gravel stones and chucked them at the window. Paused then repeated when no one responded.

On the second floor second door to the right, John James Mace slept. He was bundled up in his blankets and you could see strands of his wild hair sticking out of the corners of his crumbled up bed sheets. He gave a small twitch and a moan, he was having a nightmare; again. After the witness of his uncle's death, Mace was plagued by nightmares of unseen hands strangling him. His parents, both whom were very religious, took this as a sign that their son had been possessed by the devil and immediately enrolled him in a catholic school in hopes that the teachings would help ward off the 'evils' surrounding their son.

In this nightmare he was running a long hallway that seemed to go nowhere. Voices followed him as he ran until he heard a soft plink tapping the window. He looked out and saw the dark sky, there were no stars as there always have been in his nightmares but he never heard this noise before. Plink, plink, plink. He blinked a few times and suddenly fell backwards. He gave a sharp yelp that followed him into the real world. 14-year old Mace looked around to see that he was back in his room. His bed sheet was wrapped around his legs and his pillows sprawled on the ground. Mace looked around to see that he was still at home, his school books stacked on the old desk his parents had brought from their original home was off to one side and a lamp on the chair near his door. He then heard it: plink. With a groan he untangled himself from the sheet and walked to the window. Down below was Snow who threw a single large pebble that would have hit Mace's face if it weren't for the glass separating the two friends. Mace lifted the inner shell and poked his head out.

"What?" he hissed in a whisper.

"You said I could come over," Snow answered picking up more pebbles. "I'm here."

Mace groaned. "What time is it?"

Snow looked down at his watch. "Only 3 am."

"Onl-," Mace choked on the word. "What the hell is your problem?"

"My old man's at the bar and my mom's asleep," Snow said dully then asked, "You've been having nightmares again haven't you?"

Mace was glad that it was night so that Snow couldn't see how red the tips of his ears have gone. Even in pitch black, Snow could still tell when Mace wasn't doing well.

"What happened when your parents took you to the doctors?" Snow asked.

Mace leaned against the window-sill. "He suggested therapy."

"Right, right which you've taken that school."

"It's a good school," Mace mumbled. "According to Mother Superior, I'm going to learn another technique."

"To what Mace? Your nightmares seem to have gotten worse ever since you went to that dump."

"At least I'm still in a dump."

This time it was Snow's turn to blush. "My parents forced me back to school. Anyway don't change the subject, your parents said that it was to get rid of the devil right?"

Mace mumbled an inaudible 'yeah'.

"Screw that, if I were the devil I would've taken a hike a year after you were there and you were there for five years!"

Mace groaned. "Please, go home and I'll come visit you tomorrow."

"The trains are closed now, they close at 1 am."

Mace blinked. "Then what the hell have you been doing for the past two hours?"

"Trying to find Dracula's new castle."

Mace couldn't help but laugh and his friend's sentence. Snow laughed along with him. The house was originally up for demolition until Mace's parents bought it for almost a million dollars after moving from the UK.

"So what are you going to do for the next three hours? The trains don't open up until 6:15."

Snow scratched a line into the gravel with the tip of his shoe. "Um…."

Mace's eyes grew wide. "No."

"Oh come on," Snow whined. "It's freezing out here and the only house out here in this deserted wasteland is yours."

"My parents are asleep not dead, you twat!"

Snow threw a pebble that hit Mace on the cheek. "No need for insults."

"Stop throwing pebbles at me!"

"Then let me in! I don't want to hang around losers at the terminal until 6:15." Another pebble was thrown but Mace managed to dodge it. Both boys stared at each other until Mace finally gave in.

"Wait here." Snow listened as something muffled was being ripped from it's original place. He then watched as a thin white tendril was thrown down and only then did Snow realize that it was a bed sheet.

"You're kidding me," Snow called to Mace.

"I'm not letting you use the front door, it's armed and I don't know the password."

Snow sighed and then grabbed hold of the bed sheet, wrapped it around his knuckles and hoisted himself up. Mace had tied the very end to the front desk leg and to add weight, held on tight too. Snow was close to the quarter way mark when the desk gave a creak.

"What the hell was that?" Snow asked quickly stopping.

"Don't stop," Mace pleaded, "keep going."

Snow continued up until he was a near the middle when he heard something slide. Mace turned to see the desk racing towards him, he instinctively let go making the desk go faster. Realizing his mistake he froze up trying to figure out what to do.


The thirteen- year old was flung out of the window and landed on his friend. Both their weights combined continued the desk forward and faster before it smashed against the window, catapulting Mace's schoolbooks and papers along with bits of desk fragments out of the window and into the darkness.

Both Mace and Snow lay sprawled on the grass. Lights suddenly flickered on and both boys looked up in time to see Mace's bedroom light being turned on.

"Run!" Snow shouted over the mother's scream. Mace didn't need any encouragement. Both scrambled to their feet and dashed off towards the terminal.



Mace pumped his legs to go faster mentally noting to shoot Snow some day. He looked behind to see the Snappers still there along with five police officers following close behind.

"I'm kicking your ass either way," Mace promised to the 19- year old in front of him. Snow laughed and continued to run looking back once to see that Mace was completely serious. Both made a quick left turn into a dead end but the Snappers went right by them. Snow looked up to see the towering pieces of old technology tilt and groan under the weight.

Leftover Landscape was what the area was known by. Random pieces of century old technology, furniture, toys, and other everyday uses were piled and left forgotten. Leftover Landscape was a gold mine to most people trying to make a quick buck, but if you looked real hard you would be able to find something that was actually worth it. However every prize comes at a price.

Years ago when the police found out that Leftover Landscape was territory for thieves, drug addicts and low lives they created a robotic dog known as Snappers that were faster, stronger and able to carry scent imprints longer than that of a normal dog. Snappers were never designed to kill, only capture. Their metal tail could extend up to ten metres long in order to trip their prey and their eyes would change due to lighting. But the main reason they got their name was because when you were bitten by these robotic dogs, an anesthetic fluid would eject from the teeth into the body rendering the person unconscious in less than thirty seconds.

Snow had received word that a still working computer was thrown in the Landscape not too long ago and a person who was willing to pay over ten thousand dollars was willing to give it to anyone who brought it to them. It was one of the first laptops ever made by the Apple Corporation, still in good condition besides the crack on the screen. Mace was the one who found it and Snow is the one currently carrying it through the labyrinth of Leftover Landscape.

"Hurry!" Snow shouted over his shoulder.

"I'm trying!" Mace replied angrily as he forced his legs to go faster. A Snapper came out of nowhere, narrowly missing Mace's face with its claws, it landed perfectly on the ground and then locked onto Mace. It analyzed the opponents speed, calculated how long it would take for the 25-year old male to get to the chain link fence and what method of take down it should use on such male. Mace turned back to see the Snapper's menacing eyes stare directly at him and Mace picked up the pace but not by much. The Snapper's tail extended and wrapped around his ankle pulling him off balance. The wind was knocked out of Mace as soon as he connected with the ground, he groaned and tried to get away from the Snapper but it was upon him before he could blink. Anesthetic dripped from the hypodermic teeth of the robotic dog and the Snapper was about to attack when a bullet bounced off its armour.

Both robot and human looked to see Snow standing there with a gun in his hand, he shoot off another bullet that hit the Snapper above the eye. The Snapper changed targets and went after Snow. Once the dog was off his friend Snow took out a cylinder object and threw it at the Snapper. As soon as it made contact, a powerful electrical current short -circuited the dog's database and systems. Snow ran over to Mace to make sure he was okay.

"Where the hell did you get an electrical bomb?"

"I know a guy," Snow quickly replied before pulling Mace to his feet. Both ran to the chain link fence and started to climb, shouts echoed around them but the two friends continued to climb. Snow was faster strength wise and he was the first to get to the top.


Mace's legs felt like rubber, he was tired and his breaths were ragged. As he was reached for Snow's extended hand, a metal tendril wrapped around his waist and pulled him down. Snow watched as the second Snapper sunk it's teeth into Mace's arms and within seconds his friend was completely out cold. Snow looked up to see something fly his way too. He tried to move, but the objects clamped onto his ankle, knee and hip. The moment the objects attached to his leg metal cables shot from the objects and clipped to each other then locked in place. Snow tried to move but his leg was frozen in that position. Joint Locks, Snow thought to himself. The Snapper who had taken down Mace now turned to Snow ready to attack, Snow remembered the fire bomb in his bag but as he turned he immediately lost balance and fell over into the Landscape side. He groaned as the Joint Lock tightened and watched as the Snapper came at him. Snow then looked over at Mace who was now being dragged off by a couple of officers, despite the fact that Mace wasn't really a fighter, Snow knew that his ass was definitely going to be kicked.


Sparks danced close to his goggles, tools laid on either side of the object he was working on and blueprints were pinned up on the wall. The tv was on the news station on low volume, he liked a bit of noise while working it reminded him of his original work station back at the building. The table where the object was sitting groaned underneath its weight but held still as Mace added the finishing touches. Just as he pulled off his goggles, Snow walked in, throwing a briefcase onto the couch before heading into the kitchen for a drink.

"Please come in," Mace said shrugging out of a protective coat. He hung it up on the stand and then walked into the kitchen to see Snow polish off his first beer before starting his second.

"That bad?" Snow handed Mace one before answering. "Asshole made a wrong turn."

Mace chuckled. "Don't forget that, that asshole is your partner."

Snow mumbled something inaudible, which Mace knew was possibly another insult to his partner. Mace opened the beer and took a drink before heading back into the living room.

"They want me to do a write up on why we lost the guy," Snow said following Mace. "I mean it wasn't my fault."

"Was there anyway of avoiding the situation of loss?" Mace asked.

"Yeah, shooting my partner in the face."

Mace couldn't help but laugh and then took the objects he was working on off the table and setting them on a sheet on the ground.

"What the fuck are those things?"

"MEGAs" his friend answered proudly.


"Magnetic Energized Gravitational Assistants, they allow you to walk up walls and stuff it's really cool."

Snow walked over to the blueprints that Mace had hand drawn and whistled.

"So are these our new toys?" he asked with a grin.

After graduation, both Mace and Snow had entered into the government. Snow started off as a desk jockey while Mace was forced to follow a weapons specialist for about two and a half years before both were given freedom. Snow was sent into the field while Mace was allowed to create weapons or devices of his own.

"Prototypes," Mace answered and then placed his hand on the wall. "I stapled sheets of metal on all the walls in order to test them."

"I'll test them," Snow said quickly wanting to try the device out.

Mace frowned.

"Oh come on, I promise I won't throw them out the window."

"That's what you said about APOS." Mace and another weapons specialist had created a facial scanner that allowed field agents to scan a suspect and find out what type of weapon would be best used to take down such opponent. The only thing was that every time APOS would suggest an electrical bomb.

Snow picked up the boots and then looked at Mace. "What did APOS stand for again?"

"Analytic Persons Offence Scanner."

"Here's another name, A Piece Of Shit."

Mace held in a laugh yet gave Snow a ghost of a smile. Snow however laughed as he put the boots on. He then watched as the cables wrapped around twice and tightening to make a snug fit around Snow's foot. He walked around the room, each time the boot would give a deafening bang.

"Kinda loud don't you think?"

"I'm working on silencing the sound," Mace reassured then gestured to the metal plated wall. Snow gave a small 'alright', walked over and placed on foot on the wall. The boots sent off an electrical pulse at the wall and Snow cautiously lifted the other foot and placed it beside the other. The boot gave off the same pulse and stayed. Snow and Mace together let out a laugh of glee despite the fact that it was for entirely different reasons, nonetheless both were amazed.

"You my friend are a fucking genius," Snow said as he cautiously walked up the wall.

"Tell me something I don't know," Mace smiled and watched as Snow started to walk across the ceiling.

"We have confirmation that the space prison, MS-One, has made a successful trip with one hundred and forty one prisoners plus fifty-seven staff on board…"

"We talked about this at work for the longest time," Snow said continuing to tromp along the ceiling.

"Same downstairs," Mace replied, "we built the defense systems."

Both watched as a picture of the prison lit up the screen.

"This is the first space prison ever built and successfully launched into outer space, a station was built separate to monitor the prison from afar in case of any on board difficulties however the government assures everyone that this is a secure prison. The United States of America is the first country to sign onto sending prisoners to this prison but the creator of the prison is confident that more countries will follow suit. Currently more prisoners are being ready for transfer to MS-One and the staff say that they are ready for them."

Mace turned to Snow who was now standing in one spot, his face was a little more red than he had remembered.

"So what lock up a thousand prisoners in cages in space?"

"It's called stasis," Snow answered. "They pretty much freeze the prisoner for the duration of their sentence."

"So…the brain isn't working or anything…?"

Snow shrugged. "I'm not a neurologist so, no idea."

As Snow was ready to head towards the wall, the boots unstuck themselves causing Snow to crash painfully on the ground. Mace wasn't paying attention he was intrigued by the idea on putting prisoners in stasis, no breakouts, riots, fights – anything that goes on in prison down here on Earth.

"I bet that within a week all the staff on board will be completely bored out of their minds," Snow said getting up off the ground. He staggered slightly holding his head but as soon as the blood drained from his face Snow turned to Mace. "Eh, what do you think?"

Mace shrugged. "I don't know, I mean they have to keep the prison afloat right? That will be work, plus the thing isn't even done." He sighed. "And who knows….maybe a prisoner will get lucky."